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42. Freedman, Russell. Lincoln: a Photobiography. Clarion Books, 1987. 150pages. Tr. $15.95 ISBN 0899193803

Brief Description: This book describes the life of Abraham Lincoln from his childhood, his marriage, working as a lawyer, his rise to presidency, his achievements in the Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation and slavery, to his assassination. Photos of Lincoln in different periods of his lifetime can be found throughout the book.

Genre(s)/Subject(s): Biography & Autobiography, United States Presidents
Reading Level: Ages 8-12
Awards: Newbery Award (1988)
Books Similar in Style, Content, Theme, or Characters: Bill Clinton by Michael A. Schuman, Barack Obama: a Photographic Story of a Life by Stephen Krensky
Programming/Lesson Ideas: After reading the book, librarians can ask the children to discuss the book. Children can compose a letter to their favorite presidents.
Personal Thoughts: Lincoln is one of the most admirable presidents in U.S. history, and he has made many important contributions in fighting for civil rights. Through reading this book, children can learn more about Lincoln and about events during his lifetime.

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