1996–1997 as31 Irregular May 1996, as31

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4th Decade 1996–2006 AS31 to AS40
Baron and Baroness 05/10/1996 – 13/10/2001: Osgot of Corfe & Esla of Ifeld

Baron and Baroness 13/10/2001 – 21/05/2005: Dai Bach & Alycie of Stirling

Baron and Baroness 21/05/2005 – 26/04/2008: Drake Morgan & Blodeuwedd y Gath

1996–1997 AS31

Irregular May 1996, AS31 (No issue available to scan)

May 5 – Smithy Workshop. Organised by Geoffrey Jefferies.

May 18 – Pietro's Bonfire and Blod's 24th birthday celebration – Pietro's place, Bradbury.

Green Event and Baron's Championship????

Irregular June 1996, AS31 (No issue available to scan)

June 8 – Masked Dessert Potluck Revel. Autocrat: Katerina da Brescia.

Irregular July 1996, AS31 (No issue available to scan)

July 13 – Innilgard's 10th Anniversary Celebration – Annesley College. Costs vary. A room will be set aside for memorabilia. Autocrats: Osgot of Corfe and Elsa of Ifeld. Competition: Best place setting. Entertainment included a play. This event was attended by the Prince and Princess, Alfar and Elspeth.

July 14th – Tourney – Annesley College. Autocrats: Athala Mercedes Leoncourt and Katerina da Brescia.
Irregular August 1996, AS31

August 2 – Blessed Herman Potluck – Uni. Of Adelaide. Cost (with dish) $3.00. Autocrat: Leonhard von Saxonburg. Held to raise funds for InterCollege War.

August 10 – St. Christina Red & Green Ball – Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $4.00. Autocrat: Breannach nic Thiergnen.

August 10 – Corset Workshop. Organised by Katerina da Brescia.

August 17 – Whyalla Show demo and Scottish Feast – Shire of Stahlburg.

August 24 – Rapier Tourney – Modbury Sports Reserve. Autocrat: Tuala.

At the 10th Anniversary Feast Tovye Woolmongere and Aislinn de Valence announced their intention to step down as Baron and Baroness of Innilgard. The process to select the next Baron and Baroness of Innilgard commenced on August 9 with a Potential candidates meeting at the B&B's house. This was followed by a “Meet the Candidates” meeting on August 13th at the Clarence Park Community Centre followed by another meeting on August 21st at the same venue to make preferences known and a decision reached.
Included is a call to War from Stormhold and a measured response from Innilgard together with an amusing cartoon.
At the 10th Anniversary Celebrations, the following received recognition:

Kateryn Lanark, Leonhard von Saxonburg, Athala Mercedes Leoncourt, Michiline de Lyons, Learbhean ni Sheighin and Rioghnach ni Laisreain received Awards of Arms; Tovye Woolmongere received an Order of the Rowan and Lyradana the Green was made Sergeant of the Mead Guard; Stefan Rosenwulf was given a commendation of Valour on the tourney on Sunday.

In addition Baron Tovye and Baroness Aislinn instituted a new award, that of the Order of the Silver frette for Chivalry and Courtesy. Founding recipients were Haos Windchaser, Hasan ibn Esau, Stefan Rosenwulf, Grainne of Starmount, Stephen of Irongate, Osgot of Corfe and Esla of Ifeld.

Also Zaydah received a Golden Owl and Ysmay de la Mor a Fretted Goblet.

Also, the winner of the Best Entertainment Piece competition was Michiline de Lyons, Lucrezia Lorenz and the Players for “The play”, the Best Photograph was won by Katerina da Brescia for “Innilgard – the new generation” and Best Table setting went to Dorothy of Innilgard. The raffle was won by Edward the unshaven.
Office changeovers. Due to the missing issues of May, June, July 1996 the following officers may have changed during those months or indeed in August.

Francesca Lucia Sammicheli, Reeve

Katerina da Brescia, Rapier Marshal

Alarice of Inverness, Lists

Matilda of Lyonesse, Chirurgeon

Leonhard von Saxonburg, Seneschal, Blessed Herman

Brand Regenwald, Reeve, Blessed Herman
Officers of the new Canton of Armandy are (again these may have happened in May, June or July 1996)

Seneschal Leonhard von Saxonbvurg

Herald Ciaran Bran

Marshal Stefan Rosenwulf

Rapier Marshal Haos Windchaser

Arts and Sciences Katerina da Brescia

Chronicler Katerina da Brescia

Reeve Bryony of the Bees

Irregular September 1996, AS31

September 1 – Brewing Workshop. Organised by Lucrezia Lorenz.

