1. ss. Cc. Religious of Spain whose Process of canonization has been introduced in Rome

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1. SS.CC. Religious of Spain whose Process of canonization has been introduced in Rome



Death: place

Death: date

1. F. Teófilo (Benjamin) Fernandez de Legaria Goñi

38 años

El Escorial - Madrid


2. F. Gonzalo (Fortunato) Barron Nanclares

37 años



3. F. Isidro (Juan) Iñiguez de Ciriano Abechuco

35 años



4. F. Eladio (Leoncio) López Ramos

32 años



5. F. Mario (Luis) Ros Escurra

26 años



2. SS.CC. Religious of Spain who were not given an Ordinary Diocesan Process



Death: place

Death: date

1. F. Luis (Félix) Izurriaga Esparza

33 años


2. F. Rodolfo (Luciano) Arteagabeitia Chavarria

24 años

El Escorial - Madrid

3. F. Pascual (Antonio) Olarte Espeso

30 años


4. F. Paulino (Fernando) Rodríguez Candela

26 años


5. Br. Cándido (Gabino) Iturrate Larrea

56 años



6. Br. Eulogio, (Alejo) Hernández Lorente

48 años


7. Br. Luis (Agustín) Diez y Güemes

46 años



8. Br. Estudiante: Jacinto (Luis) Mendoza Sádaba

20 años

El Escorial - Madrid


9. Br. Estudiante: Inocencio (Augusto) Bruyel Gutiérrez

19 años

El Escorial - Madrid


Note: The names in parenthesis, are their baptismal names.

1.- F. Teófilo (Benjamín)(1) Fernández de Legaria Goñi, (38 years)

2.- F. Isidro (Juan) Iñiguez de Ciriano Abechuco, (35 years)
3.- F. Gonzalo (Fortunato) Barrón Nanclares, (37 years)
4.- F. Eladio (Leoncio) López Ramos, (32 years)
5.- F. Mario (Luis) Ros Ezcurra, (26 years)
6.- F. Luis (Félix) Izurriaga Esparza, (33 years)
7.- F. Rodolfo (Luciano) Arteagabeitia Chavarria, (24 years)
8.- F. Pascual (Antonio) Olarte Espeso, (30 years)
9.- F. Paulino (Fernando) Rodríguez Candela, (26 years)
10.- Hº Luis (Agustín) Diez y Güemes, (46 years)
11.- Hº Cándido (Gabino) Iturrate Larrea, (56 years)
12.- Hº Jacinto (Luis) Mendoza Sádaba, estudiante, (20 years)
13.- Hº Inocencio (Augusto) Bruyel Gutiérrez, estudiante, (19 years)
14.- Hº Eulogio, (Alejo) Hernández Lorente, ss.cc., (48 years)


Murdered in The Escorial August 11,1936. Natural of Torralba del Rio (Navarra), he was born July 5,1898. It professed September 1,1916. Ordained priest on September 22, 1923, in Santander. For his excellent qualities he went to study in Rome, where he reached a doctor's degree in Sacred Theology, in the Papal Gregorian University, in July 1925. At the age of 28 years he was vice-rector of the School in Madrid. Two years later he was already the Superior of it, alternating his multiple occupations with the spiritual direction of the Associations of Graduates and Doctors of San Isidro and San Cosme and San Damián. At the same time he achieved a Degree in Philosophy and Letters in the University of Salamanca. He distinguished himself in a special way in the defense of the rights of the Catholic Church in the difficult years of the Spanish Republic. In August of 1935 it was named Superior and Director of the Escholasticate of the Congregation in El Escorial. During his brief Superiorate he left an indelible memory among his students. His time in the escolasticate was a special grace. His activity was incredible; his zeal, extraordinary, inculcating in the students veneration and big love toward the priesthood.

