19th Century Europe

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19th Century Europe

  • What was the Congress of Vienna? Why did it take place and what was it supposed to accomplish?

  • Effects of Industrial Revolution

  • What is Communism? How is different from Socialism and Communism? How did it occur, when Socialism was the real goal?

  • What is Capitalism? What are its major components? How is different from Socialism and Communism?

  • What is Socialism? How is different from Capitalism and Communism? Why is it a “fairy-tale”?

  • Why was Marxism a failure? What did he leave out of his model?

  • What is Realpolitik? Give an example.

  • Who are the Soul, Sword and Brain of Italian & German Unification? What role did each play?

  • Describe how each war aided Italy and/ or Germany during unification.

  • What were the factors that favored Italians and Germans in their efforts to unify? What were the roadblocks?

  • How were Germany and Italy Similar in their attempts to unify? How were they different?

  • What is Imperialism? Why did it develop so quickly?

  • How could the factors in the 19th century lead to a World War?

Download 4.55 Kb.

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