1996 Terrapin Invitational Questions by George Washington

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1996 Terrapin Invitational

Questions by George Washington

1. After teaching at Riga, where he measured the affinity coefficients of

many acids, he was appointed professor of chemistry at Leipzig in 1887,

promoted Arrhenius' electolytic dissociation theory, and discovered a

dilution law. FTP, who was this physical chemist who invented a process for

making nitric acid by the oxidation of ammonia, and was awarded the 1909

Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on catalytic reactions?

Answer: Friedrich Wilhelm _Ostwald_
2. The author of _The Nature of the Judicial Process_ and _The Paradoxes of

Legal Science_, among his innovations while serving as a judge on New York's

Court of Appeals include the doctrine of promissory estoppel in the 1927

_Allegheny College_ case and the implied warranty rule in the 1916 _Mac-

Pherson_ case. FTP, identify this judge, who was later named to the Supreme

Court by President Hoover in 1932 and served until his death six years later.

Answer: Benjamin L. _Cardozo_
3. This playwright died at the court of Archelaus, king of Macedonia, around

406 BC, and was satirized in Aristophanes' _Thesmophoriazusai_. His works

include _Hercules Furens_, _Hecuba_, and the satyr play _Cyclops_. FTP, who

is this latest of the three Greek tradegians, author of _Ion_, _Alcestis_,

and _The Trojan Women_?

Answer: _Euripides_

4. In 1745, he married Margaret Burr, the illegitimate daughter of the

fourth duke of Beaufort. He copied Dutch landscapes as a youth and learned

the art of rococo decoration under Gravelot and Hayman. His _Mr. and Mrs.

Andrews_ has been called "the most English of English paintings." Other

early works include _The Charterhouse_ and the Rubens-esque _Peasants

Returning From Market._ FTP, identify this British landscape artist,

commissioned for a portrait of the King and Queen in 1781, best known for

"The Blue Boy."

Answer: Thomas _Gainsborough_
5. He married the Creole Anita Riveira de Silva while he was a guerilla

fighter and privateer in Brazil. Also a leader of the Uruguayan independence

movement, he had escaped to South America after being condemned to death in

Genoa in 1834 while serving in the Piedmontese Navy. FTP, who was this

Italian best known for his guerilla conquest of Sicily and Naples as the

leader of the "Red Shirts"?

Answer: Giuseppe _Garibaldi_
6. His autobiography has 3 volumes: _Happy Days_, _Newspaper Days_, and

_Heathen Days_, and his other works include _Ventures into Verse_ and _Damn:

A Book of Calumny_. He published studies of George Bernard Shaw and

championed writers like Sinclair Lewis and Joseph Conrad. With George Nathan

he founded the magazine _Smart Set_ and _The American Mercury_, which he

co-edited for nine years. FTP, identify this 1920s icon and Baltimore


Answer: Henry Louis _Mencken_

7. This state's first known inhabitants were of the Abenaki tribe. The first

European settlement here was on Isle LaMotte in 1666. Other early settlements

include the Dutch town of Pownal and the English Fort Dummer, and its motto

is "Freedom and Unity." Most of its western border of this 45th largest

state is a large lake named after the French explorer who discovered it.

FTP, identify this state, whose name is from the French for "green mountain."

Answer: _Vermont_
8. The total radiation energy per unit of time emitted by a heated surface

per unit area varies with the fourth power of its absolute temperature. In

concert with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, you can determine temperature

dependency for blackbody radiation. The preceding was the application of,

FTP, what law of physics, named for the two Austrian scientists who

discovered it?

Answer: _Stefan-Boltzmann_ Law
9. Clarence Norris was pardoned in 1976 after fleeing parole 30 years

earlier. Heywood Patterson was convicted of manslaughter in Michigan three

years after escaping prison in 1948. Eight of the nine received death

sentences, but the pesky Supreme Court kept reversing the convictions. FTP,

identify the Alabama town in which nine black men allegedly raped two white

women in 1931.

Answer: _Scottsboro_, Alabama (names such as "Scottsboro Boys" and

"Scottsboro Nine" are acceptable)

10. An early influence on him was a Jewish violinst named Edward Remenyi,

who taught him Gypsy music. After hearing his Handel Variations, Richard

Wagner admitted that "They show what may still be done with the old forms,

provided that someone appears who knows how to treat them," which is high

praise considering that this composer signed a Manifesto in 1860 attacking

the "Music of the Future" of which Wagner was a leader. FTP, who is this

composer of four symphonies, _Hungarian Dances_, the _Academic Festival

Overture_ and _A German Requiem_?

