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10th Grade

End of instruction


Broken Arrow Public Schools


Content Standard 1: The student will analyze the transformation of the United States through its civil rights struggles, immigrant experiences, settlement of the American West, and the industrialization of American society in the Post-Reconstruction through the Progressive Eras, 1865 to 1900.
1. Examine the purpose and effects of the...... (1.1 A)

13th Amendment : Purpose _______End Slavery in US ___________________

________Effect:____________Effectively ended slavery in US __________________________________________________________________

14th Amendment: Purpose ____Citizenship and equal protection for all Americans

________Effect:____required government to provide equal protection to all

15th Amendment: Purpose ____prohibits states from denying citizens right to vote

________Effect:____South still found ways to discriminate

2. Assess the impact of…… (1.1 B) (1.3 H)


3. Assess and summarize…… (1.3 G)

Plessy v. Ferguson: Assess and Summarize ________Supreme Court case that said that it was ok to segregate the US if it was “separate but equal” ________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


4. Summarize the…… (1.2 A)

Push-pull factors for immigration:

Hope of finding better opportunities in another country

  • Jobs, money, land, political rights, hope

Motivation to a person to leave his nation of origin and move to another country.

-loss of work, hunger, war, poverty, political oppression, discrimination

Ellis Island __Immigrant processing facility in NY. Used to keep immigrants from coming to America
5. Examine the rationale behind federal policies on Native Americans. (1.2 B)

Reservations________Public land where Indians were forced to live____________

Assimilation ______absorbing people into main culture ___________


Wounded Knee _____1890 confrontation between US cavalry and Sioux Indians that Marked the end of Indian Resistance

Dawes Act____1887 law that divided reservation land into individual private family plots

6. Compare the contrasting viewpoints of…… (1.2 C)

Red Cloud- chief who called on US to honor its treaties

Seattle – NW chief who conceded and sold land to US IF they agreed to view it as sacred and treat land with respect

Red Cloud, Cooper Union Speech


Chased by US military and surrendered by saying “I will fight no more forever”

Chief Joseph, “I will fight no more forever” speech

7. Analyze the impact of leading industrialists as…… (1.3 A)

Robber Barons______Name given to euntrepenurs who stole and swindled labor in order to make more money

Philanthropists __Wealthy business owners who gave back to the public through donations and gifts

John D. Rockefeller __owner of Standard Oil. Horizontal integration

Andrew Carnegie _ US Steel tycoon who controlled the steel industry and had influence over many other industries (vertical integration)

Gospel of Wealth_____Carnegie’s idea of make as much money as you can and give it away.

8. Identify the impact of new technologies by…… (1.3 B)

Thomas Edison ________Invented the light bulb and thousands of other items________________

Alexander Graham Bell _Invented the telephone

Bessemer Process _______process of mass producing steel using extreme heat

9. Evaluate the contributions of …… (1.3 C)

Muckrakerswriters who uncovered and exposed misconduct in politics or business

Ida Tarbell ___Book that exposed corruption of standard oil -harmful trusts

Upton Sinclair ___wrote the book “the Jungle” which exposed the problems in the meat packing industry…led to laws to regulate food industry
10. Explain the changed government policies regarding…… (1.3 C)

Child Labor ___laws that prevent businesses from using cheap labor of children to lower prices and make it hard for adults to find work

Working Conditions__Unsafe work environments, dangerous work, sweatshops, child labor, low wages

Sherman Antitrust Act__1890 laws banning any trust that restrained interstate trade or commerce
11. Analyze major social reform movements of …… (1.3 D)

Women’s Suffrage ____Right to vote for women_____________________________


Temperance Movement _________ Temperance is the practice of not drinking alcohol.___________

____________Key to movement is to protect the family
Susan B. Anthony

Alice Paul

Jane Addams

Fight for right to vote-


Fought for temperance and suffrage

Created Hull House for inner-city services

12. Evaluate the significance of the labor movement on…… (1.3 E)

Pullman Strike __1894 railway workers strike ___________________________________________

Haymarket Riot___1889 labor related protest which ended in deadly violence___

Eugene V. Debs____worked as American Railway Union leader. Called for a strike

13. Evaluate the rise and reforms of the Progressive Movement. (1.3 F1)

Progressive Movement___believed that new ideas, honest efficient government could bring about social Justice.


