1997 Cavalier Classic

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1997 Cavalier Classic

Round 3

1. This disorder typically affects people between the ages of 15 and 35. The cause is unknown, but its symptoms include persistent fatigue and swelling of the lymph nodes. FTP, name this disease, which used to almost always be fatal, but which can now

be completely cured in 90 percent of cases if detected early, as in the case of Mario Lemieux.

Answer: _HodgkinÕs Disease_
2. After his death in 1864, the posthumous novels _Septimius Felton_, _The Dolliver Romance_, and _Dr. GrimshaweÕs Secret_ were published. In 1828, he anonymously published his first novel, _Fanshawe_. FTP, name this writer of ÒThe Snow Image,Ó _Mosses

from an Old Manse_, and _Twice-Told Tales_, best known for his novels _The House of the Seven Gables_ and _The Scarlet Letter_.

Answer: Nathaniel _Hawthorne_
3. The first of these consisted of rungs of tests that measured a childÕs ability to complete tests passed by the average child of a certain age. A subjectÕs mental age would be derived from this test, then divided by the chronological age and multiplie

d by 100. FTP, identify this type of test, first devised by Alfred Binet, in which a score of 130 being equivalent to the 98th percentile.

Answer: _IQ_ or _Intelligence Testing_ (prompt for more info if Intelligence is given)
4. She rarely, if ever, is seen with shoes on in public, and often does her concerts in bare feet. Perhaps that is why she sings about having to shave her legs. FTP, name this recent country hitmaker, who reached #1 with ÒStrawberry WineÓ and ÒWe Dance

d Anyway.Ó

Answer: Deana _Carter_
5. In this town, all the Protestants drive Fords and all the Catholics drive Chevrolets. The Sons of Knute are a major social group, and although it is said that Òsmart doesnÕt count for muchÓ there, all of the children are Òabove average.Ó FTP, name t

his fictional Minnesota burg, described in a book and in radio shows by Garrison Keillor.

Answer: _Lake Wobegon_

6. After he drove Mithridates into the Crimea, he reorganized the eastern empire, forming the provinces of Cilicia, Bithynia-Pontus, Asia, and Syria. In 49 B.C., he went to Greece with much of the Senate, and, after losing the battle of Pharsalus, he fl

ed to Egypt when he was murdered by Ptolemy XII. FTP, name this Roman leader, who entered an alliance in 60 A.D. along with Crassus and the young Julius Caesar.
Answer: _Pompey_ the Great
7. Generally, this alloy is defined as one consisting of iron and carbon with less than 2.1 percent carbon content. It is well known for its strength and is commonly used in structures and automobiles. FTP, name this common alloy, which features nickel

and significant amounts of chromium in its stainless variety.

Answer: _steel_
8. He left his native country in 1950 to work as a reporter in Europe. His first novel, _Leaf Storm_, introduced the imaginary town of Macondo which is the setting of many of his later works. FTP, identify this Nobel-Prize winning Columbian author, bes

t known for his novels _One Hundred Years of Solitude_ and _Love in the Time of Cholera_.

Answer: Gabriel Garc’a _M‡rquez_
9. These were not only structures used in housing, but also served as a means of identification. Membership in the Bear People, Salmon People and other tribes named after creatures in tribal myths would be denoted by these icons. When Native Americans

in the Pacific Northwest acquired steel tools, these wooden carvings became even more elaborate. FTP, identify this kind of primitive sculpture.

Answer: _totem poles_
10. The first British settlers of this country arrived in January of 1788 abord the HMS Supply. Four years later, the New South Wales colony was opened to free settlers. In 1829, the western city of Perth was founded. FTP, name this country, where Can

berra was chosen as the capital in 1908.

Answer: _Australia_
11. The romantic subplot concerns Anne, who is courted by Slender and Doctor Caius, but who eventually elopes with Fenton. After Nym and Pistol tell Mr. Ford that someone is trying to seduce his wife, he disguises himself as Mr. Brook, and asks the main

character to help him to seduce his own wife. FTP, identify this play, first performed around 1598, which makes fun of Sir John Falstaff, a comedy by William Shakespeare whose title refers to Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Page.

