1996 Wahoo War of the Minds Extra Round 1

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1996 Wahoo War of the Minds

Extra Round 1

1. Sometimes called desert rats, these burrowing relatives of jerboas and kangaroo rats are mainly

nocturnal and are found on the sandy areas and grasslands of Asia and Africa. The best known species has

the scientific name Meriones unguiculatus (Merry-OH-nees un-GWEEK-you-lottis) and became a popular

pet after being introduced as a lab animal. FTP, name these rodents.

2. Born in 1824 in Sainte-Foy-Le Grande, this man founded the School of High Lessons in Paris in 1858

and the Anthropological Society of Paris in 1859. Trained as a surgeon, he became fascinated with the

structure of the craniums of the different races of man and how these related to their mental functions.

After conducting research into the disease aphasia, he discovered the speech center in the human brain.

FTP, name this French anthopologist and brain researcher.

A:Paul Broca

3. After attending Oxford, this poet became a professor of classics at Cambridge, edited Maniliusus’

Astronomica, and refused to talk about his verse. However, 3 years before his death in 1936, he gave a

lecture, “The Name and Nature of Poetry”, his first commentary on poetry since the publication of A

Shropshire Lad in 1896. FTP, name this poet of “Terence, this is stupid stuff” and “To An Athlete Dying


A:A.E. Housman

4. Purported to be revelations of Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, these occult tracts concern alchemy,

astrology, and magic. Despite their Egyptian setting, these works reflect a Platonic philosophical

orientation. FTP, name these occult books, a reflection of the beliefs of the Early Roman empire.

A:Hermetic Books

5. In 1875, as a result of prosecution begun by Philadelphia & Reading Railroad and evidence gathered by

a Pinkerton detective, 24 members of this group received convictions and 10 were hanged for murder.

They were originally an outgrowth of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and Irish organization which

opposed landlord encroachments. FTP, name this secret organization of miners who promoted labor

violence in eastern Pennsylvania.

A:Molly Maguires

6. This strategy was created with faulty information; it was assumed only 68 divisions would attack instead

of 84, and that the armies would take a direct route through the Ardennes instead of a looping route

through Belgium. When the time came, troops would summon their elan, charge straight into Alsace-

Lorraine, and stop the Germans in their tracks. FTP, name this French counterpart of Von Schlieffen’s

Plan that caused a confused French Army to turn back and make their stand at the First Marne.

A: Plan 17

7. Founded in 1711 by Robert Harley, this company had a monopoly on British trading privileges in South

America and the Pacific. In 1720, it proposed to take over the national debt in return for commercial

concessions. The resulting bubble led to the collapse of the government and the rise of Sir Robert Walpole.

FTP, name this company.

A:South Sea Company
8. Chemically defined as the sodium or potassium salt of a fatty acid, these substances have been known

since ancient times. In medieval times, they were manufactured by treating goat tallow with a solution

containing beech ash. FTP, name this class of compounds your mother may have used to wash your mouth


9. Founded in 1931 by Harold Clurman, Cheryl Crawford, and Lee Strasberg, this troupe became know for

its skillful production of socially relevant plays. Among the actors and directors whose careers began with

the group are Stella and Luther Adler, Franchot Tone, and Elia Kazan. FTP, name this company which

introduced the work of Clifford Odets and William Saroyan and shares its name with a London theatre


A:The Group Theatre

10. In modern philosophy, this term refers to the doctrine that objects of sense perception, such as tables,

have an existence independent of their being perceived. In literature, it refers to the mid-19th century

literary movement, with such proponents as Henry James, that attempted to show objects exactly as they

appear in life. FTP, name this common term.

11. This Swiss painter espoused his own brand of artistic theory, known as Parallelism, that expressed the

formal structure and unity of nature, instead of its diversity in numerous landscapes. In his best-known

work, within a group of sleeping men and women a single man is terrorized by a dark, ominous, and

shapeless figure underneath his blanket. FTP, name this painter of Night.

A:Ferdinand Hodler
12. This book was divided into two volumes, and is still used today in cases involving questions of

topography and genealogy. Composed of answers to a survey known as the Inquistio Elienis, administered

by officials known as legati, this 1086 work allowed William the Conqueror to strenghen his authority over

England. FTP, name this medieval document.

A:Domesday (Doomsday) Book
13. The surface area of this geometrical object is 4*2kr and its volume is 2*2kr2, where k is the distance of

the center of the rotating circle from the axis of the rotation and r is the radius of the rotating circle. FTP,

name this figure that has the same shape as a doughnut.

14. It literally describes a novel with a secret meaning. This type of fiction usually contains characters

based on actual people and their lives. Examples include Huxley’s Point Counter Point and Beauvoir’s Les

Mandarins. FTP, name this type of novel which often comes close to violating libel laws.