September 28th – Blessed Herman Championship Tourney and Feast – War Memorial Drive and St. John's Hall, North Adelaide. Cost $10.00. Autocrat: Leonhard von Saxonburg. Competitions: Best relic of Blessed Herman due to a miraculous disappearance of the original set.
Irregular October 1996, AS31

October 5 – Baronial Investiture – Findon Uniting Church hall. Prince Alaric and Princess Nerissa will be presiding. Cost $12.00. Autocrat: Aylwin Greymane. Feast is on an Italian theme.

October 6 – Prince's Hunt the Sheep Tourney – Torrens River Loop. Autocrat: Aylwin Greymane. Format is a series of grand melees followed by team sheep stealing.

October 7 – Millinery Workshop. Organised by Aislinn de Valence.

October 12 – Targe Meatgrinder Tourney – Apex Park, Stirling. Autocrat: Dhughal of Landewednak.

October 12 – Viking Tourney – Mt. Lofty Scout Hall. Cost $10.00. Autocrat: Leofwynn Wulfinga. Competitions: Most convincing boast, Most fitting entertainment, Most artful Viking handiwork.

October 26 – Armandy's Inaugural Poison Weapons Tourney and Feast – Linear Park, Gilberton and Prospect Masonic Hall. Cost $8.00. Autocrats: Stefan Rosenwulf and Michiline de Lyons. Competitions: Best entertainment on the theme of death, Best Decomposition.

October 27 – Foundation Picnic – Botanic Park.

It was suggested that the Barony purchase the baronial coronets for the new baron and baroness for $900.00.

It was also announced at the 10th Anniversary celebrations by Prince Alfar that the Baron and Baroness should have free access to events to bring us in line with other baronies. Should this continue when Prince Alfar steps down?

Announcement regarding the banning of Rapier fighting in the West Kingdom by King Jade and Queen Juanna.

Announcement of Hrafyn Fyst Freehold invasion of Festival in 1997.

Office changeover: Martin the Terrible, Constable (Blessed Herman)
Irregular November 1996, AS31

November 16 – Tassleless Tourney and Tavern Feast – The Wrectory, Woodville Gardens. Autocrats: Eric Alard and Francesca Lucia Sammicheli.

November 24 – Wood Working Workshop. Organised by Osgot of Corfe.
Congratulations to Arlev Hubesep on receiving a Roman Lilies at the recent 10th Anniversary event.

Office changeover: Bianca Weir, Seneschal, St.C

At the Baronial Investiture the following awards and recognitions were made by Prince Alaric and Princess Nerissa.

Court Baron – Tovye Woolmongere

Court Baroness – Aislinn de Valence

Awards of Arms – Brand Regenwald, Finneacheas the Heistant, Angharad o'r Haul, Morrigan Scathach, Giovanino di Vidor, Ciaran Bran

Roman Lilies – Alisaundre de Kilmaron, Geoffrey Jeffries, Grainne of Starmount

Silver Tear – Hassan ibn Ysau

Sliver Sword – Aylwin Greymane, Eric Alard

Tokens (for chivalry and valour) Brand Regenwald, Ciaran Bran

At the Baronial Investiture the following awards and recognitions were made by Baron Tovye and Baroness Aislinn.

Knotted noose – Esla of Ifeld, Tuatha ni Scathach

Baronial Cyphers – Hilary of Serendip, Haos Windchaser, Bryony Beekeeper, Lucrezia Lorenz, Sven Stormdriven, Myfanwy ferch Dafydd, Ysabeau of the Wylde Wood, Hassan ibn Ysau, Esla of Ifeld, Osgot of Corfe, Breannach nic Thiergnan, Maire of Lindisfarne, Eric Alard, Dhughal of Landewednak, Lyrdana the Green, Ysmay de la Mor, Pietro del Torro Rosso, Robert of Starmount, Tancred the Unruly, Leofwynn Wulfinga, Leonie de Grey, Carl the Hopeful, Kelly of Cornwall, Katerina da Brescia, Armand de Rochefort
At the Baronial Investiture the following awards and recognitions were made by Baron Osgot and Baroness Esla.