When thed Civil War started in July 1936, he was in El Escorial with other professors and the young ss.cc students. He transformed the House into a Blood hospital, staying there as director of the hospital and the professors and young brothers as male nurses. But the situation outside was each time worse and after a few days the professors and students were taken to Madrid, in trucks. He stayed taking care of the house with four lay Brothers, already of age. Three days after a militiaman arrived with wounded, and he recognized Father Teófilo, from whom he has received many favors in Madrid, while being Superior of the School. He denounced him and demanded that he leave the House. That same night they came for him with two cars and while he was having dinner with doctors and male nurses took him, gun in hand. Without any trial, he was driven to the outskirts of The Escorial, about three kms. away to a place called "La Piedra del Mochuelo". After having allowed him to pray and to write some lines to his mother, they shot him in the back while he was vwalking to a wall. His body, with that of other three priests of The Escorial that were killed minutes later, appeared the following day, August 12,1936, in that same place. He was interred in the Cemetery of San Lorenzo del Escorial. He was 38 years old. His Beatification Cause has been introduced in Rome.


Shot in Madrid October 2, 1936. He was natural of Legarda (Alava), born on March 8 1901, to a deeply Christian family. He professed on June 22, 1919, and was ordained priest on March 28, 1925. He was austere with himself, but affable and charitable with all. He was Doctor in Canonical Law from the Gregorian University of Rome. He teached this subject and Moral Theology in our Seminar of The Escorial, with big success and with the great appreciation of his students. When the Civil War was declared, he continued in The Escorial, changing his teaching activity, for that of a male nurse, because the house became a blood hospital. On August 9 he was taken in a truck to Madrid with other priests and religious students to the General Address of Security. Then, being freed, he found himself in the street without knowing anybody and with almost no money in the pocket. He took refuge in a pension, from which he almost never went out, not knowing anyone in Madrid. He devoted himself to religious practices. But soon his desires of martyrdom would be crowned. On October 1 some militiamen presented themselves in the Pension and Father Isidro opened the door for them. When they saw him they told him squarely, "you are a curate". And he did not deny it. They took him with other two religious. They made them a mockery trial and they were condemned for being priests. Taking advantage the hours of darkness, at the night of October 1 to 2, the murderers gave a bloody death to Father Isidro. He appeared shot in the morning of October 2, in the East Highway of Madrid. His cadaver being recognized, he was buried in the Cemetery of Madrid. He was 35 years old. His beatification Process has been opened in Rome.

3.      F. GONZALO (Fortunato) BARRON NANCLARES,ss.cc.:

Murdered in Madrid September 2, 1936. He was natural of Ollauri (Logroño). Born on October 20,1899. He professed on August 5, 1917. He was ordained priest on March 17,1923. In the short space of twelve years he preached more than 17.000 sermons. His burning zeal gave him time and strength for everything. He was the apostle of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart and of the Night Adoration in the Homes in Spain. He ended up gathering up to 40.000 night worshipers. He was surprised by the war in Madrid in his habitual address. He was very well known in Madrid because of their preaching in the “Cerro de los Angeles” (Madrid), and he was very sought, so he changed places from time to time. He could not stay hidden for long, knowing that there were so many that suffered or that needed spiritual help. For this reason he left the Legation of Honduras, where he stayed for some time, and went to live with a well-known family. In one of his exits from house they followed him down the street until they surrounded and detained him. It was September 1,1936. They gave him a mockery trial, in which he declared, according to a friend witness that he was a priest and that he had preached several times in the “Cerro de los Angeles”, because that was his mission. The following day he was found shot, in the Race Course in the outskirts of Madrid. He was 37 old. His beatification has been introduced.

4.   FATHER ELADIO (Leoncio) LOPEZ RAMOS, ss.cc.:

Shot in Madrid on August 8 1936. Natural of Laroco (Orense). he was born on November 16,1904. He professed on September 9, 1924. Ordered priest on August 25, 1929 in The Escorial. He finished his studies and was sent to the School of Madrid, as children's professor. Later he was dedicated to the Sacred Ministry in Christ the King church, next to the school. In February of 1936, he entered the Cartuja "Aula Dei" of Zaragoza. It tried the new life, but lack of health obliged him to return to Madrid, returning again to his ordinary life of priestly ministry. He demonstrated a big love for withdrawal and for prayer life, leaving behind fame of interior life and of intense pity. He had in the same Congregation another brother priest and a religious sister.

