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Answer to Non unique Death Penalty

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Answer to Non unique Death Penalty

Now is the a unique time that the ADP has the influence to end the death penalty once and for all

Lowe 18 [Marnie, BA UC Berkeley, Charlene Conrad Liebau Library Prize for Undergraduate Research, "Resonance, Radicalism, and the Death Penalty: A Framing Analysis of the Anti-Death Penalty Movement, 1965-2014" April 1. https://escholarship.org/content/qt9sg5t66n/qt9sg5t66n.pdf

The theoretical implications recounted here are of particular relevance to those concerned

with the potential for the ADP movement to reach continued and greater success in shaping
public policy. As public support for capital punishment has waxed and waned over the decades,
the ADP movement has adapted its framing with only limited success. Most notably, the
movement’s much-discussed turn to instrumental frames in the 1980s did not appear to capture
the public’s sympathies, despite these frames’ ostensibly greater cultural resonance.
Furthermore, the movement’s 21st-century turn to greater frame diversity, including a return to
regular use of moral frames, has coincided with a steady turn in public opinion toward the
movement’s stance. As Figure 8 shows, public support has fallen even further since 2014, the
end of this study period, marking its lowest levels since the 1960s. The ADP movement is facing
a rare opportunity to capitalize on public sympathies and drive lasting policy changes, making
their strategic decisions at this juncture even more critical. While the ultimate impact of
movement framing choices on public opinion is impossible to determine from this data, this
correlation is as strong of empirical evidence as is available to ground framing decisions. As
such, movement participants concerned with attracting widespread public support for the end of
capital punishment would do well to persist in a heterogeneous framing approach that does not
neglect moral rationales, in the hopes of appealing to a broad, diverse audience.

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