Answer: Johannes _Brahms_
11. Born in Brunswick to poor parents, the Duke of Brunswick paid for his

education at the Collegium Carolinum and the University of Gottingen. He did

work on the theory of errors of observation, the curvature of surfaces, and

proved a circle could only be divided into n parts with a compass and

straightedge only if n is the product of distinct Fermat primes and a

non-negative power of 2. He also gave six proofs to the law of quadratic

reciprocity and four different proofs of the fundamental theorem of algebra.

FTP, identify this mathematician, the author of _Disquisitiones Arith-


Answer: Carl Friedrich _Gauss_

12. In Mecca, they were the rival subclan to Muhammed's Hashemites. Still,

they embraced Islam and quickly became prominent in the Muslim Empire. Their

leader defeated Ali and his Shi'a followers, seized the caliphate, and moved

the capital to Damascus. FTP, identify this dynasty overthrown at about 750

by the Abbasids.

Answer: The _Umayyad_s or _Ommayad_s

13. He was a technical writer for Boeing before leaving to write fiction

like _Low-Lands_ and _The Secret Integration_. Born in Glen Cove, NY, in

1984 he published _Slow Learner_, which contains a revealing essay on his

acknowledged influences. FTP, who is this American creator of the characters

Oedipa Maas and Herbert Stencil in _The Crying of Lot 49_ and _V._?

Answer: Thomas _Pynchon_

14. By the end of the battle, the Duke of Orleans and the Marshal Jean

Bociquaut had been captured, and Charles d'Albret, who had led the first

French battalion, was killed. The weight of their armor and the very

difficult movement over wet plowed fields left most of the French knights

exhausted before they had even come within range of the English archers.

FTP, what was this battle in the Hundred Years' War in which Henry V defeated

a much larger French force?

Answer: _Agincourt_

15. At the beginning of this phase of mitosis, the centromeres that had

previously held the chromatids togethers have just broken apart, and the two

new chromosomes begin to move away to opposite spindle poles. By the late

period of this phase, the cell contains two groups of chromosomes that are

widely separated, and cytokinesis often begins. FTP, what is this stage of

mitosis between metaphase and telophase?

Answer: _Anaphase_
16. William Morris, Matthew Arnold, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow all wrote

poems about him. He lived at Breidhablik, one of the mansions of Asgard.

His faithful wife Nanna joined him on his funeral pyre, for which his huge

ship was used. FTP, name this Norse god of light, slain by a twig of


Answer: _Balder_

17. In 55 BC war, this man was misled by a treacherous guide and was utterly

defeated in the plains of Mesopotamia and later slain after being beguiled

into a conference with Surenas. A supporter of Sulla in the civil war

against Gaius Marius, he was made consul with Pompey in 72. FTP, who was

this member of the first triumvirate who as praetor one year earlier had put

down the Spartacist revolt?

Answer: Marcus Licinius _Crassus_
18. Tommy Morgan played the harmonica, Jim Keltner played the drums, and

Alan Kendall played lead guitar on their album, _Life in a Tin Can_.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in September 1996, their most

popular songs include "Saved by the bell", "Don't throw it all away" and "How

can you mend a broken heart". FTP, name this group whose principal members

were Maurice, Robin, and Barry Gibb.

Answer: The _Bee Gees_
19. This man's epitath is Latin for "He broke the barriers of the heavens."

After abandoning a career in music, he concluded that double stars are held

together by gravitation and that they revolve around a common center. He

also discovered the the Saturnian satellite Mimas and the Uranian satellites

Titania and Oberon. FTP, who was this astronomer who had earlier gained fame

in 1781 for discovering Uranus?

Answer: Sir Frederick William _Herschel_
20. Alas, poor Fredrick, since his birthday is February 29, has only seen

five birthdays and only served five years of his 21-year contract. So he

tells the Pirate King that General Stanley is not in fact an orphan. This

scene is a key turning point in, FTP, what operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan,

featuring the song "I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General"?

Answer: The _Pirates Of Penzance_

Along with Maslow he is considered a father of humanistic psychology. He

first suggested the idea of non-directed, or clientcentered

psychotherapy in 1945's "Counseling and Psychotherapy." FTP,

identify this famous psychologist, best known for his 1961 work "On

Becoming A Person."

Answer: Carl _Rogers_

An insane uncle Frank eagerly awaits a radio contest announcement,

a struggling musician tries to save her house from becoming a

seafood restauraunt, and our hero, all the while drawing pictures

of evil fuzzy bunnies, saves the day by winning a boat race. This

is a synopsis of, FTP, what 1980s classic film, starring Demi Moore

and John Cusack?