When the revolution in Spain, took place in July of 1936, he had to abandon the school and to take refuge in a pension. Before he had declared clearly that he was a priest and that he was willing to carry out the sacrifice of his life, if the Lord requested it from him. The owner of the pension was a good Catholic, but she had in the service of the pension a girl of anti-religious ideas. Knowing the priestly character of Father Eladio she freely expressed her anti-religious hate saying that it was necessary to kill all the priests. She denounced the stay of father Eladio in the pension and his priestly character. The militiamen of the Liberal Athenaeum proceeded to detain him. It was August 7, 1936. They were presented themselves in the pension asking for the priests lived there. They were three. And they took them away, but they finally left them free for the moment. They returned for them the following day. When they entered his room, he admitted flatly that he didn't have documentation and that he was a priest; that they could do with him what they wanted. That same night he was condemned to death and shot. His body appeared in the morning of August 8 1936 and was recognized by his Provincial Superior, in the Judicial Deposit. He was 32 years old. His beatification cause is introduced in Rome.

Murdered in Madrid in the night from the 14 to the 15 of August 1936. He was born in Lezáun (Navarra), on April 30 1910. He professed on August 15, 1929. He was ordained priest on July 21, 1935. He made hisstudies in the Apostolic School of the SS.CC. in Miranda de Ebro. Ve was very simple in his treatment to others, and very sincere. "He/ didn't know how to lie" as he said it himself. Ordained priest in 1935, he was sent to the School of Madrid, from where he had to leave the following year and take refuge in the Pension "María Isabel", his uncles' property. The night of the 13 to the 14 of August 1936 he was detained in this Pension. He had a mockery trial in which he declared to be “religious of the ss.cc., and priest". In the night of the 14 to the 15 he was taken to the outskirts of Madrid and shot. His cadaver was found the following day, with his face destroyed by bullets. He was recognized by his uncles and interred in the Cemetery. His eatification Cause has been introduced in Rome. He was 26 years old.


He was natural of Olite (Navarra). Born on March 30, 1903, to a very Christian family. He/ made his studies in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), in Seminar of the Congregation of the SS.CC. After his Religious Profession, on November 1,1921, he went to Torrelavega (Cantabria) where he made his studies of Philosophy and Theology. Ordained priest, on March 24,1928, he was sent to the School of Madrid, being in charge of the section of the smallest children, among whom he would make his apostolate of predilection: zeal for the souls and the work for the prosperity of the Congregation. He loved the children very much and he tried to ensure that they frequented the sacred sacraments. The love of the souls devoured him. He worked in the Enthronement and Night Adoration, in “Reinado Social” and in the missions.

He was engaged in this big and nice work of the missions wen the War was declared, on July 18, 1936. As other Priests he left the School and he took refuge in some friends' house. But the housemaid they had knew him, and denounced him, so he had to escape. He left for a pension where he stayed some time, being devoted to the ministry, even outside of the house, going to where ever they called him. The Paseo de los Recoletos of Madrid was for him an appointment place with the many people that wanted to speak with him or to receive the Sacred Sacraments. From the Pension he transferred to the Legation of Honduras, where other Priests of his Congregation were staying. He did not stay there very long, leaving from there to go to the Pension "María Isabel", in the Gran Via, and later to the Pension "San Anton" of the street S. Bernardo, 58, Madrid. Here he was detained on September 29, 1936, by the militiamen of the CNT, for not being sufficiently documented. They took him to the General Address of Security. From there he was driven to the Model Jail on October 9, where he still was able to exercise his Sacred Ministry, as a the Redemptorist Father Ibarrola recalled that in a certain occasion Father Luis told him:: “I am persuaded that they will shoot me; but I don't care. I have made the sacrifice long ago. May the Lord do with me, what He wants.

Indeed, in a cold evening of November 1936, he believes that they took him with others out of the Model threatening them with rifles and guns. They tied their hands behind with strong wire, but they didn't take them to kill them but rather transferred them to the jail of San Antón. He did not remain long there. A new order sentenced him many more to the death penalty. A penalty that was to be carried on immediately. In several cars they took them to an uncertain point: … Paracuellos de Jarama?. That is the most probable place that was there, beside the Jarama. Taken out of the cars they made them dig their own grave, and when it was finished, they put them in line next to it and they shot them. The precise place is not known. He was 33 years old.


