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38. Silverstein, Shel. Where the Sidewalk Ends: the Poems &Drawings. HarperCollins, 1974. 166pages. Tr. $19.89 ISBN 9780060256685

Brief Description: Written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein, this book includes a collection of children’s poems in various topics about childhood and hilarious stories such as “Jimmy Jet and His TV Set,” a boy who turns into a TV after watching too much TV.

Genre(s)/Subject(s): Poetry, Comedy and Humor, Cleverness, Creativity and Imagination
Reading Level: Ages 8-12
Awards: George C. Stone Center for Children’s Books Recognition of Merit Award (1984), Golden Archer Award for Intermediate (1996)
Books Similar in Style, Content, Theme, or Characters: Oops! by Alan Katz, The Aliens Have Landed at Our School by Kenn Nesbitt, The Other Side of the Door Poems by Jeffrey Moss
Programming/Lesson Ideas: A Where the Sidewalk Ends competition can be held for tweens, inviting them to recite their favorite poems in the book and selecting the winners to receive gifts.
Personal Thoughts: This is one of children’s favorite poetry books. The poems in this book are funny and written in free style and do not have a focus on rhythm. Some poems are short with a few lines or just words such as “my beard,” “fish” “homemade boat.” Some poems are in the narrative tone, telling a complete story. The cartoon drawings make the poems more interesting to read.

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