Answer: "_One Crazy Summer_"
This novel ends as a young man hitchhikes across America still seeking the

place where the American dream of riches and fame will be fulfilled. Sketches

of real people like Henry Ford, Isadora Duncan, and the Wright brothers

intrude on the main story of Charley Anderson, a returned war hero, who

marries an heiress, has an affair, becomes involved in land fraud, and dies

in an accident. FTP, what is this novel by John Dos Passos, the third book in

the USA trilogy?

Answer: The _Big Money_

The only child of an army officer, at age 14 he sent his first

extent poem, "La Mort," to Victor Hugo. During the Franco-Prussian war he

did guard duty in Paris and served as press-officer for the Communards. He

expressed his love for the 16-year-old Mathilde Maute is expressed in his _La

Bonne Chanson_, but his love for another person whom he shot in the wrist is

better known. FTP, identify this symbolist poet of _Sagesse_ and _Fetes

Galantes_ who had an unhappy liaison with Arthur Rimbaud?

Answer: Paul _Verlaine_

The grandson of Cretheus and Tyro and brother of Bias, as a small boy, he

chanced upon a dead female serpent which he gave a solemn funeral and whose

young he looked after. He discovered how to cure the sexual impotence of

Iphiclus, and cured the mad daughters of Proteus, for which he was given one

of the daughters and two-thirds of the kingdom of Argos. FTP, who was this

ancestor of Polyidus (poli-eye-dus) who could heal the sick and understood

the language of animals after the young snakes purified his ears?

Answer: _Melampus_

1996 Terrapin Invitational Tournament

Questions by George Washington

1. 30-20-10-5, name the author from a list of works.

1. _False Dawn_ and _Twilight Sleep_

2. _The Custom of the Country_ and _The Valley of Decision_

3. _The House of Mirth_

4. _Ethan Frome_

Answer: Edith Newbold Jones _Wharton_

2. Identify these B terms from biology FTP each.

a) A fluid-filled sac that aids lubrication in some joints.

Answer: _bursa_

b) A defensive adaptation in which a nonpoisonous organism has the

appearance of a poisonous species.

Answer: _Batesian_ mimicry

c) A cup-shaped structure of the nephron of a kidney that encloses the


Answer: _Bowman's_ capsule
3. For five points each, identify the first woman cabinet member of the US,

the position she held, and the president she served under.

Answers: Frances _Perkins_, Secretary of _Labor_, Franklin Delano _Roosevelt_

Now for five points each, identify the second female cabinet member, the

position she held, and the president she served under.

Answers: Oveta Culp _Hobby_, Secretary of _Health, Education, and Welfare_,

Dwight David _Eisenhower_
4. For 5 points each, given the major American city, identify the mayor.

a) Baltimore, Maryland

Answer: Kurt _Schmoke_

b) Indianapolis, Indiana

Answer: Steven _Goldsmith_

c) Denver, Colorado

Answer: Wellington _Webb_

d) San Fransisco, California

Answer: Willie _Brown_

e) Cleveland, Ohio

Answer: Michael _White_

f) Boston, Massachusetts

Answer: Thomas _Menino_
5. Identify the German Nobel Prize winners who wrote the following works for

ten points each, five if you need another work and the year he won.

1. 10 pts: _History of Rome_

5 pts: _The Roman Provinces_, won in 1902

Answer: Theodor _Mommsen_

2. 10 pts: _Tonio Kroger_ and _Joseph and His Brothers_

5 pts: _Buddenbrooks_, won in 1929

Answer: Thomas _Mann_

3. 10 pts: _Absent Without Leave_ and _Group Portait With Lady_

5 pts: _The Clown_, won in 1972

Answer: Heinrich _Boll_
6. Identify the oxidation state of sulfur in each of the following

compounds FTP each.

1. sodium sulfite

Answer: _+4_

2. hydrogen sulfide

Answer: _-2_

3. sulfuric acid

Answer: _+6_

7. As we all know, the Doors' first album was self-titled. During their

short life, they recorded five more studio albums. For five points each with

a bonus five all correct, name them. Do not include any live albums or

greatest hits compilations.

Answer: _Strange Days_, _Waiting For The Sun_, _Morrison Hotel_, The _Soft

Parade_, _L.A. Woman_

8. Answer these questions about the leadership of Zaire for the stated number

of points.

1. 5 pts: He assumed power in two coups, in 1960 and 1965. He has yet to

relinquish his presidency and is an infamously corrupt dictator.

