1 Which of the following was the source for a colonial New England covenant community?

President Lincoln was speaking to –

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5 President Lincoln was speaking to –

A Elizabeth Cady Stanton

B Sojourner Truth

C Harriet Tubman

D Harriet Beecher Stowe

6 Which of the following completes the list?

A Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

B Emancipation Proclamation

C End of Jim Crow era

D Conclusion of Reconstruction
7 In the Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln rejected the idea that the country was —

A a federation of sovereign states

B a society based on equality

C committed to unity at any cost

D founded on democratic ideals

8 Which effect of the Civil War on the South is illustrated by this photograph?

A Industrial pollution

B Economic devastation

C Political corruption

D Agricultural destruction
9 Which man was a United States Senator who became the leader of the Confederacy?

A Robert E. Lee

B Jefferson Davis

C Nat Turner

D Stonewall Jackson

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