#184 dward R. Murrow High School Ms. Sarno & Ms. Albu Allen Barge, Principal American History Semester 2 The Korean War (1950-1953)

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Q. What is the 38th parallel? ____________

II. What To Do?

You are military advisors to President Truman. What should the U.S. do? Check one of the boxes below. Talk amongst your peers and decide what the U.S. should do. Then give reason(s) why you choose that side.

The U.S. should ___________________________________________(write answer you checked) because (Explain your reasons) .

III. Results and Summary of the Korean War

In order to go to war, the president needs to ask Congress for permission. Although the U.S. went to war, this war was not officially declared by Congress. In the case of Korea, the conflict was a ‘police action’ carried out by the United Nations. The purpose of going to Korea was to contain communism and not have it spread to South Korea.

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