1. To describe the Spanish conquest of the Americas beginning with Columbus

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CHAPTER 4 Overview; Interact with History; Section 1 Lesson Plan

Spanish Conquests in the Americas
Section 1 Objectives

1. To describe the Spanish conquest of the Americas beginning with Columbus.

2. To describe the conquest of the Aztec and Inca by the Spanish.

3. To identify the effects of Spanish colonization on the Americas.


Introduce the Chapter

__ Connect History with Geography

PE, pp. 100–101

__ Interact with History

PE, p. 102
Focus and Motivate

__ 5-Minute Warm-Up

Warm-Up Transparency 20

__ Discuss Main Idea and Why It Matters Now

PE, p. 103

__ Read the section

PE, pp. 103–109

Unit 1 In-Depth Resources: Guided Reading, p. 68

__ Discuss key questions

TE, pp. 103, 105, 107–108

__ Map: European Exploration of the Americas, 1492–1682

PE, p. 104

__ History Makers: Hernando Cortés, Montezuma II

PE, p. 105

__ Global Impact: Smallpox Epidemics in the Americas

PE, p. 106

__ More About: What Columbus Found, Magellan, Cultural Differences, Smallpox,

Pueblo Resistance

TE, pp. 104–106, 108

__ Different Perspectives: The Legacy of Columbus

PE, p. 109

__ History Makers: Magellan, Cortés

Unit 1 In-Depth Resources, pp. 82–83

__ Art: Meeting of Cortés and Montezuma

World Art and Cultures Transparencies AT43

__ Critical Thinking: Making a Chart

TE, p. 107

__ Primary Source: from The Journal of Christopher Columbus, from Broken Spears

Unit 1 In Depth Resources, pp.75–77


Connections Across the Curriculum

__ Science

TE, p. 107

__ Literature: from The Feathered Serpent

Unit 1 In-Depth Resources, pp. 79–81

Customize Instruction

__ Less Proficient Readers

Reading Study Guide, pp. 41–42

__ Multiple Learning Styles: Interpersonal Learners, Linguistic Learners

TE, p. 105

__ Students Acquiring English/ESL: Spanish and English Vocabulary

TE, p. 106

Access for Students Acquiring English, pp. 49, 51, 52

Spanish Reading Study Guide, pp. 41–42
Integrate Technology

__ Electronic Teacher Tools

__ Test Generator

Section 1 Quiz

__ Electronic Library of Primary Sources

from Letter to King Charles V of Spain

__ The World’s Music CD

__ Using the Internet

Assess & Reteach

__ Section 1 Assessment

PE, p. 108

__ Section 1 Quiz

Formal Assessment, p. 70

__ Reteaching Activity

TE, p. 108

__ Role-Playing

TE, p. 108
Block Scheduling Options

__ Cooperative Activity: Displaying Explorers’ Sailing Ships

TE, p. 104

Integrated Assessment Book


Homework Assignments
Other Teaching Materials

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