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1089.The Chairperson turned to agenda item 18, explaining that the Secretariat had compiled the decisions adopted during the session, paper copies of which were available to the Committee Members. The Chairperson reminded the Committee that it would now adopt the decisions so that the Secretariat could incorporate them into the Committee’s report. The Chairperson proposed a short break so that Members could check the decisions in case there were any technical errors.

[30-minute pause]

1090.The Chairperson opened the floor for any observations on the decisions. Noting that there were no comments, the Chairperson declared the decisions approved, adding that the final linguistic versions would be published online by the Secretariat in the next two weeks.



Document ITH/14/9.COM/15

Decision 9.COM 15

1092.The Chairperson then turned to agenda item 15 and the date and venue of the tenth session of the Committee. It was noted that the Secretariat had received a proposal from Namibia to host the Committee session in Namibia in 2015.

1093.The delegation of Namibia remarked that it was indeed a happy moment for the people of Namibia and the delegation, and it was humbled and honoured by the confidence bestowed upon the country to host the tenth session of the Committee in 2015. At its independence in March 1990, Namibia, as a young nation, recommitted itself to support UNESCO programmes in many aspects, including the implementation of the 2003 Convention, so as to ensure that cultural heritage, both intangible and tangible, were safeguarded and passed on to future generations through appropriate mechanisms. Although Namibia is rich in intangible cultural heritage, it was still facing the challenge of documenting and compiling its inventory. Hosting of the Committee would enlighten and broaden the country’s understanding of the programmes and activities of this important Convention. It was noted that the country was large in size (824,000 km2) but small in terms of population (2.2 million). This was exactly why it was looking forward to welcoming everyone to the tenth session of the Committee, adding that 2015 was a special year for Namibia, as it would celebrate its nation’s silver anniversary. Delegates would thus encounter a vibrant, colourful and diverse nation on the move. On behalf of the government and the people of Namibia, the delegation thanked the Committee for entrusting it to host its tenth session.

[Video projection of Namibia]

1094.The Chairperson assumed that the Committee would accept Namibia’s generous offer by acclamation. The Chairperson proposed to adopt the draft decision as a whole. He took the opportunity to thank Namibia once again for its generous decision. However, before adopting the decision, the Chairperson asked the Secretary to provide some information on the dates of the next meeting.

1095.The Secretary informed the Committee that in 2015 the General Conference of UNESCO would be held from 3–18 November. Thus, to allow time between the end of the General Conference and the start of the Committee session, and in consultation with the Director-General and the Namibian authorities, the Secretariat proposed to hold the tenth Committee session from 30 November to 4 December 2015. The Secretary further informed the Committee that the parallel meetings of the 1954 Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and its Second Protocol were scheduled from 7–11 December, and the Committee meeting of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions from 14–16 December. In addition, the Climate Change Conference (COP21) would be held in Paris from 30 November to  11 December. The Secretariat inserted the proposed dates in the draft decision.

1096.The Chairperson turned to the adoption of the draft decision. With no comments or objections, the Chairperson declared Decision 9.COM 15 adopted.



Document ITH/14/9.COM/16

Decision 9.COM 16

1098.The Chairperson then turned to the next item on the agenda and the election of the members of the Bureau, inviting the Secretary to provide some information.

1099.The Secretary reminded the Committee that in accordance with Rule 12 and Rule 13 of its Rules of Procedure, the Committee shall elect its Bureau comprising the Chairperson, one or more Vice-Chairs and a Rapporteur. The Bureau shall remain in office until the end of the next ordinary session of the Committee. Following Rule 13.4, the Committee shall take due account of the need to ensure equitable geographical representation and, as far as possible, a balance between the various domains of intangible cultural heritage.

1100.The Chairperson asked the Committee to propose a Chairperson, noting the tradition would extend the invitation to Namibia by acclamation.

1101.The delegation of Nigeria proposed Namibia, adding that it was an honour to propose Ms Trudie Amulungu as the Chairperson of the tenth session.

1102.The Chairperson thanked Nigeria for its proposal, adding that the Committee was delighted to welcome Ms Trudie Amulungu as Chairperson of the next Committee session. He then asked the Committee for nominations for the role of Rapporteur.

1103.The Secretary remarked that nobody ever wished to become the Rapporteur. She therefore reassured the Electoral Groups that an Electoral Group could choose a Vice-Chair who could also assume the role of Rapporteur, as was the case of Latvia this year. The Rapporteur was responsible for checking the decisions taken every day and ensuring that the Secretariat had correctly transcribed these decisions as adopted by the Committee.

1104.The Chairperson wished to first ask the Committee to propose the Vice-Chairs.

1105.The delegation of Afghanistan proposed India to the position of Vice-Chair.

1106.The delegation of Turkey congratulated Namibia as host of the next Committee session, adding that it nominated Belgium as Vice-Chair of Group I.

1107.The delegation of Côte d’Ivoire congratulated Namibia for chairing the Committee’s tenth session and proposed Nigeria as Vice-Chair for Group V(a).

1108.The Chairperson gave the floor to the Secretary for some remarks.

1109.The Secretary recalled that the Rules of Procedure stipulated that the Bureau should be composed in a geographically equitable manner. This implied that one Group could not have two seats, as Group V(a) already had the Chairperson’s seat.

1110.The delegation of Egypt thanked Namibia, a young country that had generously agreed to host the next session. In the name of Electoral Group V(b), the delegation proposed Tunisia as Vice-Chair.

1111.On behalf of Group III, the delegation of Saint Lucia proposed Brazil as Vice-Chair.

1112.The delegation of Latvia congratulated the newly elected Chairperson and Namibia for hosting the next Committee session. It proposed Hungary from Electoral Group II as Vice-Chair.

1113.The Chairperson asked the Committee Members to suggest a Rapporteur among its proposed Vice-Chairs, as had been the case for Latvia.

1114.The Secretary wondered whether Latvia wished to explain the role of Rapporteur from its own experience. She made clear that the Rapporteur was not responsible for writing the draft decisions, which was the task of the Secretariat. The question therefore was whether one of the Vice-Chairs or one of the Electoral Groups wished to accept the role of Rapporteur. The Secretary explained that a Vice-Chair could also take on the role of Rapporteur, as had been the case for Latvia, which meant that one Electoral Group would represent two seats. Alternatively, another delegation could volunteer for the role so as to remain within a geographically equitable system.

1115.The delegation of Egypt volunteered to serve as Rapporteur.

1116.Thanking Egypt, the Chairperson noted that there was a consensus and proposed to elect the candidates by acclamation. The Chairperson took note of the Vice-Chairpersons: India, Belgium, Tunisia and Brazil with Egypt serving as Rapporteur. With no objections to the adoption of the decision as a whole, the Chairperson declared Decision 9.COM 16 adopted.

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