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  The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful 1683

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95  The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful 1683 
In the 16th and 17th centuries, European collectors of art and artifacts housed their exhibits--a picture made of feathers, the head of an ape, the "hand of a mermaid"--in "cabinets of curiosities" or "wonder rooms." But the museum as we know it got its start in England, in 1659, when John Tradescant, a gardener to royalty, deeded his family's treasures--fish, weapons, birds, even a stuffed dodo--to fellow collector Elias Ashmole. When Ashmole donated the collection to Oxford University, he stipulated that a separate building be constructed for it. Oxford complied, and the Ashmolean, the first public museum founded to present the feats and phenomena of man and nature, opened in 1683. 

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