Knotted noose – Blodeuwedd y Gath o Nedd

Frette Goblet – Dhugal of Landewednak

Golden Owl – Aislinn de Valence

Silver frette– Tovye Woomongere
All wayfarers at the event were presented with a candle with red frette.
Irregular December 1996, AS31

December 7–9 – Blessed Herman's End–Of–Year Recovery Camp – Pine Lodge, Wistow. Cost $13.00. Autocrat: Angharad o'r Haul.

December 15 – Old Pharts Tourney and Baroness' Championship – Carisbrook Reserve. Autocrat: Ciaran Bran. Old pharts are fighters who have had their authorisations lapse for a year or longer. Will we see Osgot of Corfe, Bohdan Nepran, Torgon Yuand, Lucrezia Lorenz, Stephen of Irongate, Bryony Beekeeper, Jane Ascham?

December 21 – Carolling. A tradition of singing carols on the Eastern suburbs on Christmas Eve.

December 21– Armour Bag and Banner Workshop. Organised by Geofrey Jefferies.
An autocrat's guide is being complied by the new baron and baroness.

Mention is made of war candles to raise funds for war. Not sure what the context of this was.

Office changeover: Giovanino de Vidor, Archery marshal; Brand Regenwald, Marshal.
Irregular January 1997, AS31

January 4 – 12th Night – Semaphore Church of Christ. Cost $10.00. Autocrat: Geoffrey Jeffries. A court of love will be held and a present exchange.

January 25–27 – Collegium and Potluck Feast – Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Cost $6.00. Autocrat: Aislinn de Valence. Program included.
Irregular February 1997, AS31

February 1 – Elizabeth Sports Group demo. Autocrat: Michiline de Lyons.

February 2 – IKAC shoot – War Memorial Drive. Autocrat: Giovannino de Vidor.

February 15 – Seneschal's St. Valentine's Day Cross–Dressed Dessert Revel & Ball –

February 22 – Twilight Tourney – Home of Baron & Baroness. Autocrat: Osgot of Corfe. This is a Pas D'Armes event with the Baron and his huscarls holding the field.

February 23 – Board Games workshop. Organised by Osgot of Corfe.

Notice from the Seneschal re format of running events given.
Irregular March 1997, AS31

March 1 – War Hammer Demo – South Parklands. Autocrat: Ysmay de la Mor.

March 1 – Tudor / Elizabethan Shirts Workshop. Autocrat: Aislinn de Valence.

March 8 – Newcomers Quest and Feast – Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $10.00. Autocrat: Leonhard von Saxonburg. Competitions: Best Newcomers Garb, Challenge Arm Wrestling, Apple Bobbing.

March 15-16 – Birdwood Medieval Faire demo. Living history Tent autocrat: Francesca Lucia Sammicheli.

March 23 – Possible Tourney – Modbury Sports Reserve. Autocrat: Dhughal of Landewednak.

Results from the IKAC competition: First, Geoffrey Jeffries. Best garb, Tanya of Shoreham.

Irregular April 1997, AS31

April 12 – Blessed Herman Championship Tourney and 21st Birthday Feast – Dernancourt Community Centre. Cost $12.00. Gobbled frette Competition: Period savoury dish; Best Garb Donation to the College. Autocrat: Adele Amery.

April 19 – Wedding Revel and Open Weapons Tourney – The Wrectory, Woodville Gardens and St. Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church Hall. Cost $12.00. Autocrat: Alarice of Inverness.
1997–1998 AS32

Irregular May 1997, AS32

May 3 – Baron's Championship Tourney – Mt. Crawford State Forest. Autocrat: Dhugal of Landewednak.

May 17-18 – May Coronet and Victory Feast – Annesley College Lawns and Gothic Hall. Cost $28.00 +. Autocrat: Osgot of Corfe.

May 24 – Hills Harvest Picnic and Quest – Bridgewater. Cost $2.00. Autocrat: Grainne of Starmount.

May 24 – Just Desserts – Mt. Lofty Scout Hall. Cost $5.00. Autocrat: Rioghnach ni Laisreain. Competitions: Best undocumented period dessert; Best sotletie on a meat theme; Judgement of Paris; Best tarte.
Office changeovers: Uberto, Historian; Blodeuwedd y Gath o Nedd, Hospitaller; Adele Amery, A&S (BH); Medb ni Eilis, Hospitaler (BH); Aiofe ni Mebd, Chronicler (BH).
Irregular June 1997, AS32

June 79 – Green Event – Cost $ 7.00. Autocrat: Geoffrey Jeffries. Competitions: Best Green garb, Best new garb under $20.00.