A:Roman a clef
15. A prolific translator of such authors as Shakespeare, Dante, and Baudelaire, this German poet was

strongly influenced by Nietzsche and the French symbolists. His poems in such volumes as The Year of the

Soul and The Star of the Covenant are noted for their austere classical style, esoteric mythical allusions,

and unconventional typography and punctuation. FTP, name this homosexual, author of “The New


A:Stefan George

16. Formed in the late 1960’s in Boston as a blues band, this band featuring Magic Dick on harmonica

recorded throughout the 70s, always close to success but never getting there. They finally obtained some

success with their 1980 album Love Stinks and hit the big time with their 1981 LP Freeze Frame, which

went to #1. FTP, name this rock group best known for the eighties classic “Centerfold”.

A:The J. Geils Band
17. The name of this religious group arose out of the Arabic for "man of wool", referring to the coarse

wool garments some early Islamic mystics wore. One of the most influential members of this sect was Jalal

ad-Din Muhammed Din ar-Rumi, who instituted the whirling dervish as a devotional dance. Their ultimate

goal is blissful union with the Supreme Being who may be reached through the Law, the Way, and the

Truth. FTP, name this branch of Islam.

18. To qualify as one, a girl had to be over six and under ten years of age and without physical and mental

defects. Also, her father and mother had to be living. They were vowed to 30 years of service: 10 of

learning, 10 of performance, and 10 of teaching; and if they broke their vows of chastity, they were buried

alive. FTP, name these priestesses of the Roman goddess of the hearth.

A:Vestal Virgins

19. Born in the city of Burgajet in his native country, he is probably one of a very few men who can claim

to have been prime minister, president, and king of the same country. In 1922, at the head of the

nationalist party, he formed a republican government, but he was forced into exile two years later. With

the help of Yugoslavia he returned to become president. In 1928 he proclaimed himself king and ruled

until 1939 when the Italians overran his country. FTP, name this king of Albania.

A:Zog I
20. His first work to gain acclaim was music for the comedy ballet the Bores. Later, he went on to become

a composer for several films by Jean Cocteau such as Beauty and the Beast and Orpheus. He also

composed the music for the Hollywood films Moulin Rouge and Roman Holiday. FTP, name this youngest

member of Les Six, who shares his last name with Goldfinger's first name.

A:Georges Auric

1.You can map your way to 30 points if you can answer these questions about

cartographers for the stated number of points.

5) This Flemish cartographer devised a well-known projection that represented meridians and parallels of

latitude by straight lines.

A:Gerardus Mercator (or Gerhard Kremer)

10) This brilliant engineer designed the Dymaxion Airocean World Map, which could be folded into a

globe without distortion.

A:R. Buckminster Fuller

15) This German cartographer originated the term America for the continents of the New World.

A:Martin Waldseemuller

2. FTP apiece, give the names of these novels by Henry Fielding given a brief description.

a. Squire Allworthy returns home to find an infant boy in his bed. The boy gros up, dodges the ill

intentions of his half brother Blifil, and vies for the love of Sophia Western.

A: Tom Jones

b) A young man flees the seductions of Lady Booby and goes to London to find his true love, Fanny

Goodwill. The title character was supposed to be the brother of Richardson’s Pamela.

A: Joseph Andrews

c) A young man lives his life as a famous highwayman, receiver of stolen goods, and English folk hero.

The title character was based on Robert Walpole.

A: Jonathan Wild

3. Answer these questions about German history for the stated number of points.

a. For five points, what name was given to the attempt by Bismarck to subordinate the Roman Catholic



b. For ten points, what name was given to the series of repressive laws passed from 1817-1878 to restrict

the church?

A:the "May Laws"

c. For fifteen points, what Prussian minister of public worship and education also aided in the passage of

these laws?

A:Adalbert Falk

4. Name these French playwrights from a work for the stated number of points.

a. (5) Andromaque

A:Jean Racine

b. (10) The Barber of Seville

A:Pierre de Beaumarchais

c. (15) The Game of Love and Chance

A:Pierre de Marivaux
5. FTP apiece, identify the following fundamental constant given a description of what they designate.

a) Relates the average kinetic energy of particles in a gas to the temperature of a gas.

A:Boltzmann constant

b) Relates the energy of a light quantum to its frequency.

A:Planck's constant

c) This constant relates the strength of an electric force to the charges of two particles. It varies depending

on the medium around the charges.

A:Dielectric constant

6. 30-20-10. Give the common year from a list of events.

30) The Stimson Doctrine protests against Japanese aggression in Manchuria and Hitler becomes a

German citizen.

20) Troops led by MacArthur drive out ex-servicemen from DC after a bill permitting cashing of bonus

certificates fails, and the Federal Reserve is reorganized.

10) The Lindbergh baby is kidnapped, and the Olympic Games are held in Los Angeles for the first time.

7. Given a computer acronym, give its expansion FTP apiece.


A:Small Computer System Interface

b) OCR

A:Optical Character Recognition


A:Musical Instrument Digital Interface
8. You'll be gunning for 30 points if you can answer these questions FTP apiece about military armament

over the years.

10) A type of cannon that fires shells in a high arcing trajectory. Easily transported, they are well suited to

warfare in mountainous terrain.


10) A 15th century firearm that was heavy and cumbersome enough to require a support for firing. It was

superseded by the musket.

