111th session, (7 – 25 July 2014)

Non-fulfillment of Obligations and Recommendations from UN and International Community

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Non-fulfillment of Obligations and Recommendations from UN and International Community

  1. Japanese government’s position, that has not accepted UN and international community’s recommendations over 10 years, can be verified in its responses addressed at the National Diet. In January 2012, Ikuko Tanioka, a diet member (Democratic Party), submitted a questionnaire that calls for the government’s response to CCPR’s recommendation in October 2008 to accept legal responsibilities and make official apology from the government. In response, the government answered that the recommendations from UN is not legally binding and repeated the same answer to a question regarding measures to persuade international community. Prior to this, CAT deemed that Japanese government’s evasion of responsibilities and denial of the crime prolong the victims’ sufferings and re-traumatization, and thus recommended the Japanese government to take measures to settle the issue. However, the Japanese government’s follow up reports were insufficient and CAT requested additional reports and responses in May 2012. The Japanese government’s attitude evading responsibilities despite the repeated demands from international community to resolve the issue along with the adoption of resolutions(appendix 1) in the United States, European Union, Canada, Netherlands, Taiwan, Korea and other countries is not appropriate to its membership in UNHRC and raises doubt in its will to resolve Japanese military “comfort women” issue.

. Recommendations

  1. From May 31 to June 4, 2014, victims, families, and civil societies from Korea, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Japan came together in Tokyo, Japan and held 12th Asian Solidarity Conference on the Issue of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan. The Korean Council strongly wishes that the committee would recommend the following measures, including the demands(appendix 2) resolved through the conference, to be implemented for the resolution of Japanese military “comfort women” issue.

  2. The Japanese government should find and release all the documents regarding the Japanese military sexual slavery “comfort women”, and thoroughly investigate its crimes.

  3. The Japanese government should officially admit their crime, apologize for it, and take the state responsibility regarding the Japanese military sexual slavery “comfort women” in a clear way where they can’t reverse their stance. Then, make legal reparations to victims.

  4. The Japanese government should continually educate their people and the future generations about the Japanese military sexual slavery “comfort women” issue, including reference in textbooks.

  5. The Japanese Government must comply with recommendations made by United Nations bodies, and especially must officially refute any violent statements or acts which dishonor the victims.


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