June 21 – Best Death Tourney & Norman BBQ – Hazelwood Park and Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $12.00. Autocrats: John Langtry and Edward the Unshaven

June 29 – Shoe Making Workshop. Organised by Tovye Woolmongere.

At May Coronet, the following received awards and recognition from Prince Corin and Princess Keridwen

Awards of Arms to Francesca Lucia Sammilcheli, Adele Amery, Andre de Mort Noir.

At the tourney the wreath of valour went to Eric Alard, the Wreath of Chivalry to Robert Gordon and the knotted sword (for most spectacular death) to Giovannino di Vidor. Aylwin Greymane was made a member of the Queen's Guard (Queen Gabriel).
Article on the College of Scribes.
Irregular July 1997, AS32

July 12 – Winter Tourney & Feast – Ada Ryan Gardens and Masonic Hall, Whyalla. Cost $12.00. Autocrat: Andre de Mont Noir, Stahlburg. Competition: Best sotelty on a winter theme.

July 18-21 – InterCollege War – Longwood Camp. Cost $46. Autocrat: Ysmay de la Mor.

July 25 – Stirling Library demo – Stirling Library. Autocrat: Grainne of Starmount. A talk on medieval life and candle making is planned.

July 26 – Cross–Dress Ball – St. John's Lutheran Church Hall, Ridgehaven. Cost $6.00. Autocrat: Jane Ascham. Competition: Most convincing representation of the opposite sex.

July 27 – Dessert Workshop. Organised by Jane Ascham.

At the Green Event the IKAC round was won by Geoffrey Jefferies, followed by Michael Jones who also won the Roving round.

The theft of baronial archery equipment was reported with a list of items stolen.

Irregular August 1997, AS32

August 9 – Blessed Herman Potluck Feast – Findon Church. Cost $3.00 with food, $6.00 without food. Autocrat: Alcuin Adelhard.

August 17 – Smithy Workshop. Organised by Geoffrey Jefferies.

August 23 – Tavern on the Western Green – St. Augustine's Anglican Church, Woodville Gardens. Cost $10.00. Autocrat: Francesca Lucia Sammicheli. There will be a surprise auction to raise funds to replace the recently stolen baronial archery equipment.

August 24 – All Challenge Tourney – The Wrectory, Woodville Gardens. Competitions: Best Challenge Given,; Best Challenge Received. Autocrat: Giovannino di Vidor.

August 31 – Brewing Workshop. Organised by Lucrezia Lorenz.

The College of Blessed Herman are planning to create a rapier group to be called The Nightwatch.

Irregular September 1997, AS32

September 6 – Surprise Troll Tourney – Tusmore Park. Autocrat: Leonhard von Saxonburg.

September 6 – Feast of Blessed Herman – Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $10.00. Autocrat: Aeron Muirgen o Dalriada. Competitions: Best Sonnet on the Theme of Unrequited Love; Best Relic of Blessed Herman.

September 21 – Hrafyn Fyst Championship Tourney – The Wrectory, Woodville Gardens. Autocrat: brand Regenwald.

At InterCollege War, Eric Alard won the tourney. The Best Death Tourney held in June was won by Gerald Swinford.

The competitions at the Blessed Herman Potluck Feast were won by Osgot of Corfe for Most Creative use of the word “Turnip”; Gruffydd ap Cynan gave the Best entertainment on the theme of food; Leonhard von Saxonburg produced the Best dish with an honourable mention to Ariana an Armargh.

Office changeover: Gruffydd ap Cynan, Herald (BH)

Irregular October 1997, AS32

October 4-6 – Dance Collegium – Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $10.00. Autocrat: Osgot of Corfe. Timetable is included. Interstate teachers attending include Arenwald von Hagenburg, Eleanor Lyttelhayles, Timothaeus, Miriam Galbraith and Marguerite de Rada y Silva.

October 6 – Baroness' Championship – Hazelwood Park. Autocrat: Haos Windchaser.

October 12 – Woodworking Workshop. Organised by Osgot of Corfe.

October 18 – Rapier Academy – introduction to SCA rapier fighting – Modbury North. Autocrat: Katerina da Brescia.

October 19 – Canton Prize Tourney – Modbury Sports Reserve. Autocrat: Michiline de Lyons.

October 25 – Viking Raid & Repast – Kersbrook. Cost $5.00. Autocrat: Haos Windchaser.

