1998 Terrapin Invitational Round 6 Tossups by Penn a and B

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1998 Terrapin Invitational

Round 6

Tossups by Penn A and B
1. By marrying Lingard’s adopted Malayan daughter, the title character of this novel had inherited his

father-in-law’s prosperous business. Hearing that the British were to gain control of the Pantai River, he began to build a fine new home, but when the project was abandoned he stopped building and the Dutch sailors mocked him. His daughter Nina becomes the lover of the rajah Dain, and after he helps them flee from their Dutch pursuers, the protagonist burns down his house and spends the rest of his life smoking opium in the half-finished mansion. FTP name this novel published in 1895 by Joseph Conrad.

Answer: Almayer’s Folly
2. Due to this potential conflict, Congress allocated $10 million to raise an army of 50,000 men, a staggering sum for 1839. When Canadian lumberjacks began to build a road for lumbering operations, state legislators appointed Rufus McIntire land agent, with authority to eject the Canadians. McIntire was then arrested by the Canadians in February, and ten thousand Maine troops were sent into the disputed region. For ten points, identify the brief war, settled by a Webster-Ashburton Treaty boundary commission.

Answer: Aroostook War

3. They were first described in 1815 by Nathaniel Bowditch, who discovered them through the motion of a pendulum in two dimensions. Today, stable ones can be obtained on an oscilloscope using two sinusoidal waves with frequencies that are in whole number ratios, and they can be plotted by such formulas y = sin 7t, x = sin 5t. FTP, identify these curves named for a French mathematician.

Answer: Lissajous curves or figures

4. Born in 1901 in Kharkov, Ukraine, he emigrated to the US in 1922, and received a Ph.D. from Columbia in 1926. A year later, he moved on to the National Bureau of Economic Research, where he did important research on economic time series, US national income, and describing cyclical variations in growth rates. FTP, name this winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize, known for his inverted U curve describing the relation between rising national income and inequality, and for an eponymous cycle of economic growth.

Answer: Simon Kuznets (kooz-nets)

5. Her only novel, published under the name Pierre Andrezel, describes in allegorical terms the plight of her native country during the German occupation in World War II. Her first book of stories, Seven Gothic Tales, dealt with the world of the supernatural, as did most of her later fiction such as Winter's Tales. Born in Rungsted, she married her cousin in 1914 and wrote all of her major works after divorcing him and returning to her native Denmark in 1931, although many were inspired by her life on a coffee plantation in British East Africa. FTP name this author, actually named Karen Blixen, who wrote the sketches of

African life contained in Shadows on the Grass, the novel The Angelic Avengers, and Out of Africa.

Answer: Isak Dinesen
6. Taking advantage of the revolutionary crisis precipitated by the English victory over France at Poitiers, the common people sought revenge on their oppressors, particularly the nobility. Late in May 1358 near Beauvais, a minor clash occurred between some peasants and soldiers. After several castles were sacked and burned, Royalist forces under Charles II of Navarre crushed the uprising on June 10, killing about 7000. For ten points, name this French peasant revolt during the Hundred Years War, derived from a collective name given to the French peasantry by the nobles.

Answer: The Jacquerie

7. Developed by William Sealy Gosset, his employer, Guinness Brewing Company, would not let him publish it under his own name. The null hypothesis can state that there is no significant difference between an observed sample mean and the population mean, or between two different sample means. Often used to construct confidence intervals, FTP, name this statistical test whose test statistic is denoted "t."

Answer: Student's t test or distribution [accept t test on early buzz]

8. In the preface to this one-act prose work, the author takes care to distinguish between legitimate poets and their imitators, whom he proceeds to ridicule. Overly influenced by the novels of Mme de Scudery, Madelon and Cathos, the daughter and niece of the provincial bourgeois Gorgibus, reject their suitors. They are very impressed by the flowery speech of their new admirers, the marquis de Mascarille and the vicomte de Jodelet, but are embarrassed when it turns out that these two noblemen are really just the valets of the rejected suitors. FTP name this comedy that mocks the pedantry and affectation of poetic language, presented in 1659 and written by Moliere.

Answer: Les Precieuses Ridicules or The Precious Damsels or The Ridiculous Snobs

9. General A.S Johnston seized the initiative and attacked General U.S. Grant before reinforcements could arrive in a battle fought in woods and peach orchards by inexperienced troops. Johnston was mortally wounded on the first afternoon, and the battle ended the next day with the Union army doing little more than reoccupying the camp it had lost the day before. FTP, name this 1862 battle fought around a church near Pittsburg Landing, in southwestern Tennessee, which resulted in a victory for the North and in

large casualties for both sides.

Answer: The Battle of Shiloh (accept Pittsburg Landing early)
10. Buried in a pyramid in Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice, this son and grandson of stonemasons went to work for sculptor Giuseppe Bernardi at age eleven in 1768. He set up his own studio in 1775 and created a few minor sculptures such as Daedelus and Icarus. He got his big break, however, with the tomb of Pope Clement XIV in 1783. FTP identify this Italian born neo-classical sculptor who is best known for Cupid and Psyche, his heroic sculpture of Napoleon, and a depiction of Pauline Bonaparte Borghese as Venus.