Direct primary

Initiative petition



Election where citizens vote to select nominees for upcoming elections

People have power to propose laws directly

Citizens approve or reject laws approved by legislature

People power to remove a public servant from office

14. Describe the impact of William Jennings Bryan Cross of Gold speech. (1.3 F2)

____Bryan spoke for “the plain people of this country” calling for the coinage of silver and a number of other populist ideas.

15. Explain the conservation of the environment under Theodore Roosevelt. (1.3 F3)

___Roosevelt called for a “rational use” policy. Preserve forests until the trees become grow into mature lumber. Also, national Reclaimation act gave fed gov. power to decide how water would be shared

16th Amendment- Allows congress to levy an income tax
16. Analyze the series of events leading to the effects of the…… (1.3 F4)

19th Amendment-right to vote for women

17th Amendment- direct election of senators

21st Amendment- repealed the 18th amendment


18th Amendment-prohibited the use, sale, and manufacturing of Alcohol in US

Content Standard 2: The student will analyze the expanding role of the United States in international affairs as America was transformed into a world power in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, 1890 to 1920.
1. Compare and contrast the economic, religious, social and political rationales for…… (2.1 A)

“White man’s burden”__ that the rich (whites) have a moral duty and obligation to help "the poor" colored)

Annexation of Hawaii __Made Hawaii a territory of the US

Alfred T. Mahan _Historian who called America to build a large navy to become a world power

Action of the anti-Imperialist League _wanted the US to not imperialize other nations

2. Assess the role yellow journalism had in starting the war with Spain. (2.1 B)

Exagerated headlines in newpapers and called for US to attack Spain

3. Examine how the Spanish and American War started. (2.1 C)

New territorial acquisitions _Puerto Rico, Phillippines, Guam, (Cuba- but did not become US territory)

Insurrections in Cuba and Philippines _Major insurrection in Cuba led by Jose Marti. US sends troops (led by T Roosevelt and the Rough Riders). Phillipines, US sends troops to rule over Philipinnes.

4. Compare and contrast foreign policies of Presidents…… (2.1 D)

Use money to influence other nations

Use military to get US way.



Use American diplomacy to influence others- treat others way US would want to be treated

All military interventionism and territorial acquisition _Puerto Rico, Philipines, Guam, Hawaii

Panama Canal __US helped Panama gain freedom and then built the Panama Canal to cut time traveling to Pacific _______________________________________________________
5. Analyze and summarize…… (2.2)

the 1912 Presidential election between Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson, Debs__Taft and Roosevelt split Republican vote…wilson wins election of 1912

Dealing with trust___T. Roosevelt becomes the ‘trustbusting” president. Taft bust double the amount of trust. _____________________________________________________

Suffrage movement__Women fight for the right to vote

Trade tariffs__Tax on imported goods._____________________________________________

“Bull Moose Party”____3rd party Roosevelt created to challenge Taft for Presidency

6. Summarize the transformation from neutrality to engagement in World War I. (2.3 A)

World War I____Militarism, Imperialism, Alliances, ___Germany attacks Europe

Zimmerman Note___German note to Mexico to attack US. Intercepted and causes US to enter war

Unrestricted submarine warfare _Deadly German U-boats attacked any ship on the ocean.

7. Analyze the experiences of the war’s…… (2.3 B)

Home front _US made changes at home to prepare for war.

