1. research paper 90 pts. Draft 20 pts. Full outline 40 pts

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2. DRAFT 20 PTS.



Suggested Topics:

Crime, Punishments and the Tower of London

Sports and Games

Weddings and Marriage

Masters and Servants

Life at court

Daily, Domestic Life

Title, Nobility and Rank

The City of London

Clothing and Fabrics

Education and Schooling

The Globe Theater

William Shakespeare

Henry VIII

Anne Boleyn

Tudor Design in Art and Architecture

Queen Elizabeth I

Christmas in Elizabethan England

Mary Tudor “Bloody Mary”

The Church of England

Puritans and other religions


Honor and Dueling

Mary, Queen of Scots

Children and Childhood

Stratford-on –Avon

1. RESEARCH PAPER: Using at least three book sources.

_ The completed Research Paper will consist of a eight paragraph essay in MLA Format. Reference your source or sources correctly in a Works Cited page, following MLA Format. No papers will be accepted without a Works Cited

page. No papers will be accepted if they are not typed.

-A minimum of three in-text, parenthetical citations are required, for any of the following: quotations, summaries, or paraphrases.

-You must include one quotation.

- Plan with a full outline (see example)

The Organization of your paper should include a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Beginning / Introduction: Get the reader’s attention, introduce the reader to the topic.

Interesting introductions might include one or more of the following:

An interesting quote

A startling statistic

A story about the subject of your paper

A dramatic fact about your subject

Conclude your Introduction with your Thesis Statement, a sentence giving the strongest statement of the main idea of the paper.

Middle / Body: In this part of the paper, you will present the information you have collected (Factual Level). You will want to organize the information so that you can present it in a clear and coherent manner. Decide what main points of information you want to include. You must have five main points. Develop a paragraph around each main point and arrange the paragraphs by order of importance or chronologically. In each of these paragraphs you may also draw conclusions about your topic based on the information you have gathered (Interpretive Level). Link ideas together

OUTLINE FORMAT (see full example)

I. Introduction:

A. Hook:

B. General Information:

C. Thesis:

II. Body Topic 1

A. Topic Sentence:

B. Evidence:

C. Analysis:

D. Tie Paragraph Together:

III. Body Topic 2

A. Topic Sentence:

B. Evidence:

C. Analysis:

D. Tie Paragraph Together:

IV. Body Topic 3

A. Topic Sentence:

B. Evidence:

C. Analysis:

D. Tie Paragraph Together:

V. Body Topic 4

A. Topic Sentence:

B. Evidence:

C. Analysis:

D. Tie Paragraph Together:

VI. Conclusion:

A. Thesis

B. So What Question: Respond

smoothly with transition words.

End / Conclusion: In this part of the paper you will begin by saying the Thesis Statement again, in slightly different words. Then you will summarize the main points and reinforce any conclusions you have drawn. You will also make some judgments about your subject (Evaluative Level). You should end this paragraph with an interesting statement about your subject that will give your reader something to think about (“clincher”).

Style: Use facts throughout your paper to support your ideas. Always put ideas into your own words or use quotes. Use an outline to plan your organization. Connect paragraphs with transition words.

The paper should consist of no more than 10 - 15% quotes, using short quotes or block quotes. No paragraph should consist of quotes alone; there must always be some explanation. You are required to use at least one quote, either short or block style.



___ Outline. Fully developed, in format shown in

example. Roman numerals correctly used as

shown in the example.

___ Draft, in Paragraphs (5 minimum)

* Introduction, ends in Thesis Statement

*5 Body Paragraphs

* Conclusion, begins by restating the

Thesis Statement

___ Minimum 3 In-Text Citations

___ Minimum 1 Quotation

___ Minimum 3 Sources

___ Final in MLA Format

___ No use of “I” or other informal language

___ At least four or five sentences per paragraph

___ Works Cited in correct MLA format: Required. No papers will be accepted without a Works Cited page.

___ Header

___ Original title.

___ Save all notes and printouts to turn in for “Support”

Download 13.01 Kb.

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