October 25 – Revel – St. John's Lutheran Church Hall. Cost $2.00. Autocrat: Katerina da Brescia.

October 26 – Foundation Picnic – Botanic Park. Autocrat: Ysmay de la Mor.

A notice to the effect that the Innilgard Rapier Academy is back in business after the rapier ban. All fighters need to reauthorise.

At the Feast of Blessed Herman the competition for the Best Sonnet on the Theme of Unrequited Love was won by Grainne of Starmount; the Best Relic was won by the Baron and Baroness, Jane Ascham and Martin the Terrible for a moving rendition of the Blessed Herman song sung from the original paper on which it was composed and Eric Alard won the jumping hobby horse competition.

Irregular November 1997, AS32

November 30 – Lace Making Workshop. Organised by Aislinn de Valence.

At the Baroness' Championship Aoife ni Mebd was admitted to the Order of the Golden Owl and Leonhard von Saxonburg became a Huscarl.

The financial report for 1996/1997 is included.

Office changeovers: Giovannino di Vidor, Sensechal; Ysmay de la Mor, Chatelaine; Morrigan ni Ailis, Seneschal (BH); Leonhard von Saxonburg, Hospitaler and Rapier contact (BH). Lists, Captain of Archers and Chirurgeon are vacant.

Irregular December 1997, AS32

Again there were no official events this month, mainly private parties and BBQs.

There was a rapier making workshop set for December 17th.

A poem by Grainne of Starmount “Welcome to King Uther” is included.

The new Baroness' Champion is Camerus Dagashi (Diego Alvarez).

At the Viking event on October 25 the following received awards and recognition from King Uther.

Osgot of Corfe and Esla of Ifeld were inducted into the Order of the Pelican.

Ysmay de la Mor received a Leaf of Merit

Tania of Shoreham, Aiofe ni Mebd and Thomas del Valle de Bravo received Awards of Arms

At the same event Prince Ragnar and Princess Bliss awarded a Silver Tear to Giovannino di Vidor.

Irregular January 1998, AS32

January 3 – Blessed Herman Forest Feast – Mt. Crawford. Cost $10.00. Autocrat: Morrigan ni Ailis.

January 17 – Roman Feast and Slave Auction – St. Augustine's Church. Cost $15.00. Autocrat: Ysmay de la Mor.

The first Innilgard web site is set up.

Irregular February 1998, AS32

February 14 – Armandy's St. Valentine's Day Massacre & Feast – George St. Reserve, Marion. Autocrat: Michiline de Lyons.

February 20 – Armandy Canton meeting to decide device and if the name should be changed to Foxwood of Ingasnord.

Office changeovers: Osbert of Tewkesbury, Captain of Archers; Athala Mercedes de Lioncourt, Gold key.

Irregular March 1998, AS32

March 1 – Methaglyn workshop – Grainne of Starmount.

March 7 – Newcomers Garb workshop – Geoffrey Jeffries.

March 14 – Blessed Herman's Newcomers Quest and Feast – Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $12.00. Autocrat: Leonhard von Saxonburg.

March 28-29 – Birdwood Medieval Faire demo. Autocrat: Giovannino di Vidor. There will be a living history tent

At the Valentine's Day Massacre, Giovannino di Vidor, Edward the Unshaven and Diego Alvarez were admitted to the Order of the Knotted Noose and Eric Alard won the tourney.

The College of Blessed Herman has a web site.

The Canton of Armandy has changed its name to Foxwood. The 5 most popular devices will be distributed for comment around the canton.

Just to give you an idea of the range of activities occurring at this time I reproduce a list of regular meeting as listed in this issue of the Irregular.

Regular Meetings:
Singing Practice Chapel, Adelaide Uni
Recorder Group Don Stranks Rm Lvl 5 Union Bldg Adelaide Uni
Tues Fighter Practice Lot 2 Wattle Rd Kersbrook (Not SCA)
Dance Practice N/S Dining Rms Lvl 4 Union Bldg Adelaide Uni
Innilgard Thing 28 Churchill Ave Clarence Park
Rapier Training Barr Smith Lawns Adel uni
Officers Meeting 31 Maesbury St Kensington
A&S Practice 37 Danvers Gr Woodville Gdns
Herald At Home 10/5 Swift Ave Dulwich
Foxwood Thing 23 Columbia Cres Modbury North
Canton Meeting 327 Milne Rd Modbury North
Northern Garb 327 Milne Rd Modbury North
Garb Workshop 28 Churchill Ave Clarence Park
B&B At Home 31 Maesbury St Kensington
Archery Practice St Bernard’d Rd Magill (Not SCA)
War Muster Native Rd Mt Barker
Rapier Practice 327 Milne Rd Modbury North (Not SCA)
Belly Dancing 14 Gurney Tce Enfield
Sun Fighter Training War Memorial Dr Nth Adel (Not SCA)

Irregular April 1998, AS32

April 18 – Rowany Recovery Heraldic Tourney & Feast – The Wrectory, Woodville Gardens. Cost $5.00. Autocrat: Tanya of Shoreham. Competition: Best Heraldic Display. Flyer.

