1. Socializing Warm up

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Executive Secretary

Someone who does secretarial work for top management.

Sales and Marketing Manager

Someone who heads the department that advertises and sells the product.

Sales Representative

Someone who is responsible for selling the product to customers.

Production Manager

Someone who heads the department responsible for manufacturing the product.

Personnel Manager

Someone who heads the department responsible for staff matters, such as the hiring of employees.

R & D Manager
(research and development)

Someone who heads the department responsible for scientific research and the development of new products.

Finance Director

Someone responsible for running the company's financial affairs.


Someone who keeps the accounts in the finance department.


Someone who sits in the lobby, answers the phone, and greets visitors.

Activity 6. Choose right answers for the following sentences.
1.Mr Scott works in the finance department. His job is to make sure that the company's financial records are correct.
a. Accountant b. Shop Steward c. Engineer d. Majority Shareholder
2.Mrs Cameron is in charge of a department or part of a department. Her job is to tell people what to do and when to do it.
a. Accountant b. Personal Assistant c. Director d. Manager
3.Mr Boswell works in the legal department. His job is to know how the law affects the company. Начало формы
a. Accountant b. Majority Shareholder c. Director d. Lawyer
4.Mr McFee works in Research and development. His job is to design machinery.
a. Director b. Shop Steward c. Engineer d. Manager
5. Mr Glasgee works in the factory. He represents the local trade union in its dealings with the management.
a. Engineer b. Shop Steward c. Lawyer d. Personal Assistant
6.Mrs Gonergill is one of the senior members of the company. She and her associates decide the future of the company, and elect the chief executive officer.
a. Engineer b. Shop Steward c. Director d. Manager
7.Mr Brown is one of the owners of the company. He owns the most shares of the company in the stock market.
a. Majority Shareholder b. Engineer c. Director d. Lawyer
8.Miss Phearson helps her boss organise her day, and prepare for meetings. She reminds her of appointments and works closely with the secretary.
a. Majority Shareholder b. Personal Assistant c. Lawyer d. Director

Unit 3. Explaining your job

Activity 1. When you introduce yourself, it is common to say something about your job and where you work. Look at the following phrases. Match each phrase with a question a-d.

  1. I’m a... (graphics designer)

  2. I work as a ... (consultant)

  3. I work for... (a media company)

  4. We provide ... (web design services)

  5. I'm responsible for... (project management/managing projects)

  6. My main role is to ... (meet with clients, sell our services)

a. What kind of company do you work for?
b. What does your company do?
c. What do you do in your job?
d. What's your job?

Activity2. Listen to four people explaining their job and job activities. Match the jobs, companies and main activities with the person. What other activities does each person do?(T.1)

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