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Night Essay requirements:
Choose one of the following and write a one page essay (12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced) discussing the topic you have chosen. Remember, STAY ON TOPIC! Also, include at least one reference from the book using MLA citations – author’s last name and the page number in parentheses. For example:

“From this moment, you come under the authority of the German army. Those of you who still have gold, silver, or watches in your possession must give them up now. Anyone who is late found to have kept anything will be shot on the spot. Secondly, anyone who feels ill may go to the hospital car. That’s all” (Wiesel 21).

Be certain to introduce the quote and explain its significance to your essay completely! This is a formal essay, so do not use contractions, conjunctions like “so” or “well,” the pronouns “I” or “You,” or any slang. Also, type the topic you are writing about at the top of the paper!!!
Please do not type over two pages. Focus and be thorough, but keep it short!
Night Essay Options (choose ONE):

  1. The Polish prisoner in charge at Auschwitz advises Wiesel on how to best survive. Months later, a prisoner at Buchenwald hospital offers very different advice. Compare and contrast the two philosophies. What approach does each suggest? How does each offer advantages and disadvantages?

  2. Explain how Wiesel’s experiences affect his faith in God and his approach to Judaism. Cite specific examples from the book to support the cause-effect relationships you identify.

  3. One Holocaust survivor, Gerda Klein, said, “It seemed almost a luxury to die.” Wiesel himself says he felt the lure of death. What experiences and conditions in Night could lead people to feel this way? How does the book’s title suggest the struggle Wiesel faces in deciding between life and death?

  4. A frequent compelling theme in literature is expresses as “Man’s inhumanity to man.” Form a generalization to explain what the term means in the context of this book, and use examples from the book to support that generalization.

  5. Discuss the significance of the novel’s title, and explain how the title relates to the narrator’s personal, never-ending night.

  6. Support or refute: “A major theme in this novel is a boy’s loss of innocence in a world he thought good, and a loss of faith in a God he thought just.”

  7. Point out how a combination of cunning by the S.S. and the human need to remain optimistic during trying times, resulted in the Jews of Sighet being transported to Auschwitz.

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