1. The Providence Sunday Journal

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Mr. Martin's World War II Internet Scavenger Hunt

1. The Providence Sunday Journal

_____________________ What was the date of this edition of The Providence Sunday Journal?

2. War Letters

_____________________ Paul Spangler was a doctor treating the wounded at Pearl Harbor. In his letter, he writes that he gave the "helpless" cases a drug to kill the pain until they died. What was the name of that pain killer?

3. The Day after Pearl Harbor

_____________________ Locate the picture of President Roosevelt taken on December 8, 1941. What document is he signing?

4. The History Place

_____________________ According to the timeline, on what date did Germany declare war on the United States?

5. Four Freedoms

Scroll down to the four posters. What were the "Four Freedoms" which FDR claimed all people should enjoy?

a. ______________________________________
b. ______________________________________
c. ______________________________________
d. ______________________________________

_____________________________ What is the name of the artist who created the "Four Freedoms" posters? (Click to enlarge.) (Click to see more posters listed at the bottom.)

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