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27. Sports Illustrated Kids. Rockefeller Center, NY: Tiem Inc. Monthly except for the January and February Issue. $31.95 per year ISBN 1042394X

Brief Description: This magazine features sports events, stories and photos of athletes, origin stories, the end zone, sports stars picture puzzles, art galleries, tips from pros, quizzes, a Buzz Beamer comic story, and more.
Genre(s)/Subject(s): Children’s Magazine, Children’s sports

Reading Level: Ages 8-13

Awards: Distinguished Achievement for Excellence in Educational Publishing Awards (won 11times), Parents’ Choice Magazine Award (won 7 times)
Books Similar in Style, Content, Theme, or Characters: Boy’s Life
Programming/Lesson Ideas: Children can search for their favorite sport stars in the magazine and share the information they find with others.
Personal Thoughts: This magazine provides children with informative and fun facts about sports stars. Tween sports fans will be fascinated by the action photographs, stories of their heroes, games, and instructional tips in this magazine. It encourages tweens to step out of their houses to play sports with friends.

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