1. Socializing Warm up

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1. Socializing
Warm up

  • How often do you need to use English with visitors at work, or how often will you need to in the future?

  • What do you find difficult about making ‘small talk’ in English?

Activity 1. Greeting people and making introductions

  1. Listen to Monica Steiner, who works for a Swiss multinational company, being met by two American colleagues at an airport in New York, and answer the questions below. (T.1)

Has Monica met her colleagues before? How do you know?
1 Monica has not met her colleagues before. Michael introduces himself and Siobhan.
What questions do they ask Monica?
2 This refers to the 'non-introductory' questions which Michael and Siobhan ask Monica: Is this your first time in New York? Can I take your bag? Now was your flight?

  1. In the dialogue, Monica, Michael and Siobhan use typical phrases for greetings and

introductions. Listen again and write their responses in the table below. You will add more phrases later. (T.1)


In your country, do you have formal rituals, such as bowing, or exchanging business cards, which show individuals’ status and other people’s acceptance of this status?

  • Do you use first names, family names, or job titles (‘Mr. President’) in meetings and negotiations?

  • If your country doesn’t do these things, do you know any countries that do?

Activity 2. Talking about your career
Listen to Michael and Monica discussing their careers over a cup of coffee, and complete the tape script below. (T.2)

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