Answer: The _Merry Wives of Windsor_
12. Bob CostasÕs first play-by-play job for a professional team was with this leagueÕs Spirits of St. Louis. This leagueÕs other teams included the Pittsburgh Condors, Oakland Oaks, and the Kentucky Colonels. FTP, name this league that featured a red-w

hite-and blue ball and four franchises that still survive today, although it folded in 1976.

Answer: _American Basketball Association_ or _ABA_
13. After he was commanded to resign on March 18, 1890, he became the Duke of Lauenburg and was replaced by George Caprivi. He had served as a representative at the Frankfurt Diet and as ambassador to Russia and France before becoming minister-president

in 1862. FTP, identify this politician, who set off the Seven Weeks War, struggled with the Catholic Church during the Kulturkampf, and made Prussia a world power.

Answer: Otto von _Bismarck_
14. They were originally members of a religious community in the Punjab which broke away from Hinduism in the sixteenth century. Led by Guru Nanak, their holy scriptues, compiled by the fifth guru, Arjun, are known as the _Adi Granth_. FTP, identify th

is religion, whose name comes from a Hindi word for Òdisciple,Ó and who are currently one of the major religious groups in India.

Answer: _Sikhs_ or _Sikhism_
15. This was originally developed by Edwin Armstrong and even before World War II, programming was being broadcast in this medium by the Yankee network and independent stations. Its growth was halted during World War II and in 1945, its frequency band w

as changed to the one used today. Although it provided superior sound quality when compared to its predecessor, it did not gain widespread popularity until the late 1960Õs and early 70Õs. FTP, name this form of broadcasting.

Answer: _FM_ or _Frequency Modulation_ radio
16. Kate Swift, Jesse Bentley, Elmer Cowley and George Willard are among the featured characters in this collection of short stories. The first story in the collection is ÒThe Book of the GrotesqueÓ, a prologue to the book as a whole. FTP, name this wo

rk, first published in 1919, and written by Sherwood Anderson.

Answer: _Winesburg, Ohio_
17. This year, he has released 2 CDs, ÒFreedomÕs LightÓ and ÒMy God is Love.Ó He wrote ÒSouls Along the WayÓ for Senator Edward Kennedy and his new wife, although Senator Kennedy does not often vote with this songwriter/Senator. FTP, name this chairman

of the Senate Judiciary Committee, a Republican from Utah.

Answer: Orrin _Hatch_
18. The headwaters of its North Branch is noted by the Fairfax Stone, at an elevation of 3,140 feet above sea level. By the time its Bends have been reached, just past Paw Paw, the South Branch has converged with the North Branch. FTP, name this river,

which converges with the Shenandoah at Harpers Ferry and has a width of 11 miles at its convergence with the Chesapeake Bay.

Answer: _Potomac_ River
19. The capital of this dynasty was shifted by the Yongle Emperor from Nanking to Beijing, where he built the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven. Founded in 1368, it ended when peasant revolutions drove the last emperor to commit suicide in 1644.

FTP, identify this last indigenous Chinese dynasty, which was succeeded by the Manchu, and which is best known for the distinctive style of vases developed during the period.

Answer: the _Ming_ dynasty
20. Although he won a scholarship to Eton, he was unable to afford going on to a university, and instead went to Burma to serve with the Imperial Police. This experience formed the basis of his first novel, _Burmese Days_, which was soon followed by _Ke

ep the Aspidistra Flying_, _The Road to Wigan Pier_, and _Down and Out in Paris and London_. FTP, name this British writer, whose real name was Eric Blair, and who is best known for anti-totaltarian writings like _Homage to Catalonia_, _1984_, and _Anima

l Farm_.
Answer: George _Orwell_
EX. After studying chemistry in Paris, he came to America and worked with John Ericsson. He began manufacturing glyceryl trinitrate in 1865, but that same year his factory blew up, killing his brother Emil, and he began searching for safer methods of pr

oduction. FTP, name this Swedish inventor of blasting gelignite and dynamite, who is best known for the annual prizes awarded in his name.