Answer: Antonio Canova

11. He said that it was just snow melting on his face, but many observers thought that this Senator was crying when trying to defend his wife from allegations made in the Manchester Union Leader. This image of weakness proved to be fatal to his 1972 bid for the Democratic nomination for President. FTP identify this longtime Senator from Maine and running mate of Hubert Humphrey, who ended his career in government by serving as Jimmy Carter's final Secretary of State.

Answer: Edmund Sixtus Muskie

12. He received his doctorate in 1873 for his treatise "On the Continuity of the Liquid and Gaseous State," which was recognized to have major significance in the study of fluids. Assuming that gas particles have a finite volume, and that there are attractive forces between them, he derived a more exact form of the ideal gas law, as well as the law of corresponding states. A professor at the University of Amsterdam, FTP, name this physicist for whom a type of weak bond is name.

Answer: Johannes Diderik van der Waals

13. Its source is the Valdai Hills and it flows nearly 1400 miles through western Russia, ending at the Black Sea, and through cities such as Smolensk and Khorson. Major tributaries include the Desna, Vorskla, and

Pripet rivers. FTP, name this fourth longest river in Europe, behind the Volga, Danube, and Ural, which flows through the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

Answer: Dnieper (nye-per)
14. After obtaining the consulship of 107 BC, he broke with tradition by recruiting volunteers from the unpropertied classes for the ongoing war against Jugurtha. Popular among the equestrian class and his veterans, he managed to obtain the consulship for five years in a row from 104-100 B.C. This euphoric success however was short lived, and he fled east in 99 B.C. FTP, identify the Roman leader, consul seven times, and arch-rival of Lucius Cornelius Sulla.

Answer: Gaius Marius

15. This instrument has prominent solos in Ralph Vaughan Williams's Flos Campi and Four Hymns. At the end of Carl Orff's Play for the End of Time, a quartet of these instruments intones a canon, and Paul Hindemith was a skilled player of the "da gamba" form. Usually notated on the alto clef, in some countries this instrument is referred to as the alto. FTP, name this string instrument, about one-seventh larger than the violin and tuned a fifth lower.

Answer: viola

16. His life ended in 1973 as a result of a tragic suicide, but before then, he was one of America's foremost playwrights. His works dealt specifically with the frustrations and absurdities of Midwestern life and included Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff and Picnic, for which he won the 1953 Pulitzer Prize in drama. FTP, name this man, best known for Come Back, Little Sheba.

Answer: William Inge

17. This man, born in 1743, set the stage for the methods used in modern field archaeology, earning him the unofficial title of "the Original Anthropologist". He is credited with the first systematic anthropological dig, the excavation of Native American burial mounds near the Rivanna River. Though he wrote up his complete findings in his Notes on the State of Virginia, he is best known for another written work. For ten points, name this man, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence.

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

18. One hundred years after Secondo Pia took the first official photographs of it, this object was removed from public view in June 1998. Carbon dating of the fiber itself suggests a date of 1532, the same year in which it is supposed to have miraculously survived a fire in which the French church that housed it was destroyed, but pollen grains taken from it do indicate a Middle Eastern origin. The earliest known reference to it appears in a letter by the Bishop of Saragosa written during the seventh century. It disappeared a few times, but has stayed in sight since the fire, and became Church property in the late 1980's. For ten points, name this 14 by 3-foot piece of linen, claimed to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

Answer: The Shroud of Turin

19. These devices are nonlinear circuit elements. They have two terminals and are generally composed of silicon doped with impurities. If the impurities have five donor electrons, it will be an n-type one of these. If it has three donor electrons, it will be a p-type. Ideally, they allow current to flow only in one direction, and can be used to rectify alternating current signals. For ten points, name these devices, some of which are light-emitting.

Ans: diode (do not accept LED as an answer, they are only one kind of diode)

20. The author of over 60 works, including novels, poems, criticism, and travel books, he edited both the English Review and the Transatlantic Review. He was friends with Hardy and Joyce and although not in their class as literary craftsmen, he did write such notable works as The Fifth Queen and No More Parades, and collaborated with Conrad on The Inheritors. FTP, name this author of The Good Soldier, grandson of Ford Madox Brown.

Answer: Ford Madox Ford

21. A precocious child born in San Francisco in February 1902, he broke his nose in the 1906 earthquake. He decided to become a concert pianist in 1925 but changed his mind after meeting Paul Strand. Four years after he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom he died, and a mountain was named for him at the site that had been the subject of his best-known works. He had started visiting that place in 1916 and had returned every year of his life, showing clearly the changes of hour and season. His photographs were crisp and often emphasized contrast in black and white. For ten points name this photographer of Yosemite National Park.

Answer: Ansel Adams

22. Basically, the main cause of this disease is the failure of factor VIII to stimulate the activation factor X in the intrinsic pathway. In one of the earliest recorded accounts of this condition, John Otto wrote that the males are subject to this strange affliction, while females are exempt, transmitting it to their male children. FTP, name this disease, transmitted to the royal families of Prussia, Spain, and Russia by Queen Victoria, where blood clotting fails.

Answer: hemophilia

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