1999 acf nationals Tossups by Iowa

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1999 ACF Nationals

Boni by Iowa
1. Identify these avatars of Vishnu for 10 points apiece.

1. Among the exploits of this charming avatar was the killing of Ravana, the demon king of Sri Lanka, for having abducted his wife, Sita.

Answer: Rama-chandra (Do not accept "Parashu-rama".)

2. This dark-colored avatar, usually depicted as blue, defeated the demon-king Kamsa, and in the Mahabharata he was Arjuna's charioteer.

Answer: Krishna

3. This avatar has not yet occurred. Vishnu is to appear at the end of the world cycle, seated on a white horse, with drawn sword blazing like a comet, for the final destruction of the wicked, the renewal of created, and the restoration of purity.

Answer: Kalki
2. Name these plays by Brecht from a brief description FTP each.

1. Vlasova sacrifices for her son and eventually adopts his communist views, carrying a flag in the Russian revolution.

Answer: The Mother

2. Three gods seek a kind person and find only Shen Te, a local prostitute.

Answer: The Good Woman (or Person) of Setzuan

3. This play, set to music by Kurt Weill, tells the story of a community of pleasure-seekers which eventually collapses because of the bourgeois decadence of its society.

Answer: The Rise and Fall of the City Mahoganny
3. Answer these questions about the Netherlands FTP each.

1. This son of William the Silent drove the Spanish from the northern Netherlands in the 1590s.

Answer: Maurice

2. This stadholder from 1672 to 1702 landed at Torbay in 1688.

Answer: William III of both Orange and Great Britain

3. This name was given to the Dutch Republic from 1795 to 1806 after its defeat by the French Revolutionary armies.

Answer: Batavian Republic
4. You are looking at a silicate of magnesium and ferrous iron with an approximate Mohs hardness of 6.75. You probably got it from lavas of Vesuvius and Monte Somma or in the Eiffel district of Germany. Its most notable feature though, is its gray-green color. For 10 points each:

1. Give the common English group name for this isomorphous mineral series, believed to be quite abundant in the upper mantle.

Answer: olivine

2. Give the French word for olivine, often applied to gem quality specimens of the mineral. It is a also a birthstone.

Answer: peridot

3. Finally, yellow-green peridot is given another name derived from the Greek words for "gold" and "stone." Give it.

Answer: chrysolite
5. Given a description of an operatic title object, name it for 10 or for 5 if you need the composer behind the title creation.

1. (10 points) The title character plots his revenge against Eisenstein, because the latter had let him oversleep during Carnival, forcing him to walk home in the title costume in broad open daylight.

(5 points) Johann Strauss

Answer: The Bat or Die Fledermaus

2. (10 points) It audibly interrupts Ben as he's getting his nerves up to propose to Lucy. Later, Ben uses it to serve his ends.

(5 points) Gian-Carlo Menotti

Answer: The Telephone

3. (10 points) It brings Tamino and his love, Pamina, through the trials of fire and water.

(5 points) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Answer: The Magic Flute or Die Zauberflšte

5. Answer the following questions about classical architecture for 10 points apiece

1. What order of classical column was used in building the Parthenon?

Answer: Doric order (Do not accept "Roman Doric" order)

2. This horizontal piece crowned the entablature in Greek buildings, resting between the pediment and frieze.

Answer: cornice

3. This "fourth" order of classical column actually rivals the doric as the oldest. What is this simplest, unfluted order of classical column?

Answer: Tuscan order
6. For the stated number of points, identify the data structures given a short description of each.

1. (5 points) This fundamental data structure allows elements to be pushed onto it and popped off of it and is quite useful in recursive algorithms.

Answer: stack

2. (10 points) This type of binary tree, named after its inventors, was the first tree to feature balance mechanisms in order to guarantee logarithmic search times.

Answer: AVL tree

3. (15 points) This structure efficiently implements priority queues. It provides access to the minimum element in constant time and deletions of the minimum element in logarithmic worst-case time.

Answer: binary heap
7. It is the condition in which one averts one's gaze from facts, or options and choices, that at some level one knows to be present. For the stated number of points:

1. (5 points) What two-word philosophical term is this, an implication of disbelief or breakdown or trust?

Answer: Bad Faith or mauvaise foi

2. (10 points) What 20th Century French philosopher was known for his discussion of the Bad Faith principle possibly embracing it in his post-World War II work The Psychology of the Imagination?

Answer: Jean-Paul Sartre

3. (15 points) What Sartre character embraces a sense of bad faith as the protagonist horrified by the absurdity of human life and the ugliness of its pretenses Sartre's 1938 work Nausea?

Answer: Antoine Roquentin
8. Fun with complex numbers. Answer the following for the stated number of points.

1. (10 points) For any real number, it states that: parenthesis cosine x plus i times sine x end parenthesis to the nth power equals cosine nx plus i times sine nx.

Answer: de Moivre's theorem

2. (5 points) Using de Moivre's theorem or any other method, evaluate "e raised to the open parenthesis i times pi, close parenthesis".

Answer: -1 (negative one)

3. (15 points) These are points in the complex plane where a function blows up. A simple one occurs at z equals 0 for the function 1 over z.

Answer: pole

9. Identify each of the following Judges of Israel, from the Old Testament, FTP.

1. This judge made a vow to sacrifice to God whatever would come out of the doors of his house upon his return from a successful battle. Unfortunately for him, this ended up being his own daughter.

Answer: Jephthah

3. This only woman judge joined forces with army commander Barak to defeat the "forces of the kings of Canaan", led by Sisera, the general of Jabin.

