1920s boom time high School Instructional Performance Task Module

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Assessment Prompt #3b (if needed): Students will successfully complete any Pre-writing organizer and/or outline, which will be collected and checked prior to the students drafting their final essay.
Instructional Chunk #4 – Elaborating supporting evidence (warranting claims to data OR analyzing the relationships between evidence and claims)

  1. Drafting the body paragraphs: Once students have selected and organized informational text and literary text evidence to support claims, they need to consider how to explain the relationships between claims and evidence; this will be especially difficult because they are integrating information from multiple sources to use as evidenced. This process involves “warranting the claims to evidence” or explaining how/why the evidence supports the claim). For example, for the poster, in describing the images as exaggerated symbols, the writer must explain (analyze) why that “proves” pathos-inspired propaganda. [While one would expect a poster attempting to recruit solders would use a flag as a symbol for patriotism, this flag goes beyond the usual symbol. In fact, the oversized unfurled flag both supports and enfolds the soldier, who is both standing on and grasping onto the flag., this pose ultimately suggests that the patriotic soldier is embraced by the flag as he “stands” (figuratively and literally) on and for America. In the final analysis, the “oneness” of the soldier and flag as a symbol for the USA sends a clear message that those who are not part of the war effort are not patriots.]

  2. As students draft body paragraphs (probably one paragraph for each topic connection between informational and literary texts), they will work with their chosen evidence to “warrant” or explain how/why the pairings support the claim. Teachers must warn students that explaining relationships or warranting does not mean repeating the evidence using different words. Teacher may opt to review the function of transitional words (“to clarify the relationship between and among information”).

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