1. What do you think is the significance of Buda-Pesth in the beginning of the story?

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Chapter 1:

1. What do you think is the SIGNIFICANCE of Buda-Pesth in the beginning of the story?

2. What new food does Jonathan Harker discover on his travels? Make sure to note the color of this food!

3. What happens to him after he has eaten this new food? Note the significance! Foreshadowing!

4. What animals does Jonathan hear outside of his hotel window?

5. How does Jonathan describe the landscape? Positively or Negatively? Give a few direct quotes to support your opinion.

6. How does Jonathan describe the women? Positively or Negatively? Give a few direct quotes to support your opinion.

7. How does Jonathan describe the men? Positively or Negatively? Give a few direct quotes to support your opinion.

8. What reasons does the hotel landlady give for Jonathan not to continue his journey? Note the day!

9. What does the landlady of the hotel give Jonathan Harker for protection against evil?

10. What is Jonathan’s attitude toward her gift?

11. As he is about to embark on the first carriage ride, what do the people around him say in foreign languages? Does Jonathan seem concerned about these words?

12. What is the attitudeof the people who are journeying with Harker on the first carriage? Mean, Angry, Sad, Scared, Happy, Indifferent?

13. Why don’t the people of the area speak clearly and directly to Jonathan about why they fear for him? This isn’t directly stated in the text, so you need to hypothesize.

14. Describe some strange happenings during the first carriage ride.

15. Why does the first driver attempt to drive the horses so fast? Why do they arrive one hour ahead of schedule?

16. Describe the second caléche (stagecoach, carriage) that arrives to pick-up Harker.

17. Describe the driver of the second caléche.

18. What is the second driver’s attitude toward the first driver, who attempted to drive faster than expected (and

19. What does a passenger say in German to the second driver? How is this foreshadowing?

20. Harker is offered plum brandy, but does not drink it. Why might the second driver have wanted Harker to drink this? What else, besides brandy, might have been in the flask?

21. Why is the second carriage ride so strange? Sounds? Lights? What does the driver do? Wolves?

22. Harker is too logical. Please, write below some examples of how he is too logical (un-imaginative).

23. The locals in Romania are very religious and (in the context of our story, correctly) superstitious. Please, write below some examples of how they are religious and superstitious.

24. Please, write below examples of how transportation degrades, as Harker travels farther east.

25. Victorians were very interested in America, especially the Wild West. Please, list any examples, no matter how remote they seem, of this in the text.

Chapter 2:

26. Although the reader is not told a specific time, speculate approx. how long Harker waits outside the doors of Castle Dracula.

27. Describe the appearance of the man who opens the door. Note the clothing and face.

28. What is strange about the light that the man holds? Think closely about how fire works!

29. What are the words with which Harker is greeted?

30. What does the host NOT do, until Harker enters?

31. Describe the host’s handshake and skin-temperature.

32. There are many elements of dramatic irony when Harker meets the host. What does the reader already understand about the host that Harker does not know?

33. Count Dracula introduces himself and carries Harker’s bags, like a servant. What is Dracula’s excuse for not having any servants available to carry Harker’s bags?

34. Speculate / Guess why you think that there are no servants to greet Harker. Do you believe Dracula’s explanation to Harker? Why or Why not?

35. Dracula brings Harker to his suite of rooms. In his suite, his bedroom is very strange (esp. given the lack of electricity in the 1890s). Describe his bedroom.

36. Dracula does not eat with Jonathan Harker. What excuse does he give Harker for not eating?

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37. Dramatic Irony: What does the reader understand to be the real reason why Dracula doesn’t eat?

38. After dinner, Dracula also refuses to smoke, and not because of health reasons; health wasn’t yet a known issue with smoking. How is Dracula’s refusal of tobacco another example of Dramatic Irony?

39. As they sit after dinner, Harker examines Dracula’s physical features in greater detail. Describe them here. {NOTE: In the 1890s, people thought that the physical body was a clue in understanding the mind within.}

40. As dawn approaches, wolves are heard howling outside. Dracula calls them “children of the night,” while Harker seems disturbed by them. What is Dracula’s overall attitude toward the wolves ? Distain? Admiration? Fear? {NOTE: This is the first time that Harker seems to notice that “something” is odd.}

41. What are Harker’s unspoken emotions, as he drifts off to sleep. {NOTE: True to Victorian norms, he “dare not

42. Jonathan awakes very late the next day; he finds a note by his breakfast. What does it say?

43. Dramatic Irony: How can you explain the count’s absence, really?

44. When he is finished with breakfast, Harker would like to alert the servants, but he cannot do so. Why? Explain!

45. Describe the furniture and furnishings of Castle Dracula. How might Dracula have collected these things? Speculate!

46. What simple household item does Harker find missing throughout the rooms that he visits?

47. As he wanders through the castle, Harker hears wolves howling again. He looks for something to read. The door across his suite is locked. What do you think might be behind this locked door? What might Dracula want to hide?