A:Harquebus (or Arquebus)

10) A light, short-barreled rifle with a smaller caliber and more limited range. The M2 may be the best

known of these.

9. Given nicknames of golfers and clues, past and present, name the golfer for the stated number of points.

5) Super-Mex, he made a cameo in “Happy Gilmore”.

A:Lee Trevino

5) Zinger, his comeback from cancer has been the great American story of 1995.

A:Paul Azinger

10) Lord, he holds the record for most consecutive victories in Tour history.

A:Byron Nelson

10) Gentle, he has won two Masters including in 1995.

A:Ben Crenshaw
10. For ten points apiece, given a description, name the heresy of the Early Christian church concerning the

nature of Jesus Christ.

a) This heresy maintained that Christ had only one divine nature and no human nature.


b) This heresy claimed that in Christ a divine and human Person acted as one, but did not join to compose

the unity of a single individual.


c) This heresy maintained that the Logos, or divine nature of Christ, took the place of the rational human

soul of Christ and that his body was a spiritualized and glorified form of humanity.


11. 30-20-10. Name the philosopher from works.

30) The Dawn and Daybreak

20) Human, All Two Human and Untimely Meditations

10) The Gay Science and Beyond Good and Evil

A:Edmund Husserl

12. For five points apiece, given the 19th-century American poem, give the author.

a) “Snow-Bound”

A:John Greenleaf Whittier

b) “The Wreck of the Hesperus”

A:Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

c) “The Vision of Sir Launfal”

A:James Russell Lowell

d) Song of the Chattahoochee

A:Sidney Lanier

e) Little Orphant Annie

A:James Whitcomb Riley

f) Twas the Night Before Christmas

A:Clement Clarke Moore

13. Answer the following questions about King Phillip's War, ftp each.

a. Name either year in which it was fought.

A:1675 or 1676

b. Give either King Phillip's real name or his tribe.

A:Metacomet of the Wampanoag

c. Name the Iroquois Confederacy nation which started the war.

14. For ten points apiece, give the term relating to the regulation of protein synthesis.

a) Also known as the O locus, it is the site to which a repressor molecule binds, preventing transcription of

the DNA which codes for an enzyme.


b) A group of related genes mapping close to each other in the chromosome, which can be coordinately

turned off by a single repressing agent.


c) The operon coding for the formation of the three proteins involvid in beta galactoside hydrolysis and


A:lac operon

15. Answer these auto-repair questions FTP each.

a) When this part, which drives the camshaft from the crankshaft, breaks, your engine stops dead.

A:timing belt (accept timing chain)

b) What you’ve got when a bubble forms in the gas line and blocks fuel flow to the carburetor.

A:vapor lock

c) Politically incorrect names for the containers which hold hydraulic fluid and airspace for brakes or


A:master and slave cylinders

16. For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about Hungarian composers.

5) With Zoltan Kodaly, he collected Hungarian folk music and used them as the basis for such works as

Mikrokosmos and the opera Duke Bluebeard's Castle.

A:Bela Bartok

10) Exiled from Hungary in 1948, this Hungarian pianist and composer's best known works are the

Variations on a Nursery Song for piano and orchestra and the Suite in F-Sharp Minor.

A:Ernst von Dohnanyi

15) This 19th-century composer produced the Hungarian national anthem and the national opera Hunyadi

Lazlo in 1844.

A:Ferenc Erkel

17. Answer the following questions about fractals for 15 pts apiece.

a) This simplest fractal is constructed by dividing a line into 3 parts and removing the middle part. This

procedure is then repeated indefinitely on the remaining two parts.

A:Cantor bar

b) This set, named after the major pioneer in fractal geometry, is a nonlinear form that gets more

unpredictable, the more magnification increases. The major element of stability is a bud-like shape. This is

the fractal most commonly used in computer graphic demonstrations.

A:Mandelbrot set

18. For 10 points apiece, given important events during his reign, name the King of Sweden.

a) Working with Count Oxenstierna, he transformed Sweden into a major European power and died at the

battle of Lutzen in 1632.

Gustav II Adolf (Gustavus Adolfus)

b) At the age of 18, he destroyed the Russian army at Narva in a blinding snowstorm. Later he was killed in

1718 at Fredriksteen, Norway.

A:Charles XII

c) Attacking Russia in 1788 without warning, this monarch saw Denmark invade him. He managed to push

Denmark back and negotiated peace with Russia. He was assassinated at a masquarade in 1792.

A:Gustav III

19. For ten points apiece, given a character in American fiction, give the novel they appeared in.

a) Holden Caulfield

A:The Catcher in the Rye

b) Clyde Griffiths

A:An American Tragedy

c) Addie Bundren

A:As I Lay Dying
20. FTP apiece, given a list of artists, to what artistic group or movement did they all belong?

a) Franz Marc, Wassily Kadinsky, and Paul Klee

A:Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider)

b) Vladimir Tatlin, Anton Pevsner, and Naum Gabo


c) Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely, and Richard Anuszkiewicz

A:Op Ar

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