1920s boom time high School Instructional Performance Task Module

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Instructional Plan:

Debriefing from prior class period: Teacher dialogue: “Now that we have explored four topics from the 1920s BOOM TIME era – “The New Woman,” “Jazz,” “Prohibition,” and “Mass Culture and Consumerism” - we are going to read literature that reflects this history and these ideologies.
Teacher Note: Teachers can use any resources to provide background information/context for 1920 era and/or author background. If time allows, however, it is always preferable for students to research questions about the authors themselves and then share with the class (as opposed to teacher presenting information). The CCSS suggests allowing students struggle with difficult text first, before receiving background information that diminishes the rigor of the text/task.

Teacher Note: Depending on the characteristics and needs of the class as well as available time, teachers may opt to choose one short story (“Head and Shoulders” or “Spanish Blood”) or require reading of both stories.

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