48. Harker enters a library and finds books, magazines, et cetera, but none of these are new (published recently)? Why is it significant that many of these texts are in English and about England? What can you surmise (figure-out) by the fact that all of these texts are old?

49. List the variety of books that are in the library. What sorts of things can an individual learn from these texts?

50. Dracula enters the library. What is his ATTITUDE toward books and reading?

51. What does Dracula REALLY mean when he says: “I long to go through the crowded streets of your mighty London, to be in the midst of the whirl and rush of humanity, to share its life, its change, its death,” (Stoker 21)?

52. What is the count’s ultimate goal in learning English? HOW WELL does he want to speak English?

53. Why does the count NOT want to be identified as a stranger? How does this tie-in to the concept of xenophobia?

54. What does the Count want Jonathan Harker to teach him while at Castle Dracula?

55. What is Jonathan Harker’s occupation, and what is his purpose for coming to Transylvania?

56. When Jonathan Harker looks in his shaving mirror, what peculiar thing does he notice about the Count?

57. What surprises Jonathan Harker when he tries to explore the outdoor grounds of Castle Dracula?

Chapters 3-4:

1. Describe Jonathan Harker’s thoughts after he discovers the Count laying the table in the dining room.

2. Count Dracula claims to be the ancestor of what famous warrior?

3. What does the Count warn Jonathan not to do when he is alone at night?

4. Describe the way Jonathan Harker sees the Count leave the Castle.

5. Jonathan Harker falls asleep in the parlor. What does he see upon waking?

6. Describe the Count’s reaction to finding the women with Jonathan Harker.

7. What does Jonathan Harker believe he hears coming from the bag the Count had thrown to the floor?

8. What happens to the women and the bag?

9. The Count instructs Jonathan to write three letters home. What is the content of these letters?

10. Jonathan attempts to send letters home without the Count reading them. What happens to the letters?

11. What does Jonathan discover upon waking on 31 May?

12. What do the Slovaks deliver to the castle?

13. When Count Dracula leaves the castle on 24 June, what does Jonathan Harker notice?

14. Jonathan goes to the window when he hears the agonizing cry of a woman. What does she yell upon seeing Jonathan’s face in the window?

15. What happens to the woman as she continues to bang on the door of the Count’s castle?

16. Jonathan decides to climb the wall of the castle into the Count’s room. Describe what

Jonathan Harker discovers in the Count’s room.

17. Jonathan tells the Count that he wants to leave the night of 29 June, but he suddenly changes his mind. Why?

18. What does Jonathan Harker find when he goes back to the Count’s room to look for a key to the door?

DRACULA, Chapters 5-6

1. What is the relationship between Mina Murry and Jonathan Harker?

2. What kind of an institution does Dr. John Seward run?

3. From whom did Lucy receive marriage proposals?

4. Identify Quincey Morris.

5. Which of the marriage proposals does Lucy accept?

6. Describe the patient who seems to be of most interest to Dr. Seward.

7. What does the old man that Mina and Lucy meet claim about the tombstones in the cemetery? THE DIALECT IS DIFFICULT; READ THIS CLOSELY!

8.The old man is a PARRALLEL to what character / kind of character that Jonathan Harker met in Ch 1-4. HOW?

9. Describe Renfield’s systematic way of collecting lives. List the 3 kinds of lives that he collects? What happens to the LAST life form, in particular?

10. What do you think is Renfield’s reasoning of handling these lifeforms thus?

11. What odd, recent behavior of Lucy is disturbing to Mina? DRAMATIC IRONY! What is happening to Lucy?

Chapters 7-8:

1. Describe the mysterious schooner’s entrance into the harbor.

2. What is discovered on board the mysterious schooner?

3. What is the name of the schooner, and where did she come from?

4. What is the only living thing on the ship?

5. According to the captain’s addendum to the ship’s log, what happened to the men on the ship?

6. Describe what the captain saw on the last night aboard ship.

7. What happens to the old man who had befriended Mina and Lucy?

8. On August 11th what does Mina discover when she awakens in the night?

9. What does Mina see in the moonlit churchyard when she goes looking for Lucy?

10. What is Mina most concerned about for Lucy’s sake as they walk home from the churchyard?

11. What makes Mina think that she pricked Lucy accidentally with a safety pin?

12. On the night of August 13th what does Mina see outside the window?

13. On August 14th Mina and Lucy notice a dark figure seated alone in the cemetery just before sundown. What is it about his appearance that startles Mina?