Answer: Alfred _Nobel_

1. Identify the poets who wrote the following works, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: _The Divine Comedy_

Answer: _Dante_ Alighieri

2. 10 points: _The Flowers of Evil_

Answer: Charles _Baudelaire_

3. 15 points: _The Dream Songs_

Answer: John _Berryman_

2. Identify these medical problems FTP each.

1. This term is given to the sensation of noise in the ear when no sound is present. Although it is regularly associated with hearing loss, it can be a symptom of diseases unrelated to the ear.

Answer: _Tinnitus_

2. This disease can be caused by a virus or by bacteria and typically disappears with antibiotics or rest, steam and liquids for the viral form. Hoarseness caused by the chronic form of this disease can result from alcoholism, smoking, or allergies.

Answer: _Laryngitis_

3. This lung disease is called chronic obstruction pulmonary disease and occurs when the air sacs of the lungs rupture. It is typically caused by smoking, although heredity and pre-existing asthma may also be factors in its contraction.

Answer: _Emphysema_
3. Given the title of an relatively recent autobiography, name the subject FTP each.

1. _My American Journey_

Answer: Colin _Powell_ (with Joseph Perisco)

2. _It DoesnÕt Take a Hero_

Answer: Norman _Schwarzkopf_ (with Peter Pietre)

3. _Will_

Answer: G. Gordon _Liddy_
4. Identify the Civil War General on a 30-20-10 basis.

1. He was elected as Governor of New Jersey in 1877.

2. He was the Democratic PartyÕs presidential nominee in 1864.

3. He was replaced by General Burnside as head of the Army of the Potomac in November 1862.

Answer: General George B. _McClellan_
5. For 5 points each, with a bonus five for all correct, given a character, identify the television show in which he or she appeared.

1. Judge Harold T. Stone

Answer: _Night Court_

2. Marsha Owens

Answer: _Mr. Belvedere_

3. Dr. Johnny Fever

Answer: _WKRP in Cincinnati_

4. Laura Petrie

Answer: _The Dick Van Dyke Show_

5. Agent 99

Answer: _Get Smart_
6. Given some works, name the playwrights on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10 point clue: _The Phoenician Women_

5 point clue: _Medea_

Answer: Euripides

2. 10 point clue: _Watch on the Rhine_

5 point clue: _The ChildrenÕs Hour_

Answer: Lillian _Hellman_

3. 10 point clue: _Edward II_

5 point clue: _Doctor Faustus_

Answer: Christopher _Marlowe_

7. Given a disease, tell if it is spread by a virus, protozoa, bacteria, spirochete, or none of the above, FTP each.

1. Malaria

Answer: _Protozoa_

2. Scarlet fever

Answer: _Bacteria_

3. Chicken pox

Answer: _Virus_
8. Identify the following Supreme Court cases FTP each.

1. The court ruled that Congress acted within the bounds of the Constitution in establishing the Second Bank of the United States.

Answer: _McCullough_ v. _Maryland_

2. The courtÕs 1819 decision in this case upheld a colonial charter, preventing the charter from being changed by the New Hampshire legislature.

Answer: _Dartmouth_ (College) v. _Woodward_

3. For a final ten points, name the Chief Justice who presided in both cases.

Answer: John _Marshall_
9. Identify the humanist thinkers from works on a 15-5 basis.

1. 15 points: His lesser known works an edition of the New Testament with parallel Greek and Latin text, and _The Dagger of the Christian Soldier_.

5 points: He is best known for _In Praise of Folly_.

Answer: Desiderius _Erasmus_

2. 15 points: His late works include a _History of Richard III_ and _A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation_, written while he was in prison.

5 points: A good friend of Erasmus, he is best known for _Utopia_.

Answer: Sir Thomas _More_
10. Identify the female novelists from works on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10 point clue: _Mansfield Park_

5 point clue: _Pride and Prejudice_

Answer: Jane _Austen_

2. 10 point clue: _Between the Acts_

5 point clue: _To The Lighthouse_

Answer: Virginia _Woolf_

3. 10 point clue: _Romola_

5 point clue: _Silas Marner_

Answer: George _Eliot_ or Mary Ann _Evans_

11. For five points each, name the Canadian provincial or territorial capital, given the province or territory.

1. Nova Scotia

Answer: _Halifax_

2. Ontario

Answer: _Toronto_

3. Newfoundland

Answer: _St. JohnÕs_

4. Manitoba

Answer: _Winnipeg_

5. Yukon Territory

Answer: _Whitehorse_

6. Alberta

Answer: _Edmonton_
12. For the stated number of points, identify the UVA football star or stars.