Answer: Joseph _Mobutu_ Sese Seko

2. 10 pts: He headed Katanga province and led a secessionist movement there

in 1960; he later assumed a position in the government.

Answer: Moise _Tshombe_

3. 15 pts: This first president of the former Belgian Congo was forced to

cooperate with Marxist Patrice Lumumba until Mobutu's first coup.

Answer: Joseph _Kasavubu_
9. FTP each, name the following Lord Byron works.

1. His first poetic drama, its hero sells himself to the Prince of

Darkness and lives in solitude in the Alps.

Answer: _Manfred_

2. This poem in four cantos describes events and people associated

with many European places. It satisfied the popular craving for

travel literature of Byron's day.

Answer: _Childe Harold's Pilgrimage_

3. A Byron poem depicts the annihilating plague that struck down

the invading army of this Assyrian king in Palestine during the 7th century


Answer: The Destruction of _Sennacherib_

10. Identify these economic terms for ten points each.

a) An index which measures the prices of a fixed "market basket" of some 300

consumer goods bought by a typical consumer.

Answer: _Consumer Price Index_ or _CPI_

b) A tax whose average tax rate rises as income increases, thus claiming a

larger absolute amount and larger proportion of income as income increases.

Answer: _progressive_ tax

c) Two goods who are used in tandem and jointly demanded, like CDs and cd

players. The price of one good and the demand for the other are inversely


Answer: _complementary_ goods
11. Identify these types of trees that are taught in any introductory level

computer science class FTP each.

a) An ordered tree with at most two children for each node.

Answer: _binary_ tree

b) Developed by two Russians, it is a type of binary search tree in which the

balance of a node is either -1, 0, or 1.

Answer: _AVL_ tree or _Adelskii-Landis_ tree

c) Used to represent 2-3 trees, this is a tree in which nodes and edges are

one of two colors depending on the number and color of its children.

Answer: _red-black_ tree

12. Given a building in New York City, identify the architect for the stated

number of points.

1. 5 pts: The Guggenheim Museum

Answer: Frank Lloyd _Wright_

2. 10 pts: The Chrysler Building

Answer: William _van Alen_

3. 15 pts: Trinity Church

Answer: Richard _Upjohn_

13. Given a few characters from a Charles Dickens novel, identify it FTP


a) Newman Noggs, Wackford Squeers

Answer: _Nicholas Nickleby_

b) Nell Trent, Daniel Quilp, Kit Nubbles

Answer: The _Old Curiosity Shop_

c) Mr. Bronlow, Mrs. Maylie, Mr. Sowerberry

Answer: _Oliver Twist_

14. 30-20-10, name the composer from a list of works.

1. A disastrous attempt at an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Measure for

Measure" called _The Ban on Love_.

2. The opera _The Fairies_, and a treatise _Oper und Drama_

3. The opera _Tristan and Isolde_

Answer: Richard _Wagner_

15. Answer these questions about the Great Western Schism for the

stated number of points.

1. For 10 points, which pope started the whole mess by moving the

seat of the papacy from Rome?

Answer: _Clement V_

2. For 5 points each, to what city did Clement move the papal

seat, and in what year, within five?

Answer: _Avignon_, _1308_ (accept 1303-1313)

3. For ten points, the election of which pope in 1417 ended the Great

Western Schism?

Answer: _Martin V_
16. Identify these glacial sedimentary landforms FTP each.

a) Usually found in clusters and around 25-50 meters high, these are large

streamlined hills of till and bedrock that parallel the direction of ice


Answer: _drumlins_

b) Often exploited commercially, these are small hills of sand and gravel

dumped near or at the edge of the ice.

Answer: _kames_

c) Often steep-sided and occupied by ponds or lakes, these are hollows formed

when a melting block of ice is partly buried by sand and gravel.

Answer: _kettles_
17. Given a work, identify the Latin American author, FTP each.

1. _The Labyrinth Of Solitude_

Answer: Octavio _Paz_

2. _Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair_

Answer: Pablo _Neruda_ or Ricardo Eliecer Neftali _Reyes_

3. _The Death of Artemio Cruz_

Answer: Carlos _Fuentes_
18. Answer these questions about the disastrous Athenian campaign in Sicily

during the Peloponnesian Wars, FTP each.

1. The Sicilian campaign was going well enough until what general

was returned to Athens to stand trial for impiety?

Answer: _Alcibiades_

2. Alcibiadies fled to Sparta and persuaded the Spartans to aid

the defense of what major Sicilian city?

Answer: _Syracuse_

3. Name any year of the three years during which the Sicilian

campaign took place.