14. On August 18th what change does Mina begin to notice in Lucy?

15. What news does Mina receive that makes her both joyful and anxious at the same time?

16. What changes are taking place in Renfield?

17. Describe Renfield’s escape and return.

Dracula, Chapter 9

1. In the heading of Ch. 9, what is Mina’s last name now? What is the significance of her last name?

2. How does Mina describe Jonathan in her letter to Lucy?

3. What request does Jonathan make of Mina regarding his notebook?

4. Where were Mina and Jonathan married?

5. What does Mina do with Jonathan’s notebook?

6. What daily pattern has developed in Renfield since Dr. Seward confined him to a straight jacket and a padded room?

7. Describe Renfield’s second escape and capture.

8. What begins happening to Lucy upon her return home to Hillingham?

9. Arthur Holmwood asks Dr. Seward to examine Lucy. What are Dr. Seward’s finding regarding Lucy?

10. As a next step, whom does Seward contact?

11. Describe van Helsing.

12. What does van Helsing say to Seward, after he has had a private consultation with Lucy?

13. Where does van Helsing go now?

14. What happens with Renfield now? What are his developments at the Mental Health Hospital?
15. What is the nature of the telegrams at the end of this chapter? What does Seward request of van Helsing?

Chapters 9-10:

1. How does Mina describe Jonathan in her letter to Lucy?

2. What request does Jonathan make of Mina regarding his notebook?

3. Where were Mina and Jonathan married?

4. What does Mina do with Jonathan’s notebook?

5. What daily pattern has developed in Renfield since Dr. Seward confined him to a straight jacket and a padded room?

6. Describe Renfield’s second escape and capture.

7. What begins happening to Lucy upon her return home to Hillingham?

8. Arthur Holmwood asks Dr. Seward to examine Lucy. What are Dr. Seward’s finding regarding Lucy?

9. Describe Lucy’s condition when Dr. Seward and Van Helsing visit her on September 7th.

10. What action does Van Helsing believe is necessary to keep Lucy alive?

11. Who arrives and offers to help in Van Helsing’s first treatment of Lucy?

12. What specific instruction does Van Helsing give Dr. Seward regarding Lucy before he left for Amsterdam?

13. What does Van Helsing discover upon his return to Hillingham?

14. Who aids Van Helsing in the second transfusion to Lucy?

15. What is in the package that Van Helsing receives from abroad?

Chapters 11-12:

1. What does Mrs. Westenra tell Van Helsing that causes him to break down in tears?

2. Who volunteers his arm for Lucy’s third blood transfusion?

3. What happens as soon as the zookeeper finished telling his tale to the reporter?

4. After he is attacked by Renfield, what act does Dr. Seward witness that “positively sickened” him?

5. Explain what happens to Lucy’s mother.

6. Describe what Dr. Seward and Van Helsing see in Lucy’s bedroom.

7. Who gives blood in Lucy’s fourth transfusion?

8. What strange action does Lucy do just as she was falling asleep after the fourth transfusion?

9. Describe Renfield’s reaction when some men remove several heavy boxes from Carfax.

10. Describe the alarming physical changes in Lucy Westenra.

11. What does Van Helsing do when Arthur attempts to kiss Lucy?

12. What does Lucy ask Van Helsing when she awakens from her trance-like stupor?

13. What ultimately becomes of Lucy Westenra?

Chapters 13-14:

1. What do Dr. Seward and Van Helsing notice about Lucy’s body when they go to pay their respects?

2. What does Van Helsing want to do with Lucy’s body?

3. What happens when the maid sits by Lucy’s body during the night?

4. Who is Lord Godalming?

5. What request does Van Helsing make of Arthur regarding the Westenra estate?

6. As Jonathan Harker walks down Piccadilly what does he see that causes him to suddenly go pale?

7. After Jonathan Harker’s sudden relapse, what does Mina declare it is time for her to do?

8. What secret do Dr. Seward, Van Helsing, and Quincy Morris vow to keep from Arthur?

9. What strange occurrences begin taking place in Hampstead not long after Lucy’s funeral?

10. What does Mina learn that upsets her terribly?

11. What does Mina plan to do with Jonathan’s diary?

12. After reading Mina’s letters to Lucy, Dr. Van Helsing requests a visit with Mina. What specific event does he ask Mina to share in detail?