Propaganda US creates CPI to educate public on war

Women’s increased role in industry _High demand for women to work in factories due to men fighting in the war

Marshaling of industrial production US will create WIB (War Industry Board) _____

Great Migration ____Movement of Africans Americans from the south to the North and West to find a better life, free of discrimination and full of jobs_

The Draft _Selective Service Act – authorizing a draft for young men_

Suppression of individual rights_ German Americans faced Discrimination

First Red Scare_widespread fear of communist infiltrating US society and Government.
8. Examine…… (2.3 C)

Wilson’s Fourteen Points_Wilsons proposed peace terms to end WWI- “peace without Victory”

Return to isolationism_US would not get involved in world affairs

Rejection of the League of Nations Senators known as the “irreconcilables” opposed the treaty that contained a League of Nations
Content Standard 3: The student will analyze the cycles of boom and bust of the 1920s and 1930s on the transformation of American government, the economy, and society.

1. Describe the cultural expression in…… (3.1 A)

Harlem Renaissance_ movement by poets, musicians, novelist, and artist that celebrated African American culture.

Jazz Age_New form of music created in South that became very popular in US and world

“talkies”_Movies that had sound synchronized with the pictures

2. Describe the rising racial tensions in American society…… (3.1 B)

Resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan_1920s saw a rise of this terrorist group again almost 5 million members

Tulsa Race Riot_Riot started in Tulsa’s Greenwood district where the African American community was attacked resulting many deaths, businesses and homes destroyed.

Poll taxes__Designed to keep African Americans from voting by charging them to vote

Literacy tests _designed to keep Af Am from voting by making them pass a test
3. Examine the growing labor unrest and the use of…… (3.1 C)

Sit down strikes_Strike where employees sit down and refuse to work until labor demands are met

Court injunctions __Courts side with business and forces labor back to work

Socialism_Labor will be infiltrated with socialist ideas._______________

Communism__The US will face a wave of ideas from communist. –labor unions?

4. Describe the booming economy based on…… (3.1D)

Easy credit___ …People borrowing money at a high rate______

Installment buying Buy now pay later ___

Modern Conveniences_New Appliances will dominate markets (dishwashers, radios, cars)_________

Automobile__Completely changed American society. People could travel and also many moved to suburbs.

5. Assess the impact of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924. (3.1 E)

______Indians born within the US would be considered citizens and have all rights as a citizen

6. Identify the causes contributing to an unstable economy, including the overproduction of agriculture

products. (3.2 A)

Speculation__Guessing whether stocks would go up or down. Led to risky investments

Buying on margin____borrowing money to buy stocks ___

Laissez-faire policy__Economic philosophy where government keeps its “hands off” business


7. Examine the role of…… (3.2 B)

Stock-market crash_stock market lost over half its value (black Tuesday)

Bank failures_People have “runs on the banks” withdrawling money causing banks to fail

Agricultural failures___Farms cannot pay back their loans and many lose their farms ______

Great Depression_30% unemployment, loss of homes, jobs, led to homelessness, starvation, forclosures etc.

8. Analyze President Herbert Hoover’s financial policies. (3.2 C)

Bonus Army March___WWI veterans march on Wash. To get early bonuses. Refused to leave_____


Hoovervilles_makeshift towns for homeless people – blamed Hoover for problems

1932 Election __FDR defeats Hoover. ________________________________________
9. Describe the economic and social impact of the Great Depression on individuals, families and the

nation. (3.2 D)____People lost homes, jobs, communities suffered, people died of starvation and exposure. People lived in poverty. ___________________________

10. Analyze the impact of the New Deal. (3.3)

_Relief for those suffering (jobs, food)

Recovery- get the economy back in good shape

Reform gov. so this didn’t happen again.

