1920s boom time high School Instructional Performance Task Module

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Independent Practice – completing “The Devil’s Music: 1920s Jazz”: Have students finish reading the text, identifying additional central/main ideas with supporting quotes. Students then combine their newly identified central ideas with those from the teacher modeling (# 2 and 3 above), and crafting a summary for the whole text.

Assessment Prompt 3: Students summarize central ideas, integrating quotes. Teacher checks final summaries for accuracy (inclusion of central ideas, excluding details.
Self-Directed Learning Application:

  1. Analyzing Informational Texts: In small groups (no more than four), students will be assigned one of three remaining instructional texts: Attachments B, C, &D: “Prohibition: Unintended Consequences;” “The New Woman;” “The Formation of Modern American Mass Culture.” (*Teacher Note/Suggestion. The students should complete the first of the three remaining informational texts in a small group, the second with a partner, and the final text independently. As they read the informational texts, they will fill out a research organizer for each. Differentiation might include reading with an assigned reading partner or reading the text using text-to-speech software. Teacher dialogue: “You will be expected to read through the informational text, highlighting and notating on the text as you read. Please fill out the Research Organizer (Attachment E) for each informational text. When finished with your first informational text, you can begin reading the next text with your assigned partner. The remaining text will be read independently. By our next class, please read, notate and highlight, and complete a Research Organizer for each instructional text, including “Jazz”, which we completed together as a class.”

Assignment(s): Assign the remaining texts to be read, highlighted, and notated. Students will finish for homework (if appropriate).

Attachment A: The Devil’s Music

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