April 26 – Bookbinding workshop – Giovannino di Vidor.

At the Newcomers Quest and Feast Morrigan ni Ailis received the Order of the Knotted Noose and Katherine of Blessed Herman the Order of the Golden Owl. Aylwin Greymane was admitted to the Lochac Order of Grace.

A list of the Innilgard Gentry as at 19 March 1998 is include.

Office changeover: Rogash Walk, Lists; Tanya Shoreham, Herald (Foxwood).

1998–1999 AS33

Irregular May 1998, AS33

May 16-18 – Green Event – Mt. Crawford State Forest. Cost $2.00. Autocrat: Geoffrey Jefferies.

May 30 – Embroidery Workshop – Jane Ascham.

May 31 – Arts & Sciences Trash and Treasure and Birdwood BBQ – Giovannino di Vidor.

Article – Information on the SCA.
At Festival the Barony entertained King Fabian and Queen Bryn as well as Prince Boris and Princess Constance. At the Fighter Auction an Innilgard consortia purchase Prince Brand of The Mists and Jarl Uther. Prince Brand made it to the 9th round and Jarl Uther won. Prizes were donated to the barony, an SCA legal rattan sword and a ceremonial sword made by Owen van der Norden of St. Florian.
At the Rowany Recovery Revel Baron Osgot and Baroness Esla instituted a new order, that of the Innilgard Primus Agmen (translated as vanguard), for people instrumental in the setting up (and take down) of events. Founding members were Michael of Innilgard, Daffyd Llewlyn, Giovannino di Vidor, Robert of Strathconan and Douglas Hathaway.
At Rowany Festival in the baronial court Athala Mercedes de Lioncourt was admitted to the Order of the Golden Owl.
Irregular June 1998, AS33

June 8 – Foxwood BBQ – Modbury North home of Katerina da Brescia.

June 21 – Godfrey Open Weapons Tourney – Sports Reserve, Inglewood. Autocrat: Breannach nic Thiergnan for Foxwood.

June 28 – Celtic Knotwork Workshop – The Wrectory, Woodville Gardens. Organised by Grainne of Starmount, run by Lynne Sinclair–Wood (Celtic historian).

Call for articles for an Arts & Sciences magazine on the theme of Henry V.

Office changeover: Slaine the Silent, Chronicler; Angharad o'r Haul, Arts & Sciences (BH).

Irregular July 1998, AS33

July 3–6 – Royal Visit & InterCollege War – Crystal Lake Camp. Cost $55.00. Autocrat: Morrigan ni Ailis for Blessed Herman.

July 4 – Royal Visit Feast – Macclesfield Institute Hall. Cost $12.50. Autocrat: Francesca Lucia Sammicheli.

July 11-12 – Baron's Weekend Woodworking Extravaganza at the Baron's Home.

July 19 – Baron's Championship – Hazelwood Park.
Irregular August 1998, AS33

August 1 – Tipsy Wreath Tavern Night – Goodwood Scout Hall. Cost $8.00. Autocrats: Aislinn de Valence and Katerina da Brescia. The Gobbled frette competition will be held at this event. Contestants need to interpret and produce a set recipe for Raype.

August 7 – Blessed Herman Wine, Cheese and History Night – WP Watson Room, Uni.. of Adelaide. Cost $5.00. Autocrat: Aiofe ni Medb.

August 14 – Blessed Herman Potluck – Upper Rectory, Uni. Of Adelaide. Cost $4.00. Autocrat: Gruffydd ap Cynan.

August 16 – Foam Tip Workshop – Dhugal of Landewednak.

August 22 – Surprise Weapons Non–Chivalric Tourney – Ways and North east Rds., Hampstead Gardens. Autocrat: Rogash Walk.

