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57   A Woman's Choice 1914 
BIRTH CONTROL was a taboo subject in the early 20th century. But that didn't stop Margaret Sanger. As a nurse, and as the sixth of 11 children, she had seen the strains childbearing put on women, particularly the poor. So in March 1914 she defiantly published The Woman Rebel, an exhortation for women to challenge the pro-conception climate. Facing an obscenity charge (later dropped) for her audacious act, Sanger fled to Europe. Upon her return in 1916, she was more determined than ever to spread the gospel of voluntary motherhood. Her first effort, a Brooklyn-based birth control clinic, was raided by the police after only nine days. Undeterred, she founded the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau in 1923, the first doctor-staffed birth control clinic in America, where contraceptives and advice were disseminated. By the time of her death in 1966, the birth control pill--one of whose developers, Dr. Gregory Pincus, dedicated his research to her "pioneering resoluteness"--had become an accepted (and openly discussed) method of contraception. 

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