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Lots of Lots of Playful Penguins and Their Toe-Tappin’ Feet

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32. Lots of Lots of Playful Penguins and Their Toe-Tappin’ Feet. Directed by Tom Edinger. 75 minutes. Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc. 2007. $9.95. ASIN: B000SLPVZU.

Brief Description: This video features adorable penguins, penguin songs, and an introductions of a penguin’s life. It introduces seventeen kinds of penguins in the world, their habitats, and their differences. The penguin songs are sang by the award-winning musician, James Coffey.

Genre(s)/Subject(s): Children, nature videos, penguins
Age Level: Ages 8 and up
Awards: Award-winning music and animation
DVDs Similar in Style, Content, Theme, or Characters: March of the Penguins, The Penguins' Story, Nature: Penguins - Penguins of the Antarctic
Programming/Lesson Ideas: Children can create some penguin crafts, dance along with the songs in the video or read aloud any books about penguins.
Personal Thoughts: This video is entertaining and informative, showing the fun facts of penguins. It is appropriate for children at any age. Through watching this video, children will have a closer look of their favorite bird when they are building nests, playing, swimming and more.

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