1 Which of the following was the source for a colonial New England covenant community?

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US History – SOL 2

1 Which of the following was the source for a colonial New England covenant community?

A The Mayflower Compact

B The Magna Carta

C The Bill of Rights

D The Declaration of Independence
2 Conflict between American Indians (First Americans) and European settlers most often resulted from the different ways each culture viewed —

A religious practices

B political systems

C land ownership

D family relationships

3 Which date on this timeline represents the beginning of a permanent British presence in North America?

A 1565

B 1587

C 1607

D 1620

4 Which colony was established as a business venture?

A Connecticut

B Massachusetts

C Georgia

D Virginia
5 The initial French exploration of North America resulted in —

A economic colonies in Florida

B competition with Spanish settlers

C plantations using slave labor

D cooperation with native groups
6 American Indian populations were most impacted by the introduction of European –

A weapons

B diseases

C religion

D culture
7 Which factor was significant to the cavaliers in the early colonization of eastern Virginia?

A Debt forgiveness

B free land

C Political freedom

D Religious tolerance

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