1. What is a Knight?

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Interview Question for a Knight
1. What is a Knight?

  • A warrior who fights on horseback.

  • A noble man who went through the stages of knighthood.

2. What are your weapons & armor like?

    • First the knights had chain mail and a coat of plates. Both were made from metal. This early armor was better than no armor. But, later armor advances with the new technology.

    • Later, knights protected themselves with full suits of plate armor (more advanced with stronger types of metal plates.) Plate armor was worn under the chain mail and it weighed about 55 pounds. The chain mail weighed about 25 pounds; together the chain mail and plate armor weighed around 80 pounds and it was very hot underneath.

    • We also protect our heads with a helmet made out of metal.

    • Some Weapons: sword/blade, shield, spear, battle-ax, mace, quarterstaff, etc.

3. How does one become a Knight? How do Knights obtain their wealth and status during the Middle Ages? What are some of the responsibilities as a Knight?

  • A lord asks a noble if they would like to be his knight.

  • The knight received his wealth from the lord who supplied the knight with all that he needed. In return the knight promised to serve the lord in wars and to oversee the fief of land with serfs on it.

4. Where do you rank in Feudalism?

  • Knights serve their lord and the serfs serve the knights.

  • This was an obligation or a feudal contract.

5. What’s the “Code of Chivalry?”

        • There was a Code Of Chivalry that all knights swore to and lived by. This code was very strict. In focused on proper behavior a knight must show.

        • The knights had to show faith in God, and show true love in Christian religion.

        • The Code Of Chivalry meant that a knight had to be a gentleman. He had to protect the church, the weak, women, and to uphold the law. The Code Of Chivalry was like a code of behavior for on the battlefield and off.

6. Where do you live mainly?

        • I live in the castle, so I can defend it. I also share in the good life that the lord lives.

7. What is the training process of becoming a Knight?

  • The first step is becoming a page: A noble boy at the ages of 7 was sent to the castle to train as a knight. Usually the castle belonged to his uncle or a great lord. He learned how to behave properly and how to ride a horse.

  • The second step is becoming a squire: at the age of 14 the boy was an apprenticed to a knight who he served. He was taught how to handle weapons and how to look after his master’s armor and help him to put on his armor and assisting him if he was hurt or unhorsed. Successful squires were knighted when they were around 21 years old.

  • The final step involves being Knighted: One must go through a dubbing procedure in order to become a true knight. Usually at the age of 21.

8. What is the dubbing ceremony and what are some of the key fundamentals of this event? What age may a boy train in order to become a Knight?

        • There was a ceremony for the squire when he was ready to become a knight.

        • On the night before the ceremony the squire bathed and put on special clothes. He prayed alone in a church with his weapons nearby.

        • The next day the knight got a sword and other weapons.

        • When the squire knelt down the older knight "dubbed" him by tapping him on the side of the neck with the sword. Now he was officially a knight.

9. What are tournaments, and how did the nature of tournaments change over time?

  • Tournaments were simulated battles that trained knights for warfare and kept their fighting skills fresh.

  • Later they became a form of entertainment, thus they were attended by large groups of people. Similar to spectator events like our sport, football.

  • It was also a proving-ground for knights looking for a lord to serve.

  • People were awarded goods for winning tournaments.

  • Many activities in a tournament: jousting, >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Knights wore emblems to distinguish from one another.

10. Why did the popularity of using Knights decline by the 1400’s?

  • People discovered gunpowder and more advanced weapons.

  • Knights and footing their bills were more expensive than foot soldiers.

  • One could afford more foot soldiers than one single knight.

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