100th (US) General Hospital

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100th (US) General Hospital

16 June 1945

Roster of Enlisted Men

Master Sergeants:

Behringer, Charles W, Jr Wilmington, Del.

Cornell, Marvin S Oneonta, New York.

Rogers, Arthur J Whitehorse, Trenton, NJ.

First Sergeant:

Korn, Sam Brooklyn, New York.

Technical Sergeants:

Barkowitz, Frank L Brooklyn, New York.

Clauson, Ake R Chicago, Ill.

Di Nohno, Mario Roosevelt, NY.

Dorschner, Norman D Valders, Wisconsin.

Junkins, Charles R LaFayette, Ga.

Kelliher, Giles C Medford, Mass.

Puccio, Philip J Brooklyn, New York.

Wilder, James Crownsville, Md.
Staff Sergeants:

Ball, John N Mahanoy City, Penna.

Baesler, Charles R Terre Haute, Ind.

Brumbaugh, James A Roanoke, Va.

Comiskey, Richard M Quincy, Ill.

Ittem, George C Glendale, New York.

Johnson, Philip A Bangor, Me.

Matyas, Frank T Cleveland, Ohio.

Palmieri, Frank F Philadelphia, Penna.

Reaume, Donald A Roseville, Michigan.

Reiter, Harry M Jersey City, NJ.

Rudy, Murray New York, New York.

Sarver, Jess M Paterson, New Jersey.

Thomas, Raymond H East Orange, NJ.

Williamson, Wilber J Hampton, Nebr.

Wolfer, Fred D New Hanen, NJ.

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