10th Grade Honors Winter Syllabus- 2015- 2016

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10th Grade Honors Winter Syllabus- 2015- 2016
NOTE: This is a tentative syllabus that is subject to change. This syllabus may change during the next 9 weeks due to schedule changes and/or extended lessons. If a change occurs, I will let the students know during class and they may adjust the syllabus.

October Break: September 28- October 13

Final exams December 16 and 17

Wed/Thurs. October 14/15: Welcome Back!


Hand out and review new winter syllabus

New seats for second quarter
Today’s Lesson: MLA format : First do a 10-minute lecture on the basics of MLA and WHY we use MLA and how we use it to avoid plagiarism.

If you are absent, get MLA notes from writing partner.

If you are absent today, you will do your own presentation on Group #3’s topic.

Group #1: What is MLA? What does a MLA formatted essay look like with headings and all. What are the main parts of any essay. Show the class what a well-written MLA formatted essay looks like. Give the history of MLA and listings of schools and subjects that use this type of format. Include parts of the essay for example headings, table of contents, how to include pictures or diagrams
Group #2: There are many types of formatting- MLA is just one. Explain and show the differences and similarities among: MLA, APA, and Chicago style. Make sure you show what all these differences look like within an essay with parenthetical citations and a works-cited page.
Group #3: Works-Cited page: what does a proper one look like and what are the requirements for a Works-Cited page. What is the difference between this and a bibliography. When do you use each? Go over how to cite (on a works-cited page) the main types of resources such as a book, book with 2 authors, article, website, article on a website, interview etc…Also discuss credibility

Directory: cms -> lib6 -> AZ01001175 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 1009
Domain -> Chandler unified School district Suggested Resource Guide for Required Texts
Domain -> Mrs. Bashford
Domain -> Lesson: Sunflower Quilt Objectives: Students will recognize quilting as a form of art Vocabulary
Domain -> America, the beautiful
Domain -> Predict: Based on the title of this reading, what do you predict the causes of American imperialism will be?
Domain -> Salutary Neglect (Mercantilism period)
Domain -> Prompt: Explain how the contributions of the Ancient Greek civilization still affect our modern world today
Domain -> Month: May Activity: Complete the Other Half of an Image Meet the Artist
Domain -> Month: Feb Activity: Tear Art Arizona Landscape Meet the Artist
1009 -> AP/ib english 4th Quarter Tentative Syllabus Hove/ Van (space) Norman

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