1920s boom time high School Instructional Performance Task Module

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Activating Strategies:

Warm-up: The teacher will write the four 1920s-related topics on the board: “The New Woman,” “Prohibition,” “Mass Culture /Consumerism,” and “Jazz.” Students will be assigned to work in pairs or groups. Each pair or group will be assigned one of the motifs. In partners, they are to activate prior knowledge of the 1920s era by listing at least two ideas associated with the assigned topic. (Example: The student-generated example for jazz could be “Harlem Renaissance” and “Louis Armstrong”). The students will write their student-generated examples on the board. Then, the teacher will lead the class in adding any additional ideas, clarifying (via student discussion) definitions, and then sorting/classifying each example into three categories: economic, social, and political (some ideas might reflect more than one motif). This activity helps segue students to the thematic Essential Question.

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