1. What Is Globalisation And Is It Good? What is globalisation?

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Environmental Survival

How big must the global economy grow in order to be big enough? How much is enough? Globalisation’s answer is that there can never be any such thing as big enough. In 100 years when, at current growth rates the global economy would have grown 50 times it present size, it would still not be large enough. Continual growth is necessary for this present economy to survive because of the way it is designed. The growth rate is deceptive. 4% annual growth does not sound like much but the global economy grows exponentially, not mathematically.

The destruction of natural resources like clean water, forests, arable land, ocean fish stocks, coral reefs and so on are already causing extreme concern even in the traditionally conservative ranks of society. The current rate of extinctions from the planet is comparable to the rate of the extinction event that destroyed countless millions of species along with the dinosaurs from Earth 65 million years ago.

Earth is clearly not coping with the demand for resources in the present sized global economy. At present rates of growth in 30 years the global economy would be about 4 times larger than today, and in 60 years it would be 10 to 20 times larger than today. 

The global economy, which must grow exponentially in order to survive, does not recognize the realities of the natural world. The global economy is presently on a course to destroy itself through the planet’s lack of ability to sustain it. Like a cancerous growth, the global economy is growing so vast that it will soon kill it host.

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