The musical group “Tourdion” comprising Katherine Parry, Alcuin Adelhard, Umberto di Firenze and Grainne ni Concubhar is looking for additional performers and requests for performances at feasts. Instruments include recorders, drum, percussion, hurdy–gurdy, Estonian pipes and bells.
Awards given By Prince Boris and Princess Constance at the Royal feast as as follows.

Grant of Arms – Aylwin Greymane

Order of the Shining Helm – Dhugal of Landewednak

Order of the Silver Tear – Leonhard von Saxonburg

Awards of Arms – Alcuin Adelhard, Katherine Parry, Gruffydd ap Cynan, Robert of Strathconan, William Forester de Blacwode, Osbert of Tewkesbury, Gwenhyvar of Abergavenny, Miguel of Innilgard, Diego Alvarez, Barbara of Innilgard, Daffyd ap Llewellyn and Douglas Hathaway.

In addition Pietro del Torro Rosso was admitted to the order of Innilgard Primus Agmen.

There was no regnum published this month.
Irregular September 1998, AS33

September 12 – Henry V Feast and Agincourt Run – Sturt Baseball Club. Cost $13.00. Autocrat: Michiline de Lyons. Competitions: Best (or worst) quote from a theatrical performance of Henry V; Best garb of the period.

September 25 – Wrought Iron Party – Francesca Lucia Sammicheli.

September 27 – Woodworking workshop – Osgot of Corfe.

Scores from the archery competition held on August 15th are included.

Office changeover (temporary): Ysmay de la Mor, Seneschal for Giovannino di Vidor; Dhugal of Landewednak, Constable. A new position of webmaster appears in the regnum. Incumbent is William Forester de Blacwode.

Irregular October 1998, AS33

October 4-6 – Armouring and metalworking weekend – Michiline de Lyons and Dhugal of Landewednak's home. Autocrat: Daffyd Llewellyn.

October 10 – Feast of Blessed Herman Rapier Tourney and Feast – Tusmore Park and Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $12.00. Autocrats: Leonhard von Saxonburg and Katherine Parry. Competitions: Best hat / headress / style; Best accesory related to rapier.

October 18 – Baroness' Championship – George St. Reserve, Marion. Autocrat: Diego Alvarez.

At the Henry V Feast the Order of the Golden Owl was presented to Grainne ni Concubhair, Angharad o'r Haul and Jane Ascham.

Best Henry V rendition was won by Aislinn de Valence; Best Garb by Angharad o'r Haul; Best on Field by Daffyd Llewelyn, runner ups Tanya of Shoreham.

Winner of the IKAC round was William Forester de Blacwode.
Apprenticeships were formed between Athala Mercedes de Lioncourt and Myfanwy ferch Daffyd and Leofwynn Wulfinga and Esla of Ifeld.

Proteges were formed between Giovannino di Vidor and Francesca Lucia Sammicheli and Osgot of Corfe and Esla of Ifeld.

Office changeover at this event: Breannach nic Thiergnen, Seneschal (Foxwood).
Articles are sought for the second issue of “Fulcrum” the new Innilgard Arts & Sciences magazine on the theme of “Vikings”. The first issue is available for a cost of $2.00 from the Baron or from troll. Note: The Historian has the first issue on file.
Note regarding the new West Kingdom rapier rules and what is required to participate. The aim is to get all fighters reauthorised before November Coronet.
Office changeovers: Givannino di Vidor, Seneschal (back from recovery); Cainnear na Ruad, Chirurgeon; Katherine Parry, Seneschal (BH); Isabelle, Hospitaler (BH).
Irregular November 1998, AS33

November 1 – Foundation Day Picnic – Veale Gardens. Autocrat: Giovannino di Vidor.

November 14-15 – November Coronet and Feast – Longwood Camp. Cost $30.00 +. Autocrat: Ysmay de la Mor.

November 29 – Bronze bell Casting and Tuning Presentation – Grainne of Starmount.

Winner of the Baroness' Championship was Diego Alvarez but Eric Alard is the new Champion.

Notice regarding the cost of attending a full day of archery ($6.00) at the Magill Campus resulting in poor attendance.

A raffle is being run to purchase baronial marquees.

Letter from the Prince and Princess, Alfar and Elspeth regarding the lack of bids to run Principality events and a proposal for a roster system based on geographical areas.

Office changeover: Leonhard von Saxonburg, Marshal.
Irregular December 1998, AS33

December 12 – Dance Collegium and Un Ballo in Maschera – Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $8.00. Autocrat: Bartolomeo Agazzari. Competition: Best Mask – style and technique.

