1. The country that has had the most enduring influence on worldwide sports and games is

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Title: World Sport

1. The country that has had the most enduring influence on worldwide sports and games is

a. the United States

*b. the United Kingdom

c. Germany

d. Japan
Title: World Sport

2. The two most popular sports worldwide are

a. soccer and baseball

b. basketball and baseball

*c. soccer and basketball

d. football and soccer
Title: Expansion of Global Sport

3. Which of the following is not an explanation for the growth of sport globally?

a. growth of the economic model of sports

b. media technology that links the world

c. movement of athletes and coaches from country to country

*d. increase in feelings of nationalistic pride

Title: International Players in Major League Baseball

4. The percentage of international players in Major League Baseball is

a. 10%

b. 20%

*c. 30%

d. 40%
Title: Television Consumers of World Sport

5. The countries that have the highest percentage of the population watching sporting events on television are

*a. China and Japan

b. the United States and England

c. Spain and France

d. Mexico and Brazil

e. Germany and Italy

Title: International Athletes in the United States

6. Many international athletes make their home in the United States because

a. they come to enjoy American life

*b. they find economic opportunity through major competitions

c. their sponsor contract requires it

d. they like the favorable climate

Title: Global Manufacturing of Athletic Clothing and Equipment

7. What factor produced the global expansion of athletic clothing and equipment?

a. explosion in global sports

b. the Internet

*c. cheaper labor and manufacturing costs

d. accessibility to air travel

Title: Gender Bias in International Sport

8. Around the world, opportunities for women in sport have grown rapidly in recent years except in

a. secular countries

b. Christian nations

*c. Muslim countries

d. Jewish nations

Type: E

Title: Worldwide Popularity of Soccer

9. Explain at least three reasons why soccer is the world’s most popular sport.

a. Soccer is relatively inexpensive to play, can accommodate large numbers of players on a field, and can be played by both genders.

Soccer does not limit participation at the highest levels to those with unusual physical attributes such as height or weight. That encourages people of all body types to play soccer.

Soccer has the longest history and tradition of any worldwide sport other than perhaps track and field or swimming. The teamwork required in soccer makes it different from individual sports.

Superstars in soccer have come from many countries, inspiring the youth, attracting media attention, and creating national pride.

Type: E

Title: Potential for Global Expansion of American Football

10. In spite of the popularity of American football in the United States, it has only grown internationally in spectator interest in the Super Bowl. Discuss the reasons why it has not flourished as a participant sport in other countries.

a. Football has a lack of tradition or history in other countries, who are devoted to the tradition of association football (soccer). The trend toward larger physical size among football players eliminates athletes from many cultures. The expense of supporting football teams is enormous compared to expenses for most other sports, and the risk of injury is great. Educational systems worldwide cannot provide free training and competition through schools, so the model that works in the United States would have to be adapted to other nations.
Directory: acucustom -> sitename -> Documents -> DocumentItem
DocumentItem -> Title: Exercise Prescription
DocumentItem -> Title: Race Versus Ethnicity Which of the following statements is false?
DocumentItem -> 1. Research findings indicate that exercise is associated with
DocumentItem -> *a teaching, research, and consulting b teaching, administration, and consulting
DocumentItem -> Title: History of the Olympic Games Which of the following statements is
DocumentItem -> Title: Physical Activity Sociology
DocumentItem -> This chapter provides a brief history of leisure and recreation, starting with the ancient Greeks and continuing into the 21st century
DocumentItem -> Title: Sport Industry Environment
DocumentItem -> Title: Leading Causes of Death The leading cause of death in the United States is

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