12 The Second War for Independence and, the Upsurge of Nationalism, 1812–1824 Chapter Themes Theme

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questions for class discussion

1. Is it valid to call the War of 1812 “America’s worst-fought war”? Was the cause of the failure essentially military, or was it an inevitable result of the political disunity over the war’s purposes? (One might compare the War of 1812 to other politically divisive conflicts like the Mexican War and the Vietnam War.)
2. What was significant about the strong spirit of nationalism that appeared in America from 1815 to 1824? What were its accomplishments?

3. Did the Missouri Compromise effectively deal with the sectional conflict over slavery or merely shove it out of view?

4. Was the Monroe Doctrine a valuable assertion of the principles of liberty and self-determination in the Americas against potential European and monarchical intrusion, or was it in effect an early manifestation of a patronizing and potentially imperialistic attitude by the United States toward Latin America?

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