1920s boom time high School Instructional Performance Task Module

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Supporting evidence – quotes: Teacher models identifying supporting text-evidence/quotes that exemplify the central idea. For example, teacher can identify the first sentence in paragraph 2 as evidence, and then models effectively quoting the information (“Jazz music had to evolve ‘from a radically new and socially unacceptable musical genre’”). Using the gradual release of responsibility used in 3 (above), students collaborate to identify a supporting quote for central idea 2, and then work with a partner to identify a supporting quote for central idea 3. Teacher Note: It will be necessary to model the use of citations and to emphasize the importance of citing an author’s work to avoid plagiarism. The teacher will then ask for 2-3 volunteers to read aloud their summaries and 2-3 volunteers to share their direct quotes. The teacher will provide feedback and suggestions as necessary.

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