Was murdered in Torrejón of Ardoz (Madrid). He was natural of Baracaldo (Viscaya). Born on June 30,1912. He professed in the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts on August 15, 1929. He was ordained as priest on December 21,1935. Adorned of excellent oratorical qualities, he yearned to preach Jesus Christ’s love in all the pulpits of Spain, and he preached it, but with his martyrdom. He was captured in Madrid, according to the certification of the General Address of Security, "September 29, 1936, for not having the required documents. On October 9 of the same year he entered in the jail". Then in one of the famous "you are taken out" he was taken with many other prisoners in trucks to a place called “Las Heras de Torrejón de Ardoz”. When the trucks arrived there they stopped before a grave a hundred meters long for three meters wide and two of depth, according to a witness. Next to the grave, and tied elbow to elbow, they were shot, some still falling alive in the grave. This happened on November 7 1936, when he was 24 years old.

In the General Cause of Spain, of Madrid, in the certification of December 15,1952, it atests: "In the same Piece (Nº 2 "religious") and on the pages 209 and 240, it appears that Don Rodolfo Arteagabeitia, religious of the Sacred Hearts was murdered."
8.      F. PASCUAL (Antonio) OLARTE Y ESPESO, ss.cc.:

Murdered by the reds (communists) in Barcelona. He was natural of Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), born on December 2, 1909. He professed on August 22, 1925. Was ordained priest on March 21,1931. He had a kind and free character. He loved the children, to whom he dedicated practically all his short religious life. The “reds” cut his life at the age of 30 years. When the War began he took refuge, with the F. Paulino Rodríguez, at the home of Mrs. Pilar Iñigo de Salas, well known by the Priests. The boyfriend of one of the sisters of Mrs. Pilar Iñigo de Salas denounced them. Soon, some thirty militiamen of the FAI arrived asking for them. As they were outside of house, in the cinema, they waited for them until late at night. But the family was able to warn them in the cinema so that they would not go that night to the house. They went to the Street Aragon to the house of some well known porters, where they spent the night. The militiamen threatened the family of considering it as Fascist, if the Priests were not presented in twenty-four hours. So them, not wanting to create problems to the family, gave themselves up, thinking the communists would believe they were young people arrived for the Olympiads. They didn't know that the accusation had been "to be religious". So they arrested them. It seems to be it was the on August 12 1936. And they probably disappeared on the 15, the Feast the Virgin's Assumption, to the foot of the Tibidabo, in what is called the "Rabasada", in Barcelona.


Was murdered in Barcelona, in unknown date, Probably toward August 15, 1936. Born on November 21, 1910; he professed in the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts on August 22,1930 in San Miguel del Monte, (Burgos). He was ordained priest on July 21, 1935. He was very devote of the Virgin Mary. When the national movement began, in July of 1936, he was in the house that the fathers of the SS.CC. had in the street of Republica Argentina, 236, Barcelona. Together with father Pascual Olarte, he left this house, shared with him, his life, until his death, suffering the same vicissitudes. They were together until death surprised them. (See what was said of Father Pascual Olarte). He died in Barcelona at 20 years of age. Then place is unknown, although, according to some, it was in the Rabasada, at the foot of the Tibidabo, in the dawn of August 15,1936.


Natural of Jugo, diocese of Vitoria, he was born on February 18, 1880. He professed November 1,1898, lay rother. His humility, obedience and self-denial have been crowned with the glory of the martyrdom suffered in Madrid. He was 56 years of age old.