11. Assess the viewpoints regarding the role of government in…… (3.3 A)

FDR’s First Inaugural Address_Only thing we have to fear is fear itself___________

FDR’s Four Freedoms Speech__ALL people have rights to the four freedoms, (speech, worship, from want, and from fear)

12. Examine…… (3.3 B)

Deficit spending__Gov. borrow money to help economy_________________________

Roosevelt’s Court Packing Plan___plan to add 6 members to the S.C. ___________________________________


13. Cause and impact of the Dust Bowl and government responses. (3.3 C)

____Over use of the land and improper farming techniques led to Dust Bowl. Government started an education plan for farmer to prevent problems
Content Standard 4: Examine the transformation in American society and government policy as the nation mobilized for entry into World War II.
1. Examine the roles of the United States to Fascist military aggression in Europe & Asia…..(4.1A)

appeasement _Allowing Germany to NOT follow stipulations of treaty from WWI. Caused Germany to become more aggressive.

isolationism__US would stay out of world affairs_______________________

Neutrality Acts___Series of Acts that were meant to keep America out of War. Neutrality act of 1939 had a cash and carry provision selling military equipment to anyone….only helped the Allies

Lend-Lease program___President to Lend, Lease, or Give away equipment to help Allies during WWII

2. Evaluate the ……….(4.1B)

mobilization for war__US getting ready for war. Factories change production__________

FDR’s Day Which Will Live in Infamy speech__Speech after the attack on Pearl Harbor calling America to join war

role of women & minorities in the war effort_Women worked in factories (Rosie the Riveter) Minorities and women also joined the military doing service types of jobs

internment of Japanese-Americans_forces camps to prevent possible sabotage due to alliegence to Japan

Korematsu v. United States decision_S.C. decision saying that during a time of war internment was permissible

internment of Americans of German and Italian descent hype to prevent possible espionage or sabotage by German or Italian immigrants


3. Analyze the event of World War II…..(4.2)

major battles____Stalingrad, Battle of Normandy, Battle of the Bulge, Midway, Corral Sea,

military turning points (Europe)_Normandy Invasion_____________________

key strategic decisions in both European and Pacific Theaters of operations-Midway & Normandy

Allied Conference at Yalta_Discussion of Allies on how to divide the world after the war was won.

5 star General- Commander of Allied forces in Europe

5 star general leader of American troops in the Pacific.


4. Summarize American reactions to the events of the Holocaust…..(4.3)

Nuremburg Trials__Trials in which Nazi leaders were charged with war crimes
Content Standard 5: The student will analyze foreign and domestic policies during the Cold War, 1945 to 1975.
1. Analyze the origins of international alliances and efforts at containment of Communism following

World War II…..(5.1) __Allies disagree with S.Union on future of Eastern Europe . Truman left Potsdam conference believing Stalin wanted to conquer the world.

2. Identify the origins of Cold War confrontations between the Soviet Union and the United States.


leadership of President Harry Truman__Truman Doctrine to oppose Communist Expansion____________________________________

postwar division of Berlin _Berlin would be divided up into 4 zones

the Berlin Blockade and Airlift_Soviets blocked US from getting supplies to Berlin. Truman responded by airlifting supplies for over a year.

the fall of the Iron Curtain___Iron Curtain was figurative description of the divide between Eastern and Western Europe

Marshall Plan__Plan that gave economic aid to Western Europe after the war_____________


3. Describe the role of the United States in formation of the……..(5.1B)

United Nations_World organization created to promote peace

NATO__Military Alliance formed to counter Soviet expansion

Warsaw Pact__Soviet controlled military alliance __________________________

dividing of the political world into Western and Soviet spheres of influence

4. Assess the impact and successes of the……..(5.1C)

Truman Doctrine_Promise to help nations struggling against communism________


American response to the invasion of South Korea _US sent troops to push back the Communist led North Koreans. ____________________________________________________

5. Compare and contrast the domestic and international goals of President Kennedy’s administration

as expressed in his Inaugural Address ……(5.1D) _Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country

Berlin Wall_Communist built wall around West Berlin to stop people from leaving communism

Bay of Pigs Invasion _Failed attempt to overthrow Castro in Cuba_______

Cuban Missile Crisis_Soviets placing Nuclear weapons in Cuba…Kennedy placed Cuba under blockade and demanded Soviets remove weapons

establishment of the Peace Corps _Volunteers for developing countries__________

6. Describe events which changed domestic policies during the Cold War and its aftermath…..(5.2)

_HUAC- House Un-American Activities Committee, Hollywood ten,

7. Summarize the reason for public fear of ………(5.2A)


8. Examine the impact of the ……..(5.2B)

proliferation of nuclear weapons_Rapid development of thousands of bombs

nuclear arms race Arms race to build the biggest nuclear weapons ______

the concept of brinkmanship_going to the brink of war would keep us out of war

the doctrine of mutually assured destruction (MAD)_policy that would prevent US and Soviets from going to war.

