#184 dward R. Murrow High School Ms. Sarno & Ms. Albu Allen Barge, Principal American History Semester 2 The Korean War (1950-1953)

Q. Was Truman justified in firing MacArthur? Explain

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Q. Was Truman justified in firing MacArthur? Explain.
Regents Questions:
1. A constitutional issue that was frequently raised about United States involvement in the Korean conflict was the

  1. right to regulate commerce with foreign nations

  2. use of deficit spending to finance wars

  3. lack of a formal declaration of war by Congress

  4. Supreme Court’s role in foreign policy decision-making

2. The Korean War

  1. represented United Nations efforts to assist nations in repelling aggressors

  2. involved unilateral military action by the United States

  3. were military defeats for the United Nations

  4. brought about lasting solutions to problems in each region

3. Which is a valid conclusion based on United States involvement in the Korean War?

  1. The policy of containment was applied in Asia as well as in Europe

  2. United Nations economic sanctions are more effective than military action.

  3. The American people will support United States participation in any war, whether declared or undeclared.

  4. United States cooperation with a wartime ally ends when the war ends.

4. During the Korean War, what was the main reason that President Harry Truman dismissed General Douglas MacArthur as commander of the United States troops?

  1. The United States had suffered many severe military losses.

  2. Congress refused to appropriate any more money to support the war.

  3. President Truman believed that General MacArthur’s conduct threatened the concept of civilian control over the military

  4. General MacArthur disobeyed President Truman by deciding to stop fighting the war.

Quote Analysis Challenge: Read and analyze the quotes below and answer the question below.
In South Korea, the government forces were attacked by invading forces of North Korea. In these circumstances, I have ordered the US air and sea forces to give assistance to the South Korean government. We shall send American soldiers to help fight back the communists… The best chance of stopping these communist plans is to meet the attack in Korea and stop it there. Our primary objective is to contain the communist threat to the North and stop it from spreading to South Korea.”—President Truman
Once war is forced upon us, there is no other alternative (choice) than to apply every available resource to bring it (the war) to an end. War’s very objective is victory!!! In war, indeed, there can be no substitute for victory.” –General MacArthur
Q. How do Truman and MacArthur differ in their views on the Korean War. EXPLAIN IN AT LEAST 5 SENTENCES.

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