13. What does Mina allow Van Helsing to read?

14. What change comes over Jonathan after reading Van Helsing’s note about the diaries?

15. Name at least three of the unexplained mysteries of the natural world Van Helsing tells Dr. Seward to make him accept the cause of Lucy’s death and the wounds on the children of Hampstead.

16. How does Van Helsing explain the bite marks found on the children of Hampstead Heath?

Chapters 15-17:Page 5 of 7 UPDATED: Feb 12, 2013

1. Where is the first place Dr. Seward and Van Helsing go in an attempt to prove Van Helsing’s theories about Lucy are true?

2. What does Dr. Vincent believe made the marks on the children’s throats?

3. What do Van Helsing and Dr. Seward find when they open Lucy’s coffin?

4. What do Van Helsing and Dr. Seward do after exiting Lucy’s tomb?

5. What do Van Helsing and Dr. Seward do with the child they find in the cemetery?

6. What do Dr. Seward and Van Helsing discover when they return to Lucy’s tomb the following afternoon?

7. Why does Van Helsing hesitate to immediately do what needs to be done to Lucy’s body in order to bring her soul peace?

8. How does Van Helsing intend to keep Lucy inside her tomb at night?

9. What news does Van Helsing share with Arthur and Quincey Morris?

10. What does Arthur unwillingly agree to do?

11. Dr. Seward, Van Helsing, Quincey Morris, and Arthur find Lucy’s tomb empty. What do they see in the cemetery the same night?

12. Describe Arthur’s reaction when Lucy speaks to him in the cemetery.

13. How does Van Helsing protect Arthur from Lucy’s temptation?

14. According to Van Helsing, what do the Eastern Europeans call the Un-Dead?

15. Who strikes the blow that sets Lucy’s soul free?

16. What happens to Lucy’s body after the stake is driven through her heart?

17. When the men exit Lucy’s tomb for the last time, what does each strongly swear to do?

18. What does Van Helsing find waiting for him when he returns to the hotel?

19. What does Van Helsing give to Dr. Seward before he leaves for Amsterdam?

20. Who does Dr. Seward encourage to stay at his home?

21. Dr. Seward keeps his own personal diary on phonograph. What does Mina intend to do with Dr. Seward’s wax cylinders?

22. What is ironic about the discovery of the Count’s possible hiding place?

23. Who does Dr. Seward realize may be strangely linked to Count Dracula?

24. In Whitby, Jonathan tracks down the location of the Count’s fifty large boxes. Where are they located?

25. What happens that causes Arthur to swear that he would be a life-long brother to Mina Harker?

Chapters 18-19:

1. Mina asks Dr. Seward if she can see Renfield. What is Renfield’s method of “tidying up” his cell before her visit?

2. What is Renfield’s explanation for eating live flies and spiders?

3. List the powers that Van Helsing claims Count Dracula has as a nosferatu.

4. What does Van Helsing claim is the greatest danger that the men face as they attempt to destroy Dracula?

5. What limitations does Van Helsing say that a vampire has?

6. What does Quincey Morris claim he was shooting at when he broke the parlor window at Dr. Seward’s home?

7. What does Van Helsing tell Mina about the quest to hunt down the Count?

8. What is Renfield’s reaction when Dr. Seward tells him that he may not leave the asylum?

9. How does Van Helsing prepare Dr. Seward and the others to go to Carfax to find the Count?

10. What do Dr. Seward and the others notice the most as they enter the old chapel at Carfax?

11. When thousands of rats swarm the chapel, how are the men able to continue searching?

12. How many boxes were missing from Carfax of the original fifty boxes shipped from Transylvania to London?

13. What does Jonathan Harker notice about his wife when he returns from Carfax?

14. Describe Van Helsing’s meeting with Renfield the morning after the visit to Carfax.

15. What is distressing Mina regarding her husband’s visit to the Count’s house?

16. Why does Mina wish she’d never gone to Whitby to visit Lucy?

17. What strange dream does Mina describe?

Chapters 20-21:

1. Where are the 21 boxes missing from Carfax taken?

2. What change does Jonathan Harker notice about Mina?

3. Renfield says that he wants life from other beings, but he does not want something else. What is it he does not want?

4. Dr. Seward notices that twice Renfield stops himself before uttering a specific word. What word is it?

5. After Dr. Seward leaves Renfield, what does the doctor realize?

6. Who do the realtors at Mitchell, Sons, and Candy claim purchased the house in Piccadilly?

7. What does Dr. Seward hear coming from Renfield’s room that alarms him?

8. The asylum attendant reports to Dr. Seward that Renfield has met with an accident.

Describe Renfieds injuries.

