1 Which of the following was the source for a colonial New England covenant community?

C People allowed to vote without owning property

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C People allowed to vote without owning property

D Naturalized immigrants from Eastern Europe

9 The land area located between 80°W and 90°W and 25°N and 30°N represents the acquisition of —

A land won through the French and Indian War

B territories according to the Northwest Ordinance

C land as a result of the Revolutionary War

D Florida through a treaty with Spain

10 Which event best completes this sequence?

A Confederate attack on Fort Sumter

B Independence gained from Mexico

C Purchase of the Louisiana Territory

D Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad
11 Which of these was a result of President Andrew Jackson’s bank veto?

A Panic of 1837

B Annexation of Texas

C Compromise of 1850

D Election of Abraham Lincoln

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