Answer: Deborah

3. This third judge's "left-handed" dagger diplomacy dealt with Eglon the king of Moab. Eglon was so fat that his stab wound didn't bleed. Palace guards' assumptions that he was long on "the throne" allowed this judge's timely escape.

Answer: Ehud

10. Answer these questions about the Balkans FTP each.

1. The Ottoman’s victory over the Serbs at this 1389 battle marked the end of the medieval kingdom of Serbia.

Answer: Kosovo

2. This 1878 treaty would have created a “Greater Bulgaria,” a Russian puppet state.

Answer: San Stefano

3. This liberal monarch became the first king of independent Romania in 1877 and ruled until 1914.

Answer: Charles I or Carol I
11. Identify these biological things which begin with either "homo" or "hetero" for ten points each.

1. It describes animals such as seals and toothed whales with little or no variation in tooth structure.

Answer: homodonts

2. Organisms which must obtain their energy by consuming other organisms and not from the environment are given this name.

Answer: heterotrophs

3. An animal's maintenance of its internal temperature by using metabolic processes to counteract environmental temperature fluctuations, it's also known as warm-bloodedness.

Answer: homoiothermy or homeothermy
12. Name the authors of these Restoration works.

1. All for Love, 1678

Answer: John Dryden

2. The Country Wife, 1675

Answer: William Wycherley

3. Love for Love, 1695

Answer: William Congreve
13. Name these Supreme Court cases FTP each.

1. In this 1904 case, the court ruled that holding companies designed solely to eliminate competition between two railroads violated anti-trust laws.

Answer: Northern Securities Co. v. US

2. This 1962 decision stated that federal courts could intervene to correct the unequal distribution of voters in electoral districts.

Answer: Baker v. Carr

3. In this 1986 case, the court refused to extend a constitutional right of privacy to homosexual activity.

Answer: Bowers v. Hardwick
14. Name these dudes who lived a long time ago FTP each.

1. This man, who flourished around 2370 BC, dominated the Sumerian cities in Mesopotamia and created the first large empire of the ancient Near East.

Answer: Sargon of Akkad or Sargon the Great (not Sargon II)

2. This founder of the 3rd Dynasty ordered Imhotep to build the Step-Pyramid of Saqqara.

Answer: Zoser

3. This Babylonian conquered Jerusalem in 598 and 587.

Answer: Nebuchadnezzar
15. Identify these parts of a pine needle for ten points each.

1. Ducts carry this substance through the needle so it is available to be exuded in case of any breaks or damage.

Answer: resin

2. These spindle-shaped xylem cells conduct water through the needle and the rest of the plant. They are the equivalent of vessel elements in angiosperms.

Answer: tracheids

3. These phloem cells are similar to tracheids except they conduct sugars and not water.

Answer: sieve cells
16. Name the characters from Beowulf FTSNOP.

1. (5) This lord of the Danes despairs of Grendel’s visits to his meadhall until Beowulf arrives.

Answer: Hrothgar

2. (10) Only this heir to Beowulf and last of his companions helps the hero in his final fight against a dragon.

Answer: Wiglaf

3. (15) This prince of the Brondings is Beowulf’s companion in a swimming marathon.

Answer: Breca
17. Answer these questions about the Washington Naval Armament Conference FTP each.

1. The conference was convened in this year.

Answer: 1921

2. Japan was limited to this quantity of naval tons in ratio to the 5 of the US and UK by the Naval Armament Limitation Treaty.

Answer: 3

3. This US Secretary of State was a driving force behind the conference.

Answer: Charles E. Hughes
18. Name the characters from American novels FTP each.

1. This young recruit runs from his battle in The Red Badge of Courage.

Answer: Henry Fleming

2. This fat, unpleasant woman is Tom Buchanan’s lover in The Great Gatsby.

Answer: Myrtle Wilson

3. This man is deserted by his wife but raises sons Caleb and Aron in East of Eden.

Answer: Adam Trask
19. Giuseppe Occhialini is a lesser-known name in science who should have gotten more credit than he did. Identify the following for the points stated:

1. Working with Patrick Blackett, Occhialini obtained cloud-chamber photographs in 1993 demonstrating the antimatter counterpart of the electron existed. But, an American beat them to publication and later won the Nobel Prize. Name the particle and the American for 5 points each.

Answer: positron, Carl Anderson

2. Working with Cecil Powell in 1947, Occhialini discovered pions in cosmic ray showers. However, a Japanese scientist had earlier predicted pion's existence and won a Nobel prize for his work. Name him for 10.

Answer: Yukawa Hideki

3. Blackett and Powell later won Nobels as well. Occhialini was eventually honored with the naming of the BeppoSAX X-ray satellite. This satellite played an important role in showing that what violent astronomical phenomena occur not in the Milky Way, but at cosmological distances.

Answer: GRBs or gamma-ray bursts (Note: Beppo is a nickname for Giuseppe)
20. Name the capital of each of the following states of India for 10 points apiece.

1. West Bengal

Answer: Calcutta

2. Tamil

Answer: Madras

3. Maharashtra

Answer: Bombay
The pain will all go away in a second. Take some morphine. Now, for 10 points apiece:

1. If you replaced one -OH group in a morphine molecule with an -OCH3 (methyl ether) group, what new drug is produced.

Answer: codeine

2. If you replaced both -OH groups with acetyl groups of formula -COCH3, what new substance would you have?

Answer: heroin

3. Morphine derivatives such as codeine and heroine work because their chemical structure is similar to two classes of neurohormones discovered in the 1960s. Name either.

Answer: endorphins or enkephalins

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