Answer: _415-413 BC_
19. Answer these questions relating to the explosive nitroglycerin for the

stated number of points.

1. To make nitroglycerin, you combine glycerol with, for 5 points each, what

two acidic compounds?

Answer: _nitric acid_ and _sulfuric acid_

2. The high freezing point of nitroglycerin can present a problem, usually

solved by mixing it with, FTP, what common active ingredient in radiator


Answer: _ethylene glycol_

3. As the Oklahoma bomber found out, what compound, most often used as

fertilizer, can act as a substitute for nitroglycerin in bomb making?

Answer: _ammonium nitrate_

20. Identify the 19th Century French painter responsible for each of the

following works for 5 points each.

1. _The Luncheon of the Boating Party_

Answer: Pierre Auguste _Renoir_

2. _Olympia_

Answer: Edouard _Manet_

3. _The Burial of Atala_

Answer: Anne-Louis _Girodet_ (or Girodet-Trioson)

4. _The Death of Sardanapalus_

Answer: Eugene _Delacroix_

5. _The Card Players_

Answer: Paul _Cezanne_

6. _The Harbor of La Rochelle_

Answer: Jean-Baptiste-Camille _Corot_

21. Identify these ancient dynasties of various empires, FTP each.

1. This Chinese "dynasty" had only one real Emperor, Shih Huang-Ti, but he

was very important, since he was the first to unify the whole of China and

oversaw the construction of the Great Wall.

Answer: The _Ch'in_ Dynasty

2. This dynasty ruled much of India from the state of Magadha from the early

fourth to the late sixth century.

Answer: The _Gupta_ Dynasty

3. This Babylonian dynasty's most famous emperor was Nebuchadnezzar II, who

built the famous Hanging Gardens.

Answer: The _Chaldean_ Dynasty
Identify these terms associated with samurai FTP each.

1. From the Japanese for "way of the warrior," it was the

elaborate code of conduct for the samurai class.

Answer: _bushido_

2. Meaning "large private land," this term referred to large

feudal landholders who were patrons of samurai.

Answer: _daimyo_

3. Meaning "way of the sword," it is a style of fencing using a

two-handed wooden sword and is still practiced in Japan and around

the world.

Answer: _kendo_
Identify the American political figure, 30-20-10.

1. A Princeton alumnus and a Harvard law graduate, his first job was as a

consultant to the U.S. Department of Labor.

2. More responsible than anyone else for the passage of California's

Proposition 103, his latest book is titled _No


3. One of his previous books, _Unsafe At Any Speed_, started a revolution in

safety regulations.

Answer: Ralph _Nader_
Identify the invertebrate phyla given a description of some of

their unique traits, 15 points each.

1. Named for the transverse rings of the body, most of these

coelomate animals have bristles, or setae.

Answer: _Annelida_ or _Annelids_

2. Usually possessing pentaradial symmetry, these vertebrates have

calcite skeletons and generally have advanced nervous systems.

Answer: _Echinodermata_ or _Echinoderms_

30-20-10, identify the playwright from a list of works.

1. "The Archbishop's Celing" and "The Misfits"

2. "The Price" and "After The Fall"

3. "All My Sons" and "The Crucible"

Answer: Arthur _Miller_
Identify these figures from the Smithsonian "Enola Gay" exhibit

incident, 15 points each.

1. This ousted head of the Air and Space Museum has written a new

book, titled "An Exhibit Denied," about the controversy.

Answer: Martin _Harwit_

2. He became Secretary of the Smithsonian at the height of the

controversy; Harwit partially blames him for the trouble.

Answer: I. Phillip _Heymann_

Answer these questions about Argentinian leaders not named Peron,

for the stated number of points.

1. 5 pts: Name the current president of Argentina.

Answer: Carlos Saul _Menem_

2. 10 pts: Name Menem's predecessor, the first civilian president

since the military coup of 1976.

Answer: Raul _Alfonsin_

3. 15 pts: This general was the last military dictator; he

resigned in disgrace in 1983 after the disastrous Falklands War.

Answer: Leopoldo _Galtieri_

For the stated number of points, identify the authors of these works often

associated with the "Angry Young Men"

of 1950's British literature.

1. 5 pts: The play _Look Back In Anger_

Answer: John _Osborne_

2. 5 pts: The novel _Lucky Jim_

Answer: _K_ingsley _Amis_

3. 10 pts: The novel _Saturday Night and Sunday Morning_

Answer: Alan _Sillitoe_

4. 10 pts: The autobiography _Angry Young Man_

Answer: Leslie Allen _Paul_

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