By a declaration of Sister Teresa Pilar Rondán, ss.cc., it is known that after leaving the School of Martin of the Heros, 85, Madrid, he sought refuge in the floor that the religious had in Francisco Rojas, nº 2. As that apartment was very watched over (it had already had some registrations), he went to the house of Sister Pilar’s brother that had a pension, accompanied by another Sister. He went there, but they refused to shelter him because the owners of the pension knew they were being very much watched over, and that would dangerous for the Brother. Indeed, when leaving, Brother Cándido that had a modest and religious behavior that breathed an idea of sanctity that gave to know that he was a religious, the witness affirms, the militiamen harassed him with questions and they took him away. The Sister that accompanied him could escape. Maybe he was taken to the jail of S. Antón. There is who assures that that same night they shot him.
11. BROTHER LUIS (Agustín) DIEZ Y GÜEMES, ss.cc.:

Was murdered in Barcelona, probably at the end of September of 1936. Born in Castrillo de Rucios (Burgos), on October 7, 1889, of very Christian family that had the glory of having given eight priests to the church, of them five in the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts. He professed like lay Brother, on August 22, 1909 in Miranda del Ebro (Burgos). Excellent worker. He was 46 years old. Denounced by a painter nicknamed the "Sorolla", he died in Barcelona, on September 19, according to Mrs. Mercedes Recolons that was imprisoned with him. An acquaintance, Angel Casas Villamar, says to have seen, in the Clinic of Barcelona, the picture of Brother Luis Díez, shot. It is ignored where hewas buried.

12. Hº JACINTO (Luis) MENDOZA SADABA, ss.cc., (student):

Shot in Paracuellos of the Jarama, probably the same day that Father. Rodolfo Arteagabeitia, ss.cc., November 7, 1936. He was born in Cárcar (Navarra) on September 14, 1916. Baptized, the 15.09.1916. His parents: Eulogio and Pascuala. He was confirmed on November 7, 1922. He professed in the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts on February 4, 1934. He was in The Escorial (Madrid) studying Philosophy when the Spanish Civil War began on July 18 1936. On August 9 he was taken with all his religious companions and four Priests to the General Address of Security of Madrid. There after taking them the corresponding data, they left them in freedom, having to look for each one on their own. This is what Brother Jacinto Mendoza did. But he was captured and taken to the jail, from where they took out to an unknown destination in November 1936. It seems that he died in Paracuellos of the Jarama (Madrid), shot, at the 20 years of age. A Certification of December 15, 1952, made by the General Address of Security, in Madrid, says: "In the Doc. nº 3 "Jails and Sacks" and in the corresponding to the Model Jail, D. Luis Mendoza Sádaba, was taken out in an expedition on November 6-8, 1936, to be murdered."

According to the testimony of the chauffeur of the bus that drove them, who was brother of some ss.cc. religious, he was taken in that same bus to Paracuellos, where they took all of them out and they were shot while they shouted: "Long live Christ the King."
13. Brother INOCENCIO (Augusto) BRUYEL GUTIÉRREZ, ss.cc., (student):

Murdered in Madrid in unknown date and place He was born in....... October 7 1917. He professed in the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts on September 29 1935, in San Miguel of the Monte (Burgos). He was a student of Philosophy, in The Escorial (Madrid), when the civil war caught him there on July 18 1936. After a few days, days, he was taken with his student companions and four Professors, to Madrid, to the General Address of Security, where they left them in freedom, after having taken their declarations. He had to look for a refuge where and how he could. It is ignored when he was captured again and where he was murdered. Very probably in one of so many " take you out" that they made of the jails and from which those that left, never returned. He had only 19 years.

14. Brother EULOGIO (Alejo) HERNANDEZ LORENTE, ss.cc.:

Murdered in Luno (Biscay). He was from Cárcar (Navarra). Born July 17 1988. He professed August 5, 1917, as Lay Brother. A simple man in this relationships, very hard-working and trustworthy in his duty. His yearning was to please all. He lived in the darkness and his death remains in the dimness, not being known many details of his martyrdom.

For a declaration of Inocencia Gainza,, residing in Bilbao, in 1953, it is known that he was firstly refugee in a nationalist's house. Then, escaping from Guernica, he arrived to Rigoitia to the witness's house. This would be toward April 1937. Then he went to the house of another Family (of Faustino Monasterio), where he stayed about three days, until the miners troops from Santander, arrived. He went every day to an abandoned mine that was used as a refuge. Here they caught him as a spy and a Fascist. Then they killed him, and they buried him in Barrengoneta. Every body said in the same declaration, that in the refuge, he always said the rosary and was praying and would not speak with anybody. He was 48 years old.

1.- The names placed in the parentesis are their baptidmal names.

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