December 13 – Merchants Fair, Discussion Day and BBQ – St. Augustines Anglican Church Hall, Woodville Gardens.

December 20 – Hrafyn Fyst Championship Tourney and Potluck Christmas Party – The Wrectory, Woodville Gardens. Autocrat: Aylwin Greymane.

December 26-28 – Chrismas Fighter Fest with Prince Alfar and His squires – George St. Reserve, Marion. Squires were Thomas and Gui.
The final of November Coronet was contested by Dhugal of Landewednak and Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan with Kurgan the eventual winner.

Awards and recognitions given by Prince Alfar and Princess Elsepeth at November Crown were:

Awards of Arms: Cainnear na Ruad, Raichbhe Walkman, Beatrice the Arcane, Garinne ni Concubhair, Eleanor de Valence

Roman Lily: Bartolomeo Agazzari

Order of the Rowan: Martin the Terrible

Jomsviking: Dhugal of Landewednak

The raffle was drawn on November 14 by Jarl Uther. The winner was William Forester de Blacwode.

Office changeover: Bartolomeo Giancristoforo Agazzari, Arts & Science.

Irregular January 1999, AS33

January 16 – 12th Night Feast – St. Theodore's Anglican Church Hall. Cost $15.00. Autocrat: Leonhard von Saxonburg. Flyer

January 30-31 – Summer Collegium – The Paddocks Neighbourhood Centre, $12.00 for the whole weekend. Autocrat: Francesca Lucia Sammicheli.
At the Un Ballo in Maschera Jane Ascham won the Best Mask competition.

Office Changeover: William Forester de Blacwode, Herald.

Irregular February 1999, AS33

February 9 – Body Armour Rregistration Meeting – St. Mary Magdelene's Church Hall. Organiser: Giovannin di Vidor. To discuss the new law.

February 20 – An Arabian Night – The Wrectory, Woodville Gardens. Autocrat: Francesca Lucia Sammicheli. This was an outdoor event.

February 27 – Twilight Rapier Tourney – Modbury Sports Reserve. Autocrat: Katerina da Brescia.

Awards given at the 12th Night Feast by Baron Osgot and Baroness Esla were for Knotted Noose, Katherine Parry and Bartolomeo Giancristoforo Agazzari; Order of the Sliver frette, Diego Alvarez.

Call from the Baron and Baroness for early notice of events and to publish them in Pegasus and the reasons there to.

A new scribes group, Domus Tredicium Centum, meets the the Cannon Poole Room, Uni. of Adelaide to encourage Blessed Herman scribes. A programme of classes is included in the notice. Organiser: Arianna na Armagh.
Program for the January Summer Collegium included in this newsletter and arrangements for Festival and the Medieval Fair.

Notice re availability of astrological readings to the populace from Beatrice of Hamtunscir.

Irregular March 1999, AS33

March 5 – Blessed Herman Wine, Cheese & History Night –5th Floor, Union Building. Autocrat: Angharad o'r Haul.

March 6 – Fighter Auction – George St. Reserve, Marion. Autocrat: Michiline de Lyons.

March 7 – Blessed Herman Newcomers BBQ – Barr Smith Lawns. Autocrat: Katherine Parry.

March 12 – Blessed Herman Newcomers Feast – Games Room, Union Building, Uni. of Adelaide. Autocrat: Arianna na Armagh. Competitions: Chess, Viking Wrestling, Embroidery, Best Personal Banner, Illuminated Letter, Best Newcomers Garb.
Preparations for Rowany Festival involved a meeting and working bee (february 28) and a tent raising afternoon (March 14).

Notice re participation in the Guild of Medieval Archers at the Medieval Fair. Table of upcoming A&S competitions included.

Office changeovers: Daffydd Wallraven, Herald (Foxwood); Annora of Blessed Herman, Herald (BH); Chronicler: Freda Margaretadotti Su Raudi (BH); Laufey Su Norreonn, Rapier marshal (BH).

Irregular April 1999, AS33

April 10-11 – Folk Federation Medieval Fair – Carrick Hill.

April 26 – Tourney of Flowers and Catered Picnic – Archery Ground, War Memorial Drive. Cost $4.00. Autocrat: Osgot of Corfe.
Notice regarding a Wrought Iron raffle to raise funds for baronial marquees and one to “Sponsor a Sconce” to raise funds for illumination of saod marquees.

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