9. What procedure does Van Helsing perform on Renfield?

10. What does Count Dracula promise Renfield in exchange for letting him into the asylum?

11. Why does Renfield become angry with the Count?

12. What does Renfield notice about Mina Harker?

13. Describe the encounter between Renfield and Dracula when the Count returns to the asylum.

14. Describe the scene Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, Lord Godalming, and Quincey Morris witness after breaking down the door to the Harkers' bedroom.

15. Upon escaping, what does the Count do with the typed manuscript and phonograph diary entries?

16. Recount Mina’s description of her encounter with Dracula.

Chapters 22-23:

1. What do the men discover when they return to Renfield’s room?

2. What decision do Dr. Seward and Van Helsing make regarding Mina’s knowledge of their activities?

3. Mina vows to kill herself if she will endanger the others in any way. Why does Dr. Van Helsing tell her this can not be?

4. How does Van Helsing propose to enter the Count’s locked house in Piccadilly by daylight without drawing unnecessary attention?

5. Why does Van Helsing say that the group will be unlikely to run into the Count during the day?

6. What happens as a result of Van Helsing’s attempt to protect Mina from the Count while they are gone?

7. How does Van Helsing purify the boxes of earth at Carfax?

8. What are the men distressed to learn about the boxes of earth at the Piccadilly house?

9. What personal effects belonging to the Count do the men find at Piccadilly?

10. Describe the physical changes that have taken place in Jonathan Harker in the past twenty four hours.

11. What does Van Helsing learn of Count Dracula’s mortal life?

12. What message is delivered to Van Helsing at the Piccadilly house?

13. Who is the first to attempt to attack the Count upon Dracula’s arrival at Piccadilly?

14. How does the Count escape capture from the group at Piccadilly?

15. What does the Count desperately attempt to take with him as he escaped from the house?

16. What is the noise that Mina hears outside their bedroom in the night?

17. What request does Mina make of Van Helsing?

18. With what information is Mina able to supply Van Helsing?

Chapters 24-25:

1. Where does Van Helsing believe that the Count is going?

2. What news does the man from Doolittle’s Wharf share with Van Helsing?

3. Why does the Czarina Catherine not sail out on time?

4. Why do Jonathan Harker and the others feel so compelled to follow the Count even though he is leaving the country?

5. Explain Van Helsing’s comparison of Dracula to a tiger.

6. What is a constant reminder that the events surrounding Dracula are real and not a dream?

7. Why does Van Helsing propose to keep Mina in the dark about the group’s plans for the Count?

8. What weapon does Quincey Morris suggest the group should add to their arsenal?

9. What request does Mina make regarding the group’s journey to follow the Count?

10. What solemn promise does Mina ask of Jonathan Harker and the other men?

11. What does Mina ask Jonathan to read for her?

12. What does Mina claim to hear when Van Helsing puts her into a hypnotic trance?

13. Who is “Judge Money-bag” that Jonathan Harker refers to in his journal?

14. What news does Van Helsing and the others receive about the Czarina Catherine?

15. How did the Count find out that Van Helsing and the others were chasing him?

16. What makes Van Helsing so absolutely certain that the Count is returning to his castle in Transylvania?
Chapters 26-27:

1. What does Van Helsing learn from Mina in her hypnotic state?

2. What seems to be happening to Mina’s hypnotic trances?

3. What had the Romanians on the crew of the Czarina Catherine requested several times of their captain?

4. What becomes of Petrof Skinsky who has claimed the Count’s box from the ship?

5. What does Mina do for which Van Helsing and the others heartily congratulated her?

6. What single word does Mina hesitate to write in her journal?

7. How does the group divide its members in order to best capture the Count?

8. How does Lord Godalming manage to trick boat owners to allow him to search their vessels along the river?

9. What seems to arouse the superstitions of the people that Van Helsing and Mina meet along their journey?

10. Describe the changes in Mina’s behavior since she and Van Helsing separated from the others.

11. What precaution does Van Helsing take when he and Mina are forced to sleep outside for the night?

12. What does Van Helsing see in the mist during the night?

13. Although Mina is safe from vampires inside her circle, what other danger concerns Van Helsing?

14. Van Helsing hesitates before killing the first vampire woman. What brings him back to his sense of purpose?

15. What happens to each of the female vampires once Van Helsing has purified them?

16. What does Van Helsing see through his field glass as he stood upon the large rock?

17. How is Count Dracula finally destroyed?

18. What becomes of the members of the group after their terrible ordeal?

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