1920s boom time high School Instructional Performance Task Module

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Warm-Up/Activating Strategy

Introducing Tier 2 vocabulary: The students’ task is to formulate a preliminary definition of vocabulary words by in pairs or small groups (modified KWL). After sharing with other groups, teacher encourages students to write definitions in their own words. Teacher explains that students should continue to modify and refine definitions as they read by using context clues. Teacher can model how to “guess” at word meanings through context. For example, the term “diaphanous” is associated with Marcia Meadows repeatedly during Horace Tarbox’s first meeting with the outspoken vixen. Teacher can pause and asks students why Fitzgerald pairs the term with Marcia, and, after perusing their definitions, the students will realize that the definition, “translucent,” is because Horace (Tarbox = box = “square”) is a complete bore as a person and academic, and he does not believe that a beautiful girl would simply waltz into his dorm room to converse with him. Teacher confirms definitions as necessary, resorting to dictionaries only if/when necessary.

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