1 Which of the following was the source for a colonial New England covenant community?

Which Supreme Court decision includes this quotation?

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12 Which Supreme Court decision includes this quotation?

A Marbury v. Madison

B Cohens v. Virginia

C Gibbons v. Ogden

D McCulloch v. Maryland

13 Which early United States political party believed in these positions?

A Federalists

B Whigs

C Know-Nothings

D Democratic-Republicans

14 One of the fundamental beliefs of Jacksonian Democracy was that –

A political parties should have popular leaders

B ordinary citizens should participate in politics

C religious leaders should hold elected offices

D federal jobs ahold go to qualified individuals

15 Before the Civil War, slavery was prohibited in certain areas by the –

A Monroe Doctrine

B Dred Scott decision

C Kansas-Nebraska Act

D Missouri Compromise
16 What failed to carry out the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence?

A Bill of Rights

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