1. Socializing Warm up

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Activity 1.
A. Which of the following areas do you work in (or would you like to work in)? Why?
1.Sales and marketing 4.Administration and personnel
2.Finance 5.Production
3.Management 6.Research and development (R&D)
B. What should you do to get ahead in your career? Choose the four most important tips from the list below. Compare your ideas in a group and try to agree on a final choice.

  1. Change companies often

  2. Use charm with your superiors

  3. Attend all meetings

  4. Go to your company’s social functions

  5. Be energetic and enthusiastic at all times

  6. Be the last to leave work every day

  7. Find an experienced person to give you help and advice

  8. Study for extra qualifications in your free time

C. The phrases below all include the word ‘career’. Match them to their correct meanings.
1. career move a) chances to start/improve your career
2. career break b) ideas you have for your future career
3. career plan c) something you do in order to progress in your job
4. career opportunities d) period of time away from your job to, for example, look after your children
Activity 2.

  1. Complete these sentences with the verbs from the box.

make take have decide offer

  1. Employees in large multinationals …………… excellent career opportunities if they are willing to travel.

  2. Some people ………….. a career break to do something adventurous like sailing round the world or going trekking in India.

  3. One way to …………….. a career move is to join a small but rapidly growing company.

  4. Certain companies ……………. career opportunities to the long-term unemployed or to people without formal qualifications.

  5. Ambitious people often ……………….. on a career plan while they are still at school or university.

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