1. Revolution Timeline According to the timeline, what major event happened in March 1770, that helped lead to the American War for Independence? 2

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Mr. Martin's American Revolution Internet Scavenger Hunt

1.  Revolution Timeline

________________According to the timeline, what major event happened in March 1770, that helped lead to the American War for Independence?

2.  The Boston Tea Party

________________Name one of the famous American patriots who took part in the Boston Tea Party.


3.  Tea is Dumped in Boston Harbor

________________According to this newspaper headline, how many chests of tea did the colonists dump into Boston Harbor during the "Boston Tea Party" on April 1, 1774?

4.  Quick Facts for You

________________Here are some quick facts. About what percentage of American colonists stayed loyal to Great Britain during the Revolutionary War?


5.  Minute Man Memorial

________________Read this account and look at the second photo down. Where can you find this Minute Man Memorial today?

6.  Compare the Sides

________________If you saw this chart before the American Revolution began, which side would you expect would win the war?


7.  Battle of Bunker Hill

________________According to this brief report on the Battle of Bunker Hill, how many British soldiers were killed or wounded there?

8.  "Hold Your Fire!"

________________According to this "Schoolhouse Rock" song, who was the American officer who said, "Hold your fire till you see the whites of their eyes," at the Battle of Bunker Hill?


9.   The Declaration of Independence

________________Look at the drawing of the Declaration of Independence being read from the balcony of the State House in July, 1776. In what city was that State House located?

10.  Patriots Sign The Declaration of Independence

________________Who was the first patriot to sign the Declaration of Independence? ("Two Hints: He was from Boston. You can see his large signature on the copy of the Declaration at the bottom of the web page.)


11.  "The Hessians Are Coming"

________________The British paid foreign soldiers to fight for them during the American Revolution. From which country did the "Hessian" mercenary soldiers come?

12.  General Washington and His Troops

________________In this famous painting, General Washington and his troops are crossing which river on their way to a victory against the Hessians at Trenton, New Jersey?


13.  Our Flag's Evolution

________________What was different about the American flag in 1777 from today's flag?

14.  Valley Forge

________________Read this student report on the American army's terrible winter at Valley Forge in 1778. Where were the British troops comfortably housed that winter?


15.  An Ally of the U.S.

________________In 1778, which European country signed an alliance with the United States, and agreed to help the new nation in its war for independence against Great Britain?

16.  Test Your AR Knowledge!

________________See if you can answer this short quiz about the American Revolution. How many of the five questions did you answer correctly?


17.   A Soldier from Massachusetts

________________What was the real identity of "Robert Shurtliffe" (a soldier from Plympton, Massachusetts) who served in the Revolutionary War?

18.   Poem for George Washington

________________Another famous Bostonian wrote a poem to General George Washington when the Revolution started. Who was Phyllis Wheatley?


19.  American Victory Attracts France to the War

______________One of the reasons the French decided to join the war was because of a great American victory in 1777. What was the name of that battle?

20.  Surrender at Yorktown

________________On October 19,1781, the British army surrendered to American and French forces at Yorktown, Virginia. Name the British commander who surrendered his army.


21.  Follow The Trail to Freedom!

______________One way the city of Boston celebrates its role in the American Revolution is through the Freedom Trail. Scroll down to "Travel the Trail" to begin this virtual tour. How many of the sites have you personally visited?

22.  Tea Overboard!

______________Tourists who visit Boston enjoy the Boston Tea Party Ship. In reality, there were three Tea Party ships. What were their names?


23.  Don't Tarnish Paul Revere's Reputation!

_______________Another stop on the Freedom Trail celebrates the life of Paul Revere. Although a man of many talents, what was Paul Revere's main occupation?

24.  Boston Landmark

________________The Bunker Hill Monument is one of the Freedom Trail's most photographed and recognizable sites. In what part of Boston is it located?


25.  Historic Burial Ground

_______________ Many Revolutionary War soldiers are buried in Boston's historic cemeteries, alongside other well-known people. Complete this gravestone rubbing. Who is buried here?

26.  First Ladies

_______________Click on the photo of any First Lady who interests you. Write down one brief fact about her career.

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