1. Title Community-Based Management and Conservation in Africa Authors Narcisa Pricope Susan Caplow

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12. Additional Case Study Options

  1. Introduce a non-governmental organization (NGO) representative to the small group discussions. This person would be given additional information to the group about the larger regional initiatives regarding KAZA and conservation of wildlife. The perspective would be from an advocacy position- as in, “this NGO comes into your village and tells you they think you should move” - so this might either get people to defer to authority or become defiant.

  2. An “expert” climate/hydrologist/water-something scientist who has study regional hydro-metrological patterns has been invited to the meeting to talk to the villagers about projections over the next10-20 years regarding river flows, rainfall…something along these lines…An example would be to inform locals that it will much drier most years but when it rains there will be intense flooding along river front…

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