1. What other Europeans were on the American continents prior to Columbus’s arrival

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Chapter 1: New World Beginnings

1. What other Europeans were on the American continents prior to Columbus’s arrival?

2. What was a primary motive for the European voyages of discovery?

3. What was the greatest effect of the European intrusion on the Native Americans?

4. What products from the Americans fueled inflation and economic growth in Europe?

5. Define the relationship between the conquistadores and the native peoples with regards to marriage?

6. Why were the Spanish able to defeat the Aztecs?

7. Why did Spain extend its empire into Florida and New Mexico?

8. Was the English or the Spanish empire in the New World larger, richer, and longer-lasting?

9. What was one of the important factors that first stimulated European interest in trade and discovery?

10. The Portuguese were first to enter the slave trade and established plantations using slave labor in _____.

11. What staple crop formed the economic foundation of Native American civilizations?

12. What was the first European nation to send explorers around the west coast of Africa?

13. Mistaken term that the first European explorers gave to American lands because of the false belief that they were off the coast of Asia

14. What animal, introduced by Europeans, transformed the Indian way of life on the Great Plains?

15. Name two of the major European diseases that devastated Native American populations after 1492.

16. What disease, originating in the Americas, was transmitted back to Europeans after 1492?

17. The wealthy capital of the Aztec empire was _____.

18. A person of mixed European and Indian ancestry

19. The female Indian slave who served as interpreter for Cortés.

20. The legendary founder of the powerful Iroquois Confederacy.

21. Who financed Columbus’s voyages to the New World?

22. Portuguese navigators who sailed around the African Coast

23. The oldest continually inhabited European Settlement in United States territory

24. Italian-born navigator sent by English to explore North American coast in 1498

25. Powerful Aztec monarch who fell to Spanish conquerors

26. Franciscan missionary who settled California

27. Inland sea left by glaciers whose remnant is the Great Salt Lake

28. Europeans learned of the great wealth of Asia from _____. (THREE ANSWERS)

29. The primary reason for the drastic decline in the Indian population after the encounter with the Europeans was _____.

30. What country was the primary early colonial competitor with Spain in the New World?

31. Why did Spain look westward in their effort to reach the Indies?

32. Define encomienda.

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