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Internal link: Strong movements are key to democracy

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Internal link: Strong movements are key to democracy

Springer 20 [Dens, educator and freelance writer, MENAFN, "The need for a vibrant civil society" August 2, https://menafn.com/1100578511/The-need-for-a-vibrant-civil-society

A democratic state and government cannot be stable unless it is effective and legitimate with the respect and support of its citizens. Therefore, civil society is a check, a monitor but also a vital partner in the quest for this kind of positive relationship. Assessing the Scholte (2007) is of the view that, 'the first usage describes a collective human consciousness in which people relate to each other on the basis of non-violence, tolerance and respect'.

In essence, civil societies form an organized third sector alongside government and market forces. As human beings, we do not have to be taught when our rights are being infringed upon. It is by faculty of our thoughts, expectations, instincts, and intellect that triggers acting on to labour standard, human rights - justified actions.

From such a structure a social movement can emerge which is less opaque than that of a civil society although room does exist for ambiguity. I, therefore, hasten to add that social movement will be defined here as a group of people with a common ideology or belief system, consciously acting together to cause a change in thoughts, between political or social relationships.

Therefore, I have concluded that we now need this third force in Saint Lucia, separate from political affiliation but keen on the country's development. A social movement of caring Saint Lucians.

An example of this is the thought of the privatization of the Owen King European Union (OKEU) hospital donated by the European Union for the benefit of every Saint Lucian. This is made more prevalent with the coronavirus epidemic and the opening of the tourism industry to the US marketplace, adverse to another more secure marketplace like Canada.

Therefore, civil societies and social movement organization should entrench themselves to coordinate support make the state at all levels more accountable, responsive, and effective in bringing about stability and equity.

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