1. Socializing Warm up

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Main activity



Paper manufacturer

manages IT systems



Finance house

meets clients

Da The

Project manager

Mobile phone company

deals with payments


System developer

Travel company

checks contracts

Activity3. Speaking
Here are some different jobs.

  1. research scientist

  2. lawyer

  3. engineer

  4. teacher

  5. secretary

  6. pilot

  7. doctor

  8. accountant

  9. salesperson

  1. Who earns the most? Who earns the least?

  2. Which is the most interesting job?

  3. Which job has the most responsibility?

  4. Which job would you prefer to do? Why?

Activity 4. Look at the adjectives below. Match each of the definitions (a-g) with one of the adjectives.

calm outgoing punctual
ambitious practical dynamic
sensitive persuasive good with figures
patient reliable good with words
precise hard-working energetic


  1. Someone who wants to get to the top

  2. Someone who thinks of other people’s feelings

  3. Someone who doesn’t panic

  4. Someone who rarely makes mistakes

  5. Someone who you can trust or count on

  6. Someone who can change people’s opinions

  7. Someone who is good at finding solutions to problems

Now match the adjectives in 4 with jobs in Activity 3. Make sentences like this:
An accountant must be good with figures.

Activity 5 .Look at the organization chart and use these job titles and company departments to complete it.
• Stores & Transport
• Export Sales Manager (Export Sales Director)
• Chief Accountant (Financial Controller)
• Health & Safety
• Advertising & Sales Promotion Manager (Advertising Director)
• Production Foreman
• Development Manager (Director R & D)
• Company Training Manager (Director of Training)
NOTE: (...) indicates American titles.

Unit 4. Careers

Warm up
Discuss these questions

  1. How ambitious are you?

  2. Do you have a career plan? Where do you want to be in 10 years' time?

  3. Which of the following would you prefer to do?

  1. Work for one company during your career

  2. Work for several different companies

  3. Work for yourself

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