1. For five points, name the 1991 first round draft choice who is still a star receiver for the Detroit Lions.

Answer: Herman _Moore_

2. For five points each, name the two former Cavaliers selected in the first round of the 1997 NFL Draft.

Answer: Jon _Harris_ (Eagles), James _Farrior_ (Jets)

3. He was the very first pick in the 1942 NFL Draft, and an award bearing his name is given to the state of VirginiaÕs best collegiate football player each year. For fifteen points, name him.

Answer: Bill _Dudley_
13. Given a President, name his two Vice-Presidents for five points each.

1. Thomas Jefferson

Answer: Aaron _Burr_ and _George Clinton_ (prompt on Clinton)

2. Andrew Jackson

Answer: John C. _Calhoun_ and Martin _Van Buren_

3. For a final 10 points, name any 2 of FDRÕs 3 Vice Presidents. One out of three gets you 5 points.

Answer: John Nance _Garner_, Henry _Wallace_, Harry S. _Truman_
14. Answer these questions about physics FTP each.

1. This phrase is used to define the instantaneous movement of an electron to a lower or higher orbit

Answer: _quantum jump_ or _quantum leap_

2. He won the Nobel Prize in 1906 for his discovery of the electron.

Answer: Joseph _Thomson_

3. This physicist developed the first theory of beta decay and later built the first nuclear reactor at the University of Chicago.

Answer: Enrico _Fermi_
15. Answer these questions about events in Europe that have happened this year for the stated number of points.

1. For 5 points each, name the three nations that were accepted into NATO.

Answer: _Poland_ , _Czech Republic_, _Hungary_

2. For fifteen points, name the former French budget minister and member of Parliament who is on trial for his role in the deportation of 1,560 Jews during the Vichy regime.

Answer: Maurice _Papon_
16. Identify the evangelists FTP each.

1. This turn-of-the-century evangelist was a professional baseball player before turning to a career as a travelling evangelist.

Answer: Billy _Sunday_

2. He ran for President in 1988 and hosts televisionÕs ÒThe 700 Club.Ó

Answer: Pat _Robertson_

3. He is noted for his televised crusades, his close relationships with recent Presidents, and his recent autobiography, entitled _Just As I Am_.

Answer: Billy _Graham_
17. For the stated number of points, given the titles of paintings, name the artists on a 15-10-5 basis.

1. 15 points: _Cup and Saucer II _

10 points: _Drowning Girl_

5 points: _Look Mickey_

Answer: Roy _Lichtenstein _

2. 15 points: _Dollar Signs_

10 points: _192 One-Dollar Bills_

5 points: _200 CampbellÕs Soup Cans_

Answer: Andy _Warhol_
18. Answer these questions about computers FTP each.

1. This computer was introduced through an advertisement that aired during the Super Bowl in January of 1984 and cost 85 percent less than its predecessor, the Lisa.

Answer: Apple _Macintosh_

2. The original version of this operating system was released in 1985 and sold over a million copies, but increased processor speed had increased the popularity of its newer versions.

Answer: Microsoft _Windows_

3. This network was founded in 1978 by a student at Duke University and a student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and has become a major source of Internet newsgroups.

Answer: _Usenet_
19. Answer these questions about Middle Eastern history FTP each.

1. This current Middle Eastern leader took control over his country in 1969, proclaming the ÒGreen Revolution.Ó

Answer: Muammar-al _Qadhafi_

2. In what year, within one, were the Camp David accords between Israel and Egypt held?

Answer: _1978_ (accept _1977_ or _1979_, of course)

3. In what year did the Six-Day War occur?

Answer: _1967_

20. Five states have been admitted to the Union in this century. For five points each and a bonus five for putting them in the correct order, name them.

Answer: _Oklahoma_ (1907), _New Mexico_ (1912), _Arizona_ (1912), _Alaska_ (1959) and _Hawaii_ (1959)

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