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The Paradox of the New Feminism

Feminism in 1910s pursued two interconnected but theoretically antagonistic kinds freedom. New feminists sought the emancipation of woman as a human being and as "sex-being," creature of her special nature. Feminists wanted to have it both ways--to like men and in some respects to be like men, while loyal politically and ideologically to their own sex; and to expand the concept of womanhood while proclaiming the variability of individuals within a sex. Feminism was full of double aims: it joined the concept of women's equality with men to the concept of sexual difference; it joined the aim of individual release of personality with that of concerted social action; it joined the endorsement of what was human to the development of political solidarity among women.


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Website Title: “The New Woman”

Publication: Fall 1998
Author: Professor Catherine Lavender
Publisher: The College of Staten Island of CUNY

Source Website: http://www.library.csi.cuny.edu/dept/history/lavender/386/newwoman.html

Attachment D: The Formation of Modern American Mass Culture

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