Sputnik and the space race_Soviets were first to reach space with Sputnik
9. Analyze the long term foreign and domestic consequences of the United States’ military involvement

in …….(5.3)

Vietnam_US gets involved in Veitnam to prevent a take over of communism

the Domino Theory_Belief that if one nation fell to communism other close nations would fall

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution_Gave president authorization to use military force in Vietnam “blank check” _________________________________________________________

the Tet Offensive_Vietcong offensive to attack South Veitnam in 36 different cities presidential election of 1968_Johnson refused to run. Nixon wins with “Silent Majority”

university student protest-Kent state un. Protest, Rebellious students protest Vietnam war, Jackson State protest

expanded television coverage of the war News broadcasted nightly death tolls from war…added to problems with the war.

the War Powers Act restrictions for presidents while involved in conflicts.

26th Amendment_lowered voting age to 18
10. Analyze the major events, personalities, tactics, and effects of the Civil Rights Movement…(5.4)

_____MLK led the movement by practicing Non-violent Civil disobedience to highlight abuses of Blacks in South. Made possible by use of Television coverage.

11. Assess the effects of ……..(5.4A)

President Truman’s decision to desegregate the United States armed forces______

Early step for CRM_________________________________________________________

legal attacks on segregation by the NAACP and Thurgood Marshall


United States Supreme Court decisions in the cases of Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher and George McLaurin

the difference between de jure and de facto segregation

De facto Segregation- Segregation by custom or tradition

De Jure Segregation-Segregation by law

12. Compare and contrast segregation policies on ……(5.4B)

“separate but equal”_allowed laws that required segregation of the races_______

disenfranchisement of African Americas through poll taxes, literacy test, and violence

___prevented AF Am from voting _______________________________________________

Brown v. Board of Education decision__overturned Plessy v Ferguson-segregation laws in schools were unconstitutional

Leader of the bus boycott- gets arrested for involvement

Boycott of the bus system that required segregation of its passengers- boycott lasted 1 year

Refused to give up her seat on a bus- arrested

desegregation of Little Rock Central High School_Ark. Gov. forbid 9 black students to attend school…Pres. odered military to escort them to class for year

Oklahoma City lunch counter sit-ins led by Clara Luper_Lunch counter sit-ins

Freedom Rides_Interstate bus rides to test desegregated laws in south. Turned violent

the March on Washington_Af Am march on Washington to fight for economic equality and civil rights

the Birmingham church bombing_bomb exploded in Birmingham church- killing 4 kids ____

24th Amendment_Eliminated poll taxes ____

passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Selma Montgomery marches and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr._____

March from Selma to Montgomery Al. “Bloody Sunday” Violent --- MLK assassinated in 1968 in Memphis – effectively ended CRM.

13. Compare and Contrast the view points and the contributions of civil rights leaders and organizations


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his I Have a Dream speech _Given at the March on Wash.

Malcolm X__Radical side of the CRM. Demanded change, even violence

NAACP___challenge segregation in court ______________________________________________________________________

SNCC- Student Nonviolent coordinating Committee

CORE- congress on Racial Equality

SCLC-MLKs Southern Christian Leadership Conference

tactics used at different times including civil disobedience, non-violent resistance, sit-ins,

boycotts, marches, and voter registration drives

14. Evaluate the effects the Civil Rights Movement had on other social movements …..(5.4D)
15. Summarize and examine the …….(5.5A)

United States Supreme Court’s use of incorporation doctrine in applying the Bill of Rights

to the state’s, thereby securing and further defining individual rights and civil rights

__Makes Bill of Rights apply to states

16. Asses the lasting impact of ……(5.5B)

President Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights initiatives

war on poverty_Aid countrys poor through education, job training and health care

the Great Society _Johnsons social program to help the poor

17. Describe the goals and effectiveness of ………(5.5C)

Native American movement on tribal identity and sovereignty

American Indian Movement (AIM)

Siege at Wounded Knee___AIM took over and occupied land in SD until gov agreed to investigate conditions on reservation- Surrounded by FBI-standoff

18. Compare and contrast the changing roles of women from……..(5.5D)

the Post-war Era through 1970s


Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade Based on 14th amendment- women had a right to privacyAllows Abortions in the US

19. Analyze the political and economic impact of President Nixon’s foreign policies including détente

and the opening of China……(5.5E)

____Detente is the easing of tension between US and SU and China. Ping pong diplomacy.
20. Evaluate the impact of the Watergate Scandal on………(5.5F)

executive powers__Congress takes back power from President –ex: War Powers Act

role of the media__Media keeps the story of Watergate in the headlines. _

the Pentagon Papers__Documents from pentagon suggesting US lied about reasons in Vietnam

first use of the 25th Amendment_Apointment of Gerald Ford as Vice President _

President’s Ford decision to pardon former President Nixon_To save the country from pain of a presidential trial

Content Standard 6: The student will analyze the foreign and domestic policies in the contemporary era, 1977 to present.
1. Evaluate President Carter’s foreign policy in the Middle East………..(6.1)

Camp David Accords_Peace agreement between Egypt and Israel at camp David_

OPEC oil embargo_Mideast countries refuse to give oil to any country supporting Israel____

response to the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis_Carter failed rescue attempt, Released when Reagan took office __
2. Analyze the economic and political impact of President Reagan’s domestic and foreign policies…(6.2)

Reaganomics_Supply Side economics. Economy made a huge recovery

Iran-Contra Scandal_scandal of selling arms to Contras. ____

Reagan’s Tear Down This Wall speech in West Berlin _Reagan calling for the wall in Berlin to be tore down. Helped lead people to demand change – leads to end of Cold War.

3. Summarize the series of events leading to the emergence of the United States as the sole super-

power following……..(6.3)

fall of the Berlin Wall _Symbolic end of the Cold war. _____

the reunification of Germany_Germany becomes one country again_____

the collapse of the Soviet Empire- SU could not compete with US defense budget and went bankrupt

4. Describe the goal of President H.W. Bush’s foreign policy informing an international coalition to

counter Iraq aggression in the Persian Gulf…….(6.4)

Many nations together fighting against Sadam Hussain would show unity and not look like US taking over Iraq

5. Describe and evaluate the global influence of the United States under President Bill Clinton in

NAFTA and the NATO interventions to restore stability to the former Yugoslav republics…….(6.5)

6. Evaluate the rise of terrorism and its impact on the United States with ……..(6.6)

1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building _Domestic Terrorist Timothy McVeigh bombed the Murrah building in OKC ____________________________________

first attack on the World Trade Center Towers in 1993_Foreign Terrorism against US economic interests

attacks on September 11, 2001_Hijacked planes flew into WTC and Pentagon


the Patriot Act_Allowed Gov to do warrantless wiretaps of suspected terrorists

the creation of the Department of Homeland Security___New cabinet level branch of Gov. created to prevent terrorism in US. Also, corrdinated information sharing between US agencies (FBI, NSA, CIA, Military)

(This section is not tested on EIO)

Content Standard 7: The student will examine contemporary challenges of the American citizen and society, 2002 to the present.
1. Assess the causes, conduct and consequences of the United States led wars in ……….(7.1)



President George W. Bush’s leadership

efforts to counter and combat terrorism

impact President Barack Obama’s election on the course of the wars

2. Examine the ongoing issues of …………(7.2)



climate change

environmental pollution


population growth

race relations

women’s